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After Hours 623 features PatriZe, and guest DJ Felipe Gurascier.

After Hours 2024 Logo featuring Hosts Hypnotised and PatriZes name and After Hours logo on black backround and a green planet with rings, colour image.

Episode 623 of After Hours, hosted by PatriZe, features an exclusive showcase on Scientific Sound Asia with special guest DJ Felipe Gurascier. Scientific Sound Asia, a respected electronic music station and DJ agency serves a global audience as well as its local listeners.

PatriZe, the esteemed DJ and producer hailing from Belgium, has garnered recognition in the House Music arena. He is lauded for his skill in mixing tracks, his careful selection of songs, and his complex melodies enriched with subtle tech components.

PatriZe began his musical journey at a young age, swiftly establishing himself in the Trance and Techno scenes before delving into the complex world of Progressive House. A pivotal moment in his career occurred in 2010 when he opened for the esteemed progressive artist Guy J (Lost & Found, Bedrock), with Pole Folder from Bedrock Records and Reworck. This significant event, along with his victory in the Night Museum DJ Competition, signified a turning point in his professional path.

In April 2015, PatriZe launched a new endeavour in music production by founding the record label AH Digital with a producer, friend, and fellow DJ, Hypnotised. Their releases that year reached the top 100 on Beatport's Progressive House chart, signifying a significant milestone in their musical careers.

The debut EP, "Inhabitants of Another Realm," significantly impacted the music scene, rising from fourth place to the top 20 in the Techno and Tech House release rankings. The group's acclaim was further enhanced when the esteemed musician Rui Da Silva remixed the lead track from their highly praised EP, highlighting their growing prominence and reputation in the music industry.

PatriZe, currently residing in Thailand, captivates audiences at Pattaya's underground house music events. His energetic shows at celebrated venues like Beachspot, Thai Lounge & Terrace, and other spots, amplify the lively atmosphere of this coastal city.

He broadens his influence through his Rising Sun program on Frisky Radio, AH Digital Essentials on Proton Radio, and the After Hours Series with international guest artists. Apart from his performances on these platforms, PatriZe regularly releases music, distributing his tracks to renowned labels around the globe.

Collaborating with Hypnotised has raised his profile in the international Progressive House radio scene. They currently host programs on various House Music radio stations around the globe.

Uraguayan DJ and producer Felipe Gurascier performing at an event with his hands on his headphones and turntable, colour image.

Guest DJ Felipe Gurascier.

This week's spotlight is on Felipe Gurascier, born in 1997 in Montevideo. An up-and-coming DJ from Uruguay, he began his journey in electronic music with the Soulmate community in Montevideo.

He ventured into production with studies at the Sonica School in Buenos Aires. As a lover of Progressive House, Deep House, and Melodic House music, Felipe is drawn to the deep hypnotic grooves and intricate atmospheres.

Felipe has collaborated with prominent international artists such as Miss Monique, Marcelo Vasami, Paul Deep, Topo Larocca, Ric Niels, and Nahs. His work has garnered support from industry heavyweights including Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, and Gai Barone, among others.

He has an extensive lineup of music set for release this year. Signed to labels like Manual Music, Balkan Connection SA, Ah Digital, and BC2, his goal is to keep releasing new tracks and expand his international performance.

Don't miss our captivating live broadcast on Monday, May 13th, 2024, from 10 PM to 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT). If you're unable to attend live, don't worry! The replay will be available on Friday from 10 AM to 12 PM (ICT).

'After Hours' episode 623.

PatriZe (first hour).

Neuralis - Perception (Original Mix) [Lowbit Deep]

Ismail.M - Wanderlust (Influence (IN) Remix) [AH Digital]

Simos Tagias - Look At Me (Original Mix) [Suza Records]

Taylan - Jumeirah (Fran Garay Remix) [MNL]

Luca Abayan - Steady State (Andres Moris Remix) [Digital Emotions]

Michael A - Reason (Yonsh Remix) [AH Digital]

Tonaco - Disurbia (Original Mix) [Meanwhile]

Andrés Moris - Rust (Rockka Remix) [AH Digital]

Tali Muss, Bondarev - Algorythm (Weird Sounding Dude Remix) [WARPP]

Benja Molina - Magenta (Evegrem Remix) [Transensations Records]

Felipe Gurascier: (second hour).

Enzo Paradiso & Diego Acosta - Dandelion (Original Mix)

Nathan Katz - Moonlight (Original Mix)

Emi CA & Facucio - Shoganai (Original Mix)

B.I.R.DD (AR) - Present (Original Mix)

ID - Felipe Garcia (UY) Remix

Char Spinelli & Rodrigo Pochelu - Atma (Original Mix)

ELECGROUND - Molecule (Original Mix)

Luciano Elvira - Bruce (Original Mix)

Diego Acosta - Blind & Happy (Original Mix)

Faya - Radical Fantasy (LØC Remix)

Felipe Gurascier & Juman - Later Can Be Never (Original Mix)

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