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The Global DnB Collective to perform a guest show with OneDuz.

Global DnB Collective vinyl record episode 1 cover and vinyl on display on a table.

The Global DnB Collective (GDNBC) has unveiled the tracklist for their inaugural guest show. Scientific Sound Asia, an electronic music radio station and DJ agency based in Asia, boasts a worldwide audience.

The GDNBC comprises artists hailing from various regions including the United States, United Kingdom, Colombia, France, and even Australia. Leveraging these global connections, they establish a platform for Jungle and DnB artists to distribute their music in physical formats worldwide.

For the members of GDNBC, Jungle and Drum & Bass represent more than just music. It embodies a culture, a way of life, and a profound essence of being. As a collective, they unite to inspire, create, and disseminate their musical ideas to the world. Their passion for Jungle and Drum & Bass drives them, motivating their unwavering dedication to the genre.

American DJ and producer OneDuz performing at an event in America, colour image.

Guest DJ OneDuz.

This episode's guest DJ is OneDuz, whose expertise in music and sound spans from top to bottom. His journey began in 1994 when a performance by Rabbit in the Moon ignited his passion and obsession for electronic music.

Commencing in 1997, OneDuz embarked on his journey by collecting records and crafting his own mixed tapes to master the art of vinyl mixing. In 1999, he enrolled at R.E.I. in Long Island, N.Y. (formerly known as A.R.T.I. audio engineering school), simultaneously building his equipment collection while working at Sam Ash Music.

After graduation, OneDuz's exceptional testing scores led him to become a member of R.E.A. (Recording Engineers Association). Subsequently, he gained extensive experience in nearly every facet of the industry by working in esteemed recording studios and serving as a live audio engineer for diverse events.

Simultaneously, OneDuz honed his skills as a DJ, performing gigs in the New York Tri-state area for SmooveGroove Productions and various other affiliates. Moreover, starting in 2003, OneDuz began hosting live internet radio shows weekly alongside DJ-B12, further expanding his reach and influence in the electronic music scene.

These two dedicated DJs helmed the renowned StressFactor Saturday every week for several years. Following a move to North Carolina for professional reasons, OneDuz performed at numerous events across the Carolinas, steadfastly supporting the Drum & Bass scene in the Southeastern region of the United States.

With his extensive background in music spanning from vinyl mixing to live audio engineering, OneDuz's exposure to various aspects of the industry undoubtedly influences the unique sound of his own productions. In January 2023, OneDuz and Syntax Era, also known as Phree Nugz, came together to form 'The Global DNB Collective' (GDNBC), further solidifying their commitment to the Drum & Bass community on a global scale.

The GDNBC prioritizes vinyl, cassette, and digital formats in its music releases. As a collective, GDNBC operates on the principle that each member plays a crucial role in propelling the collective to greater heights. If you're interested in joining the GDNBC, please don't hesitate to reach out to them via email at They welcome new talents and perspectives to contribute to our collective vision.

Don't miss out on an electrifying showcase of Drum and Bass and Jungle. This show originally aired on Thursday, March 14th, 2024, listen to the Mixcloud player provided below.

Global DnB Collective episode 1 with OneDuz.

Alpha Ryhthm & Natus - Mars [Fokuz Recordings]

DJ Odi - Luna (Danny Jenk Remix) [The Global DNB Collective]

DJ Odi - Meet Me Halfway (Danny Jenk Remix) [The Global DNB Collective]

SumOne - Clear the Way (feat. General Pecos) [Unsigned]

Alpha Ryhthm - Venus [Fokuz Recordings]

Electron-C - Eternity VIP Mix [Base Industry Records]

Electron-C - Miss Me [The Global DNB Collective]

Olive/Electron-C - Not Alone [Unsigned]

Oneduz - Ruff U Up [The Global DNB Collective]

ASC - Waveforms 03 [Waveforms]

Erykah Badu Bootleg - Orange Moon [Fokuz Recordings]

Self Aware - Jungle's Raising [2024 VIP Mix]

E-CJ - Trivetial [The Global DNB Collective]

Oneduz - Eternity feat. Sax Kitten (Derriscott Remix) [The Global DNB Collective]

Beber + Tamarc - You Wonder (Electron-C Remix) [Base Industry]

Electron-C - A Different Life [Base Industry Records]

Dark Adaptation - Blacked Out Rover [The Global DNB Collective]

Electron-C - Emergence [Rolled Up Records]

Unknown Artist - Big E Tribute [Fokuz Recordings]

Dark Adaptation - A New Day [The Global DNB Collective]

Full Bloom - A Tribute to ThreeM (Electron-C Remix)

Various Artists - Execution Dub [Fokuz Recordings]

Poynt Too - Lies [The Global DNB Collective]

DJ Odi - Luna (Danny Styles Remix) [The Global DNB Collective]

Danny Styles - Stop Can You Feel It [24 Karat Recordings]

Oneduz - Whata Wickee Style [The Global DNB Collective]

Phree Nugz - Massive Danger [The Global DNB Collective]

Derriscott - Shufflin' on the Moon [The Global DNB Collective]

Danny Jenk - Dreading Up the Past [The Global DNB Collective]

Electron-C - Dia Ao Sol [Rolled Up Records]

Rizzle - Echoes [Overview Music]

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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