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'El Brujo And The Wild Bunch' episode 13 airing this Thursday.

Italian DJ and producer El Brujo standing wearing sunglasses with his arms crossed, Black and White Image.

El Brujo has published the track lists for his show 'El Brujo and the Wild Bunch' 13 on Thursday the 11th of February from 10 PM to 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and again on Monday from 10 AM to 12 PM (ICT). Scientific Sound is the underground Asian electronic music station for Japan, China, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, the Philippines and globally.

El Brujo's real name is Robert Milanesi and he was born in Italy in 1964, from a very early age he obtained an addiction to music and in 1994 became revered as one of the founding fathers of the underground rave scene in Bologna, Italy. His first official release in 2008 was ‘Warriors’ on the Milan Label Open Legs.

His Label, Jambalay Records, was launched at its opening party in 2010 in Ibiza, Spain at Club Geminis in the Ibiza harbour. The label & El Brujo then burst onto the worldwide scene with the legendary Maya Jane Coles first charting in her February Chart 2011; his track, ‘Mozambique’ in collaboration with Big Mojo, which was his first physical CD release ’Nutty Fellas Are Go'.

In January 2019 his release, ‘Plastic Dreams’ originally released on Frameworkxx was ranked number #33 in the Beatport Hard Techno top 100. El Brujo has been released on labels such as Elektrax, Frame Workxx, LW Recordings, Subwoofer, Berlin After Dark, Music Is The Drug, Gobekli Tepe, Fortwin Rec, Bunker, Mad Rhythm, SE7ENS, Physical Techno, and many others.

His unique sound is one of the unknown as the cosmos is a part of El Brujo and his creation is interstellar in his “Raw” approach whatever the music genre he conceives in music innovation, every month El Brujo will be giving us a guest DJ from his 'Wild Bunch' of Techno producers and Artists. El Brujo enlights us in this show with a selection of promos and tracks from his stalwarts and companions.

Italian DJ and Producer Emison performing on Pioneer CDJs at an event, colour image.

Guest DJ Emison (second hour).

This shows guest DJ (second hour) is Emison, Emanuele Soriano, a.k.a Emison is a 33-year-old DJ and producer from Messina, Sicily, Italy. His main passion is Techno, House and electronic underground music.

His passion for music began when he was aged 12, whilst he was watching clips and movies with live DJs performing. A couple of years later he managed to get a DJ console and he immediately fell in love with being a disc jockey.

In his early years, he learnt his trade with dance music but soon discovered his visceral love for the underground world. Moreover, during his middle school period, he started to produce and arrange tracks in his free time.

Nowadays, he is addicted to Tech House, Techno, Hard Techno, Dark Techno and electronica as a whole. He has produced and released music on labels such as Kattivo Records, Jambalay Records, Trench, and many more, and his show features some of his releases.

'El Brujo and The Wild Bunch' episode 13, 11th February 2021.

El Brujo: (first hour).

Henry Mwnn Lobbs - UFO [Promo]

El Brujo - Al Gibrah [Promo]

El Brujo - The Crystal Ship [Promo]

El Brujo - Deadly Creatures [Promo]

El Brujo - Dumb Machines [Promo]

COACH - Perpetual Dark [Promo]

Coyu - The Loop [Suara]

Pablo Caballero - Blaster [Pure Dope Digital]

Radio Slave - Don’t Stop No Sleep (Marco Faraone Remix) [Rekids]

Frankyeffe, Ithaca - So Get Up [Phobiq]

Juliana Yamasaki - Burning Fire [Odd Recordings]

Emison (second hour).

Emison - Between Dream And Reality (Original Mix)

Duck Sandoval - My Angel (Main Mix)

The Rhythm Fixxer - Night Ritual (Original Mix)

N'to - Trauma (Worakls Remix)

Emison - Dark Is The Key

Ricky Sinz - Symbols Of Translations (Corey Biggs Remix)

Miss Adk - Not Today

Francesco Conti - I'm Looking For A Place To Stay (Dub Mix)

Han J - Panic Alarm (Original Mix)

Emison - Jump

Emison - Bineural (Mauro Novani Remix)

Kill Ref - Spasmo 8.1

Vincent Hiest & Digital Session - Keep His Strength (Enrico Fuerte Remix)

Gianni Piras - Rebirth (Original Mix)

DJ D Redd - Fly The Kite (El Brujo Remix)

Emison - Synth Me (Original Mix)

LFO 101 - Waves From Oeteldonk

T78 - Transform

Judge Jay - T.H.V 2020

T78 - Vostok

Antonio Lombardo - Again And Again (DJ D Redd Remix)

Chris Khaos, Joe Cozzo, Mike Wlkr - Condemned (Original Mix)

Boris Breja - Aussenluftdeckenstrahler

I Hate Models - Ritual Of Tears

Mirojam - Basement

HML - Nu Armonic (Detroit)

Pier Giorgio Marini - Get On It (Original X-mix)

Mesopotam - Funk II

Chris Van Deer - West Bass XB (Original Mix)

DJ D Redd - Eggbeater

Drastikphunk - Fly

Emison - Der Traum Von Schmetterling (Original Mix)

Keah - Just Take A Deep Breath (El Brujo Remix)

Emison - Requiem For The Dark

Deepbass & Ness - Flight 103

Antonio Lombardo - Poke Life (Makaja Gonzales Remix)

David Lana - F__kin Virus (Original Mix)

Cristian - Sinister (Original Mix)

Mot3k - Tripped Out (Original Mix)

Francesco Giannese - Foregone

Mind2mind - Afrodinamica

Calcast - Harmonic Whatever

Emison - Acid Love

2minds - Coverage

Doctor Boom - Reform (Original Mix)

DJ D Redd - Eggbeater

Odd Parents - Learn To Fly (Maceo Plex Flight Home Remix)

Mauro Novani Feat. Solena - Figli Del Sole (Main Mix)

Emison - Sweet Poison

J Lousat - Dance Hall Stain Feat. Comando Hierba

Han J - White Storm (Original Mix)

Emison - Dark Deadly Cells

Listen on Mixloud here.

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