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DJ Joshua publishes playlists for his shows on New Year's Day.

Portuguese DJ Joshua standing in the countryside at a right angle, colour image.

DJ Joshua, has just unveiled the exclusive tracklists for his highly-anticipated Floating Beats and Velvety Elements radio shows. Renowned as the leading hub for electronic music in Asia, Scientific Sound Asia proudly stands as the top DJ agency representing the finest talent in the region.

Born and raised in Evora, Portugal, DJ Joshua has earned a stellar reputation for his insatiable appetite for electronic music. His primary passion lies in curating a diverse collection of genres in various formats, including digital, vinyl, compact disc, and tape.

In his adolescence, he amassed a treasure trove of Techno, House, Drum and Bass, and Chillout music. Endless hours were dedicated to honing his craft as a disc jockey and meticulously organizing his vast music collection.

During the early 1990s, there existed a robust opposition to the flourishing sounds of rave music, with its presence noticeably absent on Portuguese airwaves. Despite facing numerous challenges, our determined protagonist tenaciously negotiated residencies with local radio stations, eventually spreading his passion for the genre to the masses.

He embarked on hosting House Music and Techno events at local clubs and bars, alongside his trusted comrades, garnering acclaim both within and beyond his hometown. However, with the arrival of his first child, he chose to step back from event organization and radio performances.

As his daughter matured, he sensed an urge to reignite his origins, prompting the inception of the Floating Beats podcast and radio series. Through the ensuing years, he has amassed a loyal fanbase and persists in manifesting his initial vision across various prominent digital platforms. After a while, he decided to introduce an additional program, dedicated to showcasing the deeper and more emotionally resonant aspects of House music. This led to the creation of his new show, Velvety Elements. Over the past few years, his podcasts have been aired on various House Music and Techno radio stations worldwide, including our station.

According to the artist's statement, 'Music is an art form. The fusion of elements can convey emotions and make the body move. This is a place where you hear sounds that can float and end up falling onto your body, Enjoy it.'

During his regular broadcasts of House music and Techno music on our radio station, Joshua explores a blend of various sub-genres within these genres. This includes Deep House, Tech House, Melodic House, Detroit Techno, Soulful House, Progressive House, Techno, Vocal House, and Melodic Techno.

Tune in to the live broadcasts on Monday, January 1, 2024, between 6 PM and 8 PM Indochina Time (ICT), with replays airing on Fridays from 6 AM to 8 AM (ICT).

Floating Beats 620 (first hour) by DJ Joshua.

A.Paul - Other Worlds (Original Mix)

Assimilated - MicroSensors (Original mix)

Luigi Tozzi - Sorcery (Psyk Remix)

Florian Meindl - Anomaly (Original Mix)

Rosper - I'm Not (Original Mix)

Lewis Fautzi - Malleability (Original Mix)

Temudo, VIL - Pampomaniac (Original Mix)

Lazly Bateman - Madara One (Original Mix)

Albert Zhirnov - Panzertrain (Original Mix)

Morrice - Focus Pocus (Original Mix)

Ray Kajioka - Immersed (Original Mix)

The Advent - Watch Out (Shlomi Aber Remix)

Kaio Barssalos - Detroit (Original Mix)

Arnaud Le Texier - Out Of Phase (Original Mix)

NØRBAK - Thibaud Said It's Sharp (Original Mix)

Velvety Elements 192 (second hour).

Groove Boys Project - Luv Is Ur Luv (Original Mix)

Sam Paradise - All This Love (Romeo Louisa Remix)

Tiptoes - Lost (Original Mix)

Brame & Hamo - Garlic Fist Pump (Original Mix)

Groove Boys Project - Let Me Tell You (Original Mix)

Lectroluv - Struck By Luv (Dreamy Mix)

Mo'Cream - Basic Dreams (Original Mix)

Montel - Oh Yeah (Original Mix)

Ben Murphy - My Property (Marc Maya, Lacruz Remix)

Capeesh Society - The Stepper (Original Mix)

Daniel Solar - Dirtiest Clean (Delano Smith Remix)

Demuir - Dreamz Are The Vision (Daniel) (Original Mix)

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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