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Bicycle Corporation guest Bean There for 'Foundations' 70.


Bicycle Corporation Foundations cover photo featuring loadspeakers as foundations with city arising, black and white and green tinge.

Bicycle Corporation has announced guest DJ Bean There for their Foundations 70 show. Scientific Sound Asia is an Asian electronic music station serving the region and internationally.

Bicycle Corporation is an Italian production collaboration of the DJ and Producer Marco MEI plus the talented Stefano Ugliano also known as 6884. In the early nineties, Marco was setting off on his journey as a disc jockey and producer.

After his brief introduction, he began doing his own events as a line-up known as 'Urban People' across his home country. His events were a success and after 10 years in the Italian scene, he relocated to Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt starting a residency with the globally renowned party brand Pacha.

His sets and productions got him noticed and he soon found himself getting bookings as a DJ internationally. He has shared the wheels of steel with internationally acclaimed artists including David Morales, Justin Berkman, Roger Sanchez, Sander Kleinenberg, Harry Romero, Ralph Falcon and many more.

Stefano, from Torino, Italy was showing promise as a budding musician right from his childhood. He showed a keen interest in the musical arts which soon began to engulf most of his spare time. He studied classical piano, percussion and drums and also had a great appreciation for ‘Chopin’s and ‘West African Djembe.’

But with all his devotion to so many different kinds of music, there was one thing Stefano had a love for that was like none other, The man spinning the wheels, yes, The DJ became most enticing for the teenaged Stefano. Those beats were so seldom played on any Italian radio station of that time.

Making those sounds let alone playing them before masses of people would seem like a pipe dream to most. But Stefano would not be deterred, he had a vision which he would now see through to the end and with hard work, dedication and sheer tenacity, Bicycle Corporation came to be.

Even with all their success today, Marco and Stefan have not forgotten their humble beginnings. They’ve recently been going back over some of their earlier tracks and even set up a Bandcamp page to distribute them.

British DJ and producer Bean There standing smiling at camera pointing at SweatShirt, colour image.

Guest DJ Bean There.

This week the guest DJ is Bean There, DJ Bean There has been in the music scene since the early 90s. He grew up raving at British raves Fantazia and Helter Skelter, spending many nights raving away till the small hours.

Becoming an MC In the mid-90s, he began meeting and performing with many of the top UK DJs all over the country. He hung the mic up in the early 2000s to have a family but has always been deep into all forms of electronic music.

He grew restless and finally decided to try his hand at DJing a few years ago. Being a very quick learner and receiving massive support from many friends and artists such as the owner of Sweatbox Records, DJ Biscuit he finally grasped the skills.

He is a very versatile performer and plays anything from Deep Tech, House, Progressive, Melodic, Bass House, Tech House and his personal favourite-Techno. He is very passionate about DJing and loves a good track-hunting session to keep his sets fresh.

He is always looking for those undiscovered gems when he digs. The feeling he gets when people enjoy his sets makes him feel elated and he always strives to deliver a good show, constantly learning and improving his technique. His show features Techno, Peak Time Techno, Hard Techno and Hypnotic Techno.

This show originally aired on Friday 21st of April 2023, listen to the Mixcloud player below.

'Foundations' episode 70 with Bean There, 21st of April 2023.

Kuni, Tom Baker - The Rabbit Hole

Aphe - Figure 5

Tim Taste - Montreal Madness (Unknown Concept Remix)

Neumann, Aphe - Feel The Groove

Deejay, P4t, Divit Bousa - Phenomenal

Pablo Say - Only Survivor

Micheal Demelo - The Arrival(Transistor Rhythms Remix)

Edetto - Yo Yeah Sure

Dani Sbert - Oscilators

Marko Krstic - Vibe Hunter

Pablo Say - Capacite

Two Gun - Perseus

Singular Mind - Reach Out

Warp Brothers, Egbert, Lily Palmer - We Will Survive

Dani Sbert, Marko Krstic - Lost Connection

Spartaque - I Feel So Free

Nurmanov - Space Showdown

Jody 6, Clara Yates - You Are A Dirty Groove

Eats Everything, Edetto - Wreckage (Edetto Remix)

Jens Mueller - Twilight

D.N.S, Nx03 - Memory

Mark Broom - Ole Ole

Regal - Undisputed

Mython - Sexual Desire

Alignment - Multiverse

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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