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Rumesh Announces Guest Panda For 'Petrichor' 77.

petrichor logo in front of planet during an eclipse.

Petrichor hosted by Rumesh has announced their playlists and guest DJ for their show Wednesday 29th of April 2020 6 to 8 PM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating Sunday 6 to 8 AM (ICT) on Scientific Sound Asia Radio, the English language radio station for the Asian region.

In the wake of underground music evolution in Sri Lanka Rumesh is a conspicuous DJ having a soft spot on Progressive House. He has paved the way to initiate Petrichor hosted by Rumesh which has become a well-established radio podcast series worldwide where he hosts international talents every week and last weeks show is the second hour.

Guest DJ (first hour) Panda.

This week the guest DJ (first hour) is Panda, Panda real name Pasindu Piumantha is a Sri Lankan DJ who comes from Galle in the very south of the island nation. His fascination with music began in his teens and he started Djing at house parties and jumped into the Nightclub scene at the tender age of 16.

In his early 20s, Panda became more selective with the music he played and started digging into House and Techno music. In the tourist hotspot of Hikkaduwa, he managed a nightclub for well over a year being a resident DJ as well as selecting other Disc Jockeys.

After a few years break in the underground nightclub scene of the island he decided to return to the fold as a professional Dj in Sri Lanka. He is currently working on some releases and hopes to get these released in the coming year, whilst doing his podcast series and performing at hotspots on the island.

Petrichor 77 29th of April 2020.

Andre Sobota - Chasing

Axel Gaultier - Less Is Better (Speed of Life Mix)

Cattaree, Sarah Leigh - Nightmare (Supacooks Remix)

Enamour - Life in the Machine

Hernan Alvarellos - Chased By Darkness

Jay Pei, Kohra - Ocean of Stars (Kohra Remix)

Motel Sazani - E Ke Keq Aty (Monastetiq Remix)

Rafa'EL - Revival

Several Definitions - Words

Stas Drive, Phil Martyn, Trilucid - Abyssal (Trilucid & Phil Martyn Remix)

Listen On Mixcloud Here.


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