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'McCarty Shoot' Announce Guest DJs For Episode 8.

Stefan Nite and Chris Colt Stading either side of McCarty Records logo in semi cartoon picture, image in black and white, logo in colour.

'McCarty Shoot' episode 8 features guests Stefan NIte and Chris Colt. Scientific Sound Asia is the online Asian electronic music station for the region with an international following.

McCarty Records was born during an encounter between Europe and the Middle East. Ultimately, it was born from the friendship between two people, who have always been music lovers. Both founders had been working in the world of music for many years and decided to combine their talents and enterprise to start a new label.

At the record labels, birth both felt they were young and rebellious enough to open their branches to everyone and to all musical genres of the Techno galaxy. As a result of their decision, McCarthy records releases tracks across the spectrum be it Techno, Melodic, Deep Tech, Minimal or Tech House.

McCarthy Records will present to us every month their handpicked selection of fresh releases from themselves, their guests and from across the international Techno world.

Norweigan DJ and producer Stefan Nite wearing a hood and facemask, black and white image.

Guest DJ Stefan Nite (first hour).

In this months show the first DJs are Stefan Nite, Stefan Nite is a Norweigan DJ and Producer duo whose productions are multi-genre. Their love for electronic music began whilst listening to radio shows featuring music by artists such as Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, and many others.

This awoke them to the clubbing and rave scene in Norway and over time they became engrossed with the harder and darker side of Techno and Trance. They are known in the scene in Norway and internationally as DJs and producers who emit the darker and harder sounds in both their productions and style of play.

Their productions are a collaborative effort between Stefan and his friend Madsen and he has already released a few tracks with him. Stefan met Madsen a couple of years ago and they realised they had a common interest in dark and hard Trance and Techno and they decided to combine their efforts using Stefan's first name and Nite to relate to the dark side of their productions.

Austrian DJ and producer Chris Colt standing and wearing sunglasses looking directly at camera, head shot in colour.

Guest DJ Chris Colt (second hour).

In this episode, the next guest DJ Is Chris Colt, Chris Colt is an Austrian DJ and producer who discovered his admiration of electronic music aged just seventeen. Since he emerged as a DJ he has captured the revellers and club scene with his dancefloor-filling style of play.

He has played at a variety of venues and events in upper Austria starting out at the Stone Wall Club in Linz. He has performed with artists such as Marika Rossa, Dave Angel, Felix Kröcher, Drumatic, and a good few others.

His first productions came later on and his first E.P release 'Rock This House' was released on C47 Digital in 2012. Since then he has had a string of releases across the genres including Peak Time Techno and Tech House and hopes to continue his journey in the foreseeable future.

Listen to the show live Saturday 4th of December 2021 2 AM to 4 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating Tuesday 2 PM to 4 PM (ICT).

McCarty Shoot Episode 8, 4th of December 2021.

Stefan Nite Tracklist: (first hour).

Stephan Woods - Aspartame (Original Mix)

Stefan Nite meets Foreign Scientists - 17 Monkeys (Original mix)

Gnomes Of Kush - The 5th Experience (ManMadeMan Remix)

Xgenic, Blaster - Blazer (Original Mix)



Tesla - First Aid (Piatto Remix)

ZRG - Forget The Past (Chris Drifter Remix)

Dave Sinner - Survival (Original Mix)

Stefan Nite - Power Cut (Original Mix)

Chris Colt Tracklist: (second hour).

Teenage Mutants - Rebirth (Original Mix)

ROBPM - MoFo (Original Mix)

Belocca - Flower Of Life (Original Mix)

MANSHN, Charles D (USA) - Twenty Twenty (Original Mix)

UMEK, Mha Iri - Watchers Of The Sky (Original Mix)

Jason Cluff - Here for Music (Dank Remix)

Popof, Space 92 - Insomnia (Original Mix)

Rudaki - XXX (Original Mix)

De Feo, Gianfranco Dimilto, Mikel SMR - Power Mind (The YellowHeads Remix)

Marco V - Echoes (Roel Salemink Extended Mix)

Stray Beast - Block 14 (Extended)

Celic, Tony Romanello - With Me (Original Mix)

Ozzy Sahin - Digitalism (Original Mix)

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