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Parisian duo Kidding Kurrys & ATX To perform second guest show.

Parisian DJ Duo Kidding Kurrys and ATX sitting together on park bench looking at smartphone, colour image.

Parisian duo Kidding Kurrys and ATX have published their track list for their second Hotch Potch show. Scientific Sound Asia is the online Asian electronic music station for the region and internationally.

Kidding Kurrys and ATX are two DJs based in Paris, both members of the Slow Is The New Fast collective. This, as it says, tends to promote downed and de-pitched beats to faster things.

They have no boundaries though and can promptly jump from their dark and slow mantra to high-energy disco shapes when in the mood. In this monthly 2 hours residency, they propose a various selection of old and brand new dug gems from their collection without following any particular rule, order or style.

Just enjoying a good friendly music session between Frenchmen: drinking wine, eating cheese and smoking giant green baobabs. Their show this month features Indus, Dark Disco, Downtempo, and Electro.

This show originally aired on Saturday 11th December listen to the Mixcloud player below and enjoy the show.

Kidding Kurrys and ATX 'Hotch Potch' episode 2, 11th December 2021.

O Yuki Conjugate - Sunchemical (Album Version) [Staalplaat]

Michael Bundt - The Brain Of Oscar Panizza [Offers Musik Produktion]

Fred Und Luna - Minisong [Bigamo]

Lucas & Marijana Croon - Deluded Planet [Lagasta]

Eat Static - Ufo Over Trenchtown [Interchill Records]

Logic System - Unit [Express]

Unknown Artist - Only We Can Do It (Hysteric Edit) [Running Hot]

Emkay - Aye [Super Utu]

Volga Select - Spione [I'M A Cliché]

Ko Shin Moon - Lambaya PüF De [Akuphone]

The Fireman - Trans Lunar Rising [Parlophone]

Maurice & Die Familie Summen - Zeit Zurut (Earl'S Orlog Berlina Nera Mix) [Earl Orlog]

Full Circle - (What) Is The Fuel We Need For Beauty Infinite? [Good Morning Tapes]

Rheinzand - Obey (Hardway Bros Live At The SSL Dub) [Music For Dreams]

Circulation - Untitled (Side B) [Circulation]

Jack Cutter - Serpent Strut Feat. David Harks (40 Thieves Mix Parts 1 & 2) [Claremont 56]

Younger Than Me - Arizona Dream [Tusk Wax]

Haruomi Hosono - Sports Men [Yen Records]

Blame Honey - 4Day Funk

Playgroup - Sold Out [Playgroup]

Al Lover - Mark E. Moon [Hoga Nord Records]

Sutja Gutierrez - Always Is Always Forever [Lumière Noire Records]

Eva Geist - Tanz Im Morgenmantel (Tolouse Lowtrax Remix) [Macadam Mambo]

Puma And The Dolphin - Number [Invisible, Inc.]

Juan To Tree - El Falso Contacto [Fauna Reve]

Mandruva - The Tambor Sound (Alef Nun Remix) [Mandruva Music]

Mishell - Don'T Talk Boy [Hardfist Records]

Mother Of Mars - Space Without A Shadow (Mr TC Remix) [Mother Of Mars]

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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