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Coh-hul Has Published His Playlist For His New 'Play It Loud' 13.

British DJ and Producer Coh-hul's 'Play It Loud' logo featuring Scientific Sound logo, My Techno Weighs a Ton logo, and a shark with a sailors hat on the right side, colour image.

Coh-hul has published his playlist for 'Play it Load' this Saturday the 20th of March 2021 10 PM to 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating on Wednesday 10 AM to 12 AM. Scientific Sound Asia radio is the ultimate Asian underground electronic music station for China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and globally.

Coh-hul is an established DJ and Producer who resides in Ho Chi Minh City and for the last few years has been an artist on our DJ Agency. His first big event came at a New Years Eve party in Northern Thailand in 2015 and since then he has continually pleased people with his music and style of play.

Coh-hul’s predominant genres are mainly Tech-house or Tech-funk based on his groundings with the Dirtybird, This Ain't Bristol, Relief, Snatch!, and Perfect Driver record labels. He likes to thump out funky drum beats, pounding bass lines and futuristic Sci-Fi melodies. He has an innate ability to stand out from other disc jockeys by reading when to go hard and when to give the crowd a bit of a breather.

He has been living in Saigon for the past four and a half years where he hosts his own Tech-House nights and creates lunatic frenzies in the city for people to strut their stuff. You would have experienced this at one of his many residencies if you ever visit Ho Chi Minh City. His most renowned party is the monthly "AfterDark" event co-hosted with Broma:Not A Bar.

He is a DJ member of the "DTOX" party brand and was involved with WHAT? Events, and Scientific Sound Asia events. Other venues throughout the city you may have caught him at would be The Lighthouse, Saigon Soul Pool Party, Piu Piu, Upper Saigon, Hideout, Last Call, Indika, Saigon Outcast & Rogue to name a few. Outside of Saigon, he has played at The Mui Ne Music & Arts Festival and The Rock Island Club for New Years Eve on Phu Quoc Island.

Due to his admiration for Dirtybird Records, he sought out the Dirtybird Campout festival alone in the summer of 2017. Whilst visiting in the US he created a setup renegade party at Venice Beach in Los Angeles, CA and got to perform at Stacy's at Melrose in Phoenix, Arizona. In the summer of 2018, he had a huge show in Marseille at Le Chapiteau to a sold-out venue laying down the best set of his career, so far.

Over the last 2 years, Coh-hul has proclaimed lots of production equipment and set up a studio and has a new musical endeavour. His main goal is to focus on his production skills and put out releases on some established labels to build on his growing reputation as a talented producer and DJ.

His last show focused on the label Trippy Ass Technologies, delivering a bass-heavy mix of what they have to offer. This episode will be dedicated to My Techno Weighs A Ton by showcasing a mix of their best and hitting us with the hottest new tracks released this month. Enjoy the show!

Coh-hul 'Play It Loud' episode 13 20th of March 2021.

Sound Support - Clavi On The Rocks [House Of Disco Records]

Snowk Ft. J.O.Y. - I’m Lost (Crackazat Remix) [Spirit Soul Music]

Nala - Sun Is Hot [Dirtybird]

Mike Mcfly - Merecida [House Of Hussle]

Steve Darko - Oohs And Arps [Dirtybird]

Contribe - Feel Like [Oknf Records]

Steady Rock - Blast Your Radio [Soundcloud Free Download]

Cour T. - Louvre Love [Dirtybird]

Nala - Psychic Attack [Dirtybird]

Shiba San - Do Your Thang [Repopulate Mars]

Ekoboy - We [Hot Fuss]

Arnold & Lane - Sippin’ Bangs [Dumb Fat Records]

The Sponges - Jerry Brain [Box Of Cats]

Ekoboy - Satisfaction [Talk Of The Town]

Pezzner - Saint Andre (Ardalan Remix) [Get Physical Music]

Claude Vonstroke - Monster Island [Dirtybird]

My Techno Weighs A Ton Label Mix:

Reginald - Creaky Floor

Robbie Rivera - Cooking Good

The Cook, The Thief - Together

Enky Jane - Induction

Strictly Bizness & Dipzy - Robosoul

Sammy Legs - 4th Dimension

Niqw - Flaming Hot

Enky Jane - Brain Damage

Stuuks - Too Much Bass

Chick Iverson - Umm…

Stuuks - West

Middath - The Jam

Elternhaus - Bade Bush

Tewax - Need

Arnold & Lane - Shaeke

D-Tek - In The Front

Dipsy & Takshak - Issa Vibe

Alex Index - Sign Language

Listen On Mixcloud Here.


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