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Bicycle Corporation announce Murphy Kin a.k.a DJ Lucy for ninth show.

Taiwanese DJ and label owner Murphy Kin a.k.a DJ Lucy performing at Potato Head in Hong Kong, black and white image.

Bicycle Corporation has announced that DJ Murphy Kin, commonly known as DJ Lucy, will be the guest DJ for his next 'Roots' radio show. Scientific Sound Asia Radio, an English-language electronic music station and DJ agency, serves listeners in Sri Lanka, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, India, South Korea, and the rest of Asia, as well as globally.

Bicycle Corporation is an Italian partnership consisting of DJ and producer Marco Mei and Stefano Ugliano, also known as 6884. They have created a varied collection of music throughout the years, with well over 50 tracks spanning genres such as French House, Deep House, Tech House, and Techno.

Marco began his career in the early 1990s, participating in House Music and Techno events with groups like 'Urban People.' Marco's popularity soared throughout Italy as his reputation grew in the music industry. However, his goals expanded beyond national borders, resulting in international bookings that drove him onto stages all around the world.

Stefano, who grew up in Torino, Italy, showed early aptitude as a young musician. He was deeply involved in the musical arts and dedicated much of his free time to it. Stefano received professional training in classical piano, percussion, and drums, all while developing a strong respect for Chopin's works and the rhythms of the West African Djembe.

Despite his attention to numerous types of music, Stefano's primary passion was the art of DJing. As a teenager, he was captivated by the charm of the DJ spinning records, surpassing all other interests. DJ-curated beats and sounds were rarely heard on Italian radio stations at the time, which added to Stefano's mystique and popularity.

Many people may have considered it an impossible goal to create those sounds and execute them in front of enormous audiences. The hurdles, however, did not dissuade Stefano. They were resolved to see the project through to completion, motivated by his and Marco's vision. Stefano and Marco realized their idea via unrelenting hard work, unflinching dedication, and sheer determination, resulting in the foundation of Bicycle Corporation.

Despite their current prominence, Marco and Stefano have kept true to their humble beginnings. Recently, they revisited some of their earlier tracks to reflect on their musical journey. Additionally, they've developed a Bandcamp page to disseminate these recordings, allowing fans to reconnect with their roots and appreciate the progression of Bicycle Corporation's music.

Bicycle Corporation's weekly Roots radio show features artists from the Asian electronic music industry, giving them a platform to promote and expose their work. Bicycle Corporation is also available for bookings through our DJ Agency, which caters to events and venues around Asia.

Taiwanese DJ and promoter Murphy Kin a.k.a Dj Lucy standing on a pedestrian crossing in Japan, colour image.

Guest DJ Murphy Kin.

This week's guest DJ is Murphy Kin. Murphy Kin is a dynamic individual who is always curious and never satisfied with the current quo. With a background in the film industry, he bravely delved into the world of DJing and music production, found it to be a field of limitless possibilities and creativity.

Listening to Murphy Kin's music is like embarking on a cinematic journey, complete with ebbs and flows. Murphy Kin refuses to limit himself to the standard 125 to 128 BPM range, preferring to experiment with different rhythms and patterns. This creative approach gives his works an unusual and compelling aspect, encouraging listeners to encounter music in new and unexpected ways.

Murphy Kin's DJing style is distinct from traditional. Rather than immediately sending listeners into euphoria, he takes them on a mesmerizing journey of varied sounds and rhythms. Beginning with mellow, romantic rock melodies and iconic old-school compositions, he progresses to flirty R&B vibes before venturing into disco, indie, rock, and dance.

Murphy Kin's music has a cinematic character, generating feelings similar to being engaged in a movie scene. With each beat, he creates anticipation, propelling listeners to an emotional climax where the power of his music is truly felt.

Murphy Kin exudes a joyful and dynamic demeanour, as well as a thorough understanding of several music genres. He uses subtlety and flare to captivate your emotions rhythmically by flawlessly shifting between diverse musical styles. Murphy Kin's eclectic shows promise to take listeners on a thrilling and emotionally charged musical trip, with raw beats of hip-hop, exhilarating energy of rock and punk, indie rock vibes, and sweet melodies of jazz.

When DJ Lucy approaches the stage for a live performance, you will instantly realize he is a musician who does not follow rules or scripts. His sets are dynamic and surprising, frequently influenced by the moment, the vibrations of the audience, or the environment of the venue. Murphy Kin sometimes appears to be scripting the experience like a master film director, effortlessly manipulating the audience's emotions and bringing them on an incredible musical journey.

His radio show has a broad playlist that includes House, Indie Dance, 44 Beats, and Disco. This episode originally aired on Sunday, June 20th. Listen with the Mixcloud player below.

Bicycle Corporation 'Roots' 88 with Murphy Kin.

No tracklist

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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