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'United Sounds' 3 features Australian DJs and producers M1dnight and Near Edge.

Australian DJ and Producer Near Edge performing at an event, colour image.

Australian promotion company Stand & Deliver has published the tracklist for 'United Sounds' episode 3 featuring M1dnight and Near Edge. Scientific Sound Asia is the Asian electronic music station and DJ Agency for the region with an international following.

Under the directions of Simon Marsh (DJ Scibes) Stand & Deliver Productions was developed to present quality shows with a pool of talented artists from Australia and various other countries. Originally a junglist crew with a modern contemporary production.

Stand & Deliver encompasses all styles of DnB, Jungle and Ragga. Their artists can be heard on various radio shows, live shows and record labels.

This year will be a new era for Stand & Deliver with productions in Australia, Indonesia, Asia and the United Kingdom in preproduction currently. Stand & Deliver hopes to be a driving force in the drum and bass and music industry.

Australian DJ and producer M1dnight performing at an event, colour image.

Guest DJ M1dnight (first hour).

M1dnight missed out on the Drum and Bass (DnB) scene for a long time whilst working away and his determination to come back is strong. Joining forces with the Perth DnB collective early last year has enabled him to play on many stages throughout Perth.

Being born and raised in the DnB and Jungle world he has developed massive love for the tracks that have been produced over the years, and he truly feels indebted to the scene. His passion for the scene in Perth has been recognised and he regularly plays with an appreciation for the music and punters.

His main driving sub-genre is Neurofunk but he delves into rollers, liquid, and tech frequently in his performances. His nostalgia and love for the early Jungle also add a twist to his style of play.

Australian DJ and producer Near Edge performing at an event, coloir image.

Guest DJ Near Edge (second hour).

Near Edge is an Australian producer and DJ based in Perth with more than 15 years in the game. He has supported international acts such as The Prototypes and Turno and performs frequent shows in Western Australia.

He is renowned in the Aussie scene for his mixing style and his ability to engage with the audience. He maintains the dancefloor with floor fillers and rollers from the DnB scene and has a keen interest in Dark and Rolling beats.

Listen live on Friday 19th of August from 6 PM to 8 PM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeat Tuesday from 6 AM to 8 AM (ICT).

'United Sounds' episode 3, 19th August 2022.

M1dnight (first hour).

Badman & Marvellous Cain - War For 94 (FreezeUK Remix) [RIQ Yardrock]

Sound Of The Future - The Lighter (DJ Friendly Mix) [Formation Records]

Prizna Feat. The Demolition Man - Fire (Urban Shakedown Mix) [Labello Blanco]

DJ SS - United (Grooverider Remix) [Formation Records]

Renegade - Terrorist (PA Mix) [Dread Recordings]

MA2 - Hearing Is Believing [Formation Records]

Higher Sense - Cold Fresh Air (Remix) [Moving Shadow Music]

Roni Size - Fashion [V Recordings]

Firefox - Warning {Powder Mix} [Philly Blunt Records]

Sound Of The Future - The Lighter (DJ SS & Mental Power V.I.P. Mix) [Formation Records]

Roni Size - Step Up [V Recordings]

88.3 Feat Lisa May - Wishing On A Star [Sm:)e Communications]

The Regulators - Hero's Welcome [Subversive Recordings]

Urban Shakedown - Some Justice 95 (Arsonist) [Urban Takeover]

Tom & Jerry - Dancer [Tom & Jerry]

DJ SS - Black [Formation Records]

Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Jungle Dreams [Drum&BassArena]

Scattyone - Killa Bwoy [Jungle Cakes]

Tony Jungle, DJ Hybrid - Run Pon Dem (Tony Jungle Remix) [Deep In The Jungle Records]

Galvatron - Water Technique [Deep In The Jungle Records]

DJ Ham - Most Uplifting (Bladerunner Remix) [Dope Ammo]

Danny Byrd, MC GQ - Salute feat. MC GQ (Remarc Remix) [Hospital Records]

Brocka T, DJ Hybrid - All Krew (DJ Hybrid Remix) [Deep In The Jungle Records]

Pull Up Collective & Kartoon - Big Up (Kartoon Remix) [Deep In The Jungle Records]

DJ Hybrid - Madman (Napes Remix) [Jungle Cakes]

Halflight - Six Days (Original Mix) [Rampage Recordings]

DJ Hybrid - Rumble In The Jungle [Deep In The Jungle Records]

Holsten - Abscess [DROOGS]

Kumarachi - Sound Boi [Deep In The Jungle Records]

Xian Juan, eVADE - Deep In Tha Jungle (Evade Remix) [Deep In The Jungle Records]

DJ Hybrid, Galvatron, Haribo - Raised In The Jungle (Galvatron Remix) [Audio Addict]

DJ Hybrid - Lost In The Jungle [Deep In The Jungle Records]

Next Chapter - Special Jungle [Deep In The Jungle Records]

Toby Ross - Let It Go [Deep In The Jungle Records]

Selecta J-Man, Rider Shafique - Round Here [Jungle Cakes]

High Hertz - Jungle Rocker [Nuusic]

Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Give It To Me [Drum&BassArena]

Krome & Time - The Licence (Break Remix) [Streetlife]

Dope Ammo & Rio Hellyer - Wishin' On a Star (Benny Page & Zero G Remix) [Dope Ammo]

Near Edge (second hour).

Smooth - The Black Hole (Original Mix) [Viper Recordings]

AKOV - Space Bears (Original Mix) [Titan Records]

Koven - More Than You (DC Breaks Remix) [Viper Recordings]

Cyantific - High Water Mark (Original Mix) [Viper Recordings]

AKOV - Symbiosis (Original Mix) [C4C Recordings]

Matrix & Futurebound - Glow Worm (Original Mix) [Viper Recordings]

Multiplex, Akovu - U Want It (Original Mix) [Eatbrain]

Sub Focus - X-Ray (Metrik Remix) [RAM Records]

Mind Vortex - Future Fold VIP (Original Mix) [RAM Records]

The Prototypes - Transmission (Club Mix) [UKF]

Ekko & Sidetrack - Let the Light In Feat. Reija Lee (Original) [Viper Recordings]

Prolix - Drop Bombs (Original Mix) [Blackout Music NL]

Tantrum Desire - Vybez (Original Mix) [Technique Recordings]

Futurebound - Dangerous (Original Mix) [Viper Recordings]

State Of Mind - Lockdown (Original Mix) [Blackout Music NL]

Pendulum, Rob Swire, Gareth McGrillen - Driver (Original Mix) [Earstorm Records]

DC Breaks - Club Thug (Original Mix) [RAM Records]

Smooth Variation - Roly-Poly (VIP) (Original Mix) [Eatbrain]

Tantrum Desire - Pump (Original Mix [Technique Recordings]

Mob Tactics - Body Check (Original Mix) [Viper Recordings]

Murdock - Dark Cloud Feat. Dynamite MC (Enei Remix) [Viper Recordings]

Mampi Swift - Victory (Original Mix) [Charge Recordings]

The Clamps - I Feel (Original Mix) [Trendkill Records]

Friction, Raphaella, Flowidus - By Your Side (Original Mix) [Elevate Records (UK)]

Ekko & Sidetrack, Lee Matthews - Discipline (Original Mix) [Dark Machine Recs]

Sub Focus, Wilkinson - Air I Breathe (Sub Focus & Wilkinson) [EMI]

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