Da-Real Sound release epic Drum and Bass track 'Change' featuring Nikita Candis.

05 Aug

Da-Real Sound have released a brand new Drum and Bass/Jungle E.P entitled 'Change' featuring Nakita Candis, The track is an absolute gem and the E.P contains 6 mixes of the track from a variety of Producers. This new jungle anthem has already been played at many festivals and on the Ray Keith radio show,  Nikita Candis delivers powerful vocals. Not only is she a great soul R&B singer, but she redefines how fast someone can Rap over jungle beats.

Da Real Sound is Errol "Remo Don" and Colin Grainge with Earl "Broadfinger" Francis, the combination of their efforts forms this into a fantastic jungle D&B track. This comes from their wealth of knowledge and experience in the production of electronic music, especially Hardcore, Jungle and Drum and Bass. Da Real Sound AKA D.R.S formed in London in 1990 with the idea of fusing Rave with all forms of Reggae hence creating the Jungle Sound. They had success in 1994 with the jungle tune “Everyman” Released on Rugged vinyl, this featured Lee Royal Levi, Stevie Hyper D and Kenny Ken.

Da-Real Sounds Radio Version

Although continuing to work together over the years they moved on to other projects. Releasing music on many Massive Record labels during the raving and club scene of the 1990's, such as Kickin records, Faze 2 and XL. In 2016 they reformed to work on new tracks and this release is the culmination of their efforts. Da Real Sound continues to experiment and are currently recording more tracks inspired by the new generation of jungle and analogue and digital recording techniques.

Following other Basswerk 2019 releases and collaborations with artists like Digital and Navigator, The Green Man (TGM) adds an alternative remix and has worked closely with Da Real Sound during the run up to the release, including mastering the track. TGM's Alternative Rmx adds speedy percussion's and keeps it quite minimal,  aiming for both radio and club plays. 

TGM runs Basswerk and has started a series of collaborations for Basswerks' 22 year anniversary. He has also released on Dread UK, Combination Rec, Soundtraxx, Sudden Def and Certificate 18. Besides D.R.S' own Jungle remix this EP also comes with a remix by Danny Styles, adding another level of D&B energy, and maximising the impact of the track. The track is available to buy now at a variety of online outlets.

Release August 2nd.

UPC: 194491122621

1.       Da Real Sound feat Nikita Candis - Change (Radio Version) ISRC DEZ671900050

2.       Da Real Sound feat Nikita Candis - Change (The Green Man's Alternative Remix)

ISRC DEZ671900051

3.       Da Real Sound feat Nikita Candis - Change (Jungle Version) ISRC DEZ671900052

4.       Da Real Sound feat Nikita Candis - Change (Danny Styles Remix) ISRC DEZ671900053

5.       Da Real Sound feat Nikita Candis - Change (Original Full Length Version) ISRC DEZ671900054

6.       Da Real Sound feat Nikita Candis - Change (Original Full Length Instrumental Version) ISRC DEZ671900055