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Bicycle Corporation guest PERI for 'Foundations' 90.


Bicycle Corporation Foundations cover photo featuring loadspeakers as foundations with city arising, black and white and green tinge.

Bicycle Corporation has revealed that PERI will be the featured guest for their Foundations episode 90 radio show. Scientific Sound Asia operates as both an electronic music station and a DJ agency, catering to both local and international audiences in the Asian region.

Bicycle Corporation is an Italian collaboration between DJ and producer Marco MEI and the talented Stefano Ugliano, also known as 6884. In the early 1990s, Marco embarked on his career as a DJ and music producer.

Following a brief introduction, he commenced organizing House Music and Techno events under the name 'Urban People' throughout his native country. These events proved to be successful, and after a decade in the Italian scene, he decided to move to Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, where he embarked on a residency with the internationally acclaimed party brand, Pacha.

His talent for creating unique sets and impressive productions caught the attention of industry professionals, leading to international recognition as a DJ. He has had the privilege of performing alongside renowned artists such as David Morales, Justin Berkman, Roger Sanchez, Sander Kleinenberg, Harry Romero, Ralph Falcon, and numerous others.

Stefano, a young musician from Torino, Italy, displayed early potential in his musical journey. His fascination with the world of music quickly consumed much of his free time. He delved into the realms of classical piano, percussion, and drums, all while cultivating a deep admiration for the works of Chopin and the West African Djembe.

Stefano had a deep passion for various genres of music, but there was something unique that captured his heart - the DJ. The person behind the turntables held a special enticement for the teenage Stefano, as the beats they played were rarely heard on Italian radio stations at that time.

Transforming those sounds, and even performing them in front of large audiences, may seem like an unattainable goal for many. However, Stefano was not discouraged. He possessed a clear vision that he was determined to bring to fruition. Through relentless effort, unwavering commitment, and sheer determination, Bicycle Corporation was established.

Despite the achievements they have attained in the present, Marco and Stefan have not overlooked their modest origins. Lately, they have been revisiting some of their earlier musical compositions and have even established a Bandcamp page to share them. Their radio programs, focused on House Music and Techno, showcase artists who are deeply connected to the electronic music scene in Asia.

German DJ PERI performing at an event in Malaysia, colour image.

Guest PERI.

This week, our featured DJ is PERI, who has shown a penchant for nonconformity since a young age. Hailing from Germany, PERI began immersing herself in unconventional music at the age of 14, exploring the sounds of artists like Klaus Schulze and Pink Floyd. Later on, she delved into the realm of electronica, including The Art of Noise and various other experimental forms of electronic music.

PERI's dedication to alternative music never waned, and in '92, it ultimately drove her to pursue a career as an underground DJ. Unbeknownst to her, she had become one of the pioneering few female DJs in Germany.

After her trip to Berlin, her musical taste underwent a significant transformation due to the influence of Detroit Techno. This shift led her, as a DJ, to concentrate on underground Techno. As a result, she started actively promoting various underground movements, including the renowned illegal club Neuroserve located near Cologne.

After putting in a great deal of effort, she eventually gained recognition, which led to exciting collaborations with the renowned Tresor in Berlin. Despite her immense potential to become a leader in the industry, PERI. decided to step away from the House and Techno scene in 2003 and pursued other career paths that were unrelated to music for 15 years.

During this period, there was a decline in the overall demand and popularity of electronica genres. However, in 2018, PERI moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and this relocation sparked a renewed passion for Techno music. The DJ was motivated to reconnect with the local electronic music community and dive back into the vibrant scene.

Ever since that time, PERI.'s Techno sets, fueled by her passion, have attracted a dedicated group of followers, both in her local scene and within the global online radio community. PERI. currently holds residencies at various Techno clubs in Kuala Lumpur.

After some time, she returned to her original role as a promoter for her Neuroserve and Neurobot events, starting in April 2019. These events take place in Malaysia's capital city. Additionally, she has become a member of the DJ collective Voidrealm, based in Kuala Lumpur, which is known for its unique and non-mainstream atmosphere.

PERI's distinctive approach represents the atmosphere found in Deep, Dark & Minimal Techno music, enhanced with a touch of unconventional Leftfield elements. She complements her sound with clever and precise hints of experimental Leftfield nuances.

Her show showcases Techno, Leftfield, Detroit Sounds, and EBM genres. This show originally aired on Friday, January 26th, 2024, you can listen to the show using the Mixcloud player below.

'Foundations' episode 90 with P.E.R.I.

Thomas Barnett - Berlin Nights in Paris

From Beyond - Nine Steps

Thomas Barnett - Ancient Medicine

Tronik - Never Go Home

Thomas Barnett - Original Day

DJ Balduin - Moka

Tzusing - Post-Soviet-Models

Human Performance Lab - Beware The Beast

Lena Wilikens - Neue Obakel

Human Performance Lab - Unity

Phase Fatal - Desertion

Human Performance Lab - Black Widow

Giant Swan - FTLOYL

Human Performance Lab - Carbon

Human Performance Lab - Impact Situation

Lake People - Tomorrow’s Happiness

Arkayo - Nadir

James Shinra - Fly By

Human Performance Lab - Glass Shadow

Human Performance Lab - Phantom

Phase Fatal - Reverse Fall

Tzusing - Shame

Human Performance Lab - 80 Gigs

Human Performance Lab - Under Marble

Letkolben - Epithet

Aleksi Peräkä - UK74R148024

Parrish Smith, Lena Willikens - Minima

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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