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Bicycle Corporation announce Terence C for third 'Roots' show.

Malaysian DJ and producer Terence C logo with white TC in the middle with his name in white on a square black background.

Renowned DJ Terence C, brought to you by Bicycle Corporation, will be making a special appearance on the radio waves once more to introduce his highly anticipated third Roots show. Terence C, a well-respected presence in the Asian electronic music scene, will be sharing his skills on Scientific Sound Asia, a leading electronic music station and DJ agency catering to Asia and other regions.

Bicycle Corporation is made up of the dynamic Italian pair, DJ and producer Marco Mei, and the talented Stefano Ugliano, who is also known as 6884. Collectively, they have an impressive collection of over 50 original tracks and remixes in the genres of House and Techno.

During the early 1990s, Marco began his musical voyage as a DJ, enthralled by the rise of Electronic music and Afrocentric melodies. Motivated by this flourishing movement, he delved into organising his own House Music and Techno gatherings under the name Urban People, a collective that gained recognition throughout Italy.

Marco's exceptional talents on the turntables received significant recognition, resulting in him securing a highly sought-after position as a resident DJ at Pacha, Egypt. This pivotal role not only brought him widespread acclaim but also provided him with opportunities to perform as a DJ internationally, launching him on a musical journey around the world.

Stefano, born in Torino, Italy, demonstrated extraordinary musical aptitude at a tender age. He fully immersed himself in the realm of music, showcasing a deep-seated love for classical piano, percussion instruments, and drums. Stefano's unwavering commitment propelled him to pursue rigorous studies in these fields, drawing inspiration from a wide array of influences including the compositions of Chopin and the rhythmic beats of West African Djembe drums.

As Stefano grew older, his interest in music developed and he became increasingly drawn to the captivating image of an electronic DJ captivating a crowd. He never could have predicted that the electronic beats, which were not widely played on Italian radio stations in the 1990s, would bring about a significant change in his life.

Despite their present accomplishments, Marco and Stefano stay connected to their modest beginnings. Lately, they have taken the time to revisit a few of their earlier songs, pondering over their musical voyage and growth. As a demonstration of their dedication to their origins, they have created a Bandcamp page to share these tracks.

In their weekly radio show, Marco and Stefano feature musicians from Asia who have been deeply influenced by Afrocentric sounds in their electronic music journeys. However, this month they are shaking things up as Terence C takes over to host both a House Music radio show and a Techno radio show. This change from their usual format guarantees a new outlook on the varied sounds of electronic music, while still paying homage to their Afrocentric roots.

Malaysian DJ and producer Terence C standing with his hands in his pockets in vertical colour  image.

Guest DJ Terence C.

This week, we turn our attention to Terence C, a well-established Malaysian DJ and producer who currently resides in Shanghai, China. With an impressive career spanning over twenty years, Terence has become a leading figure in Kuala Lumpur's club scene, captivating audiences with his exceptional talent in House Music and Techno. His contribution to Malaysia's music scene cannot be overstated.

Terence has had the privilege of setting the stage on fire for some of the most prominent music icons during his impressive career. Esteemed musicians like David Morales, Fatboy Slim, Pete Tong, and many others have stepped onto the stage only to discover that Terence's expertly curated performances had already electrified the audience. Terence's remarkable reputation has led several renowned headliners to personally request him as their opening act.

Terence's skill on the turntables has established him as Digweed's preferred DJ whenever he plays in Kuala Lumpur. Their joint sets have become a regular occurrence in the local music scene, playing a crucial part in shaping the reputation of Malaysia's legendary Zouk club, which has now gained international recognition.

Terence is at the forefront of arranging monthly Techno gatherings at Zouk, cleverly titled 'We Love Techno', in collaboration with DJ XU, one of Kuala Lumpur's influential personalities. These gatherings aim to highlight underground music, taking inspiration from renowned labels like Drumcode and Cocoon Recordings, among others. Emphasizing the gritty and avant-garde aspects of Techno, 'We Love Techno' guarantees an exhilarating ambience for all attendees.

In 1998, Terence embarked on his musical journey with the mentorship of DJ Chris Doss. He quickly established himself in the industry, earning residencies at popular establishments like Cubeat and Globar. Terence's exceptional talent and unwavering commitment were apparent from the beginning, hinting at a bright future in his career. Nevertheless, a pivotal moment arrived when he was allowed to open for the esteemed David Morales during his first show in Malaysia. This was a significant milestone that further propelled Terence's success.

Terence's impact on the electronic music scene in Malaysia became even more significant when he held the position of resident DJ at the renowned Movement Club in the early 2000s. His involvement at this influential establishment established him as a key figure in shaping the electronic music scene in the country. Since then, Terence has been a constant presence throughout the city, performing at various venues including Backroom, Nouvo, and Atmosphere.

Terence's impact reaches far beyond Malaysia, extending throughout Southeast Asia. His shows at prominent establishments like Lush in Singapore and Liquid in Ho Chi Minh City have firmly established his reputation across the entire region. Notably, in 2005, Terence collaborated with artists Callen Tham and Digital to establish Altered Image, an innovative collective that pushed the limits of traditional artistic forms, combining audio and visual elements in groundbreaking ways.

Altered Image completely transformed the artistic scenery by combining stunning cinematic visuals, beats from the turntable, and real-time effects, giving rise to mixes that were groundbreaking and stayed true to their origins on the dance floor. Their inventive method went beyond the boundaries of current conventions, presenting audiences with an unparalleled and captivating auditory journey.

After emerging victorious in the Malaysian leg of the Heineken Thirst contest, the trio set off on a tour throughout Southeast Asia with the name Altered Image. Their shows received immense praise, gathering a fresh and enthusiastic group of followers as they travelled across the area.

Ever since that time, Terence has consistently established himself as a trailblazing individual in the realm of technical advancements. In more recent times, he has dedicated himself to refining his abilities with the Ableton Live production suite, becoming a master of its functionalities to elevate his performances. Presently, Terence seamlessly incorporates Ableton Live into his sets, blending traditional decks and CDJs with state-of-the-art technology, showcasing a captivating amalgamation of classic techniques and innovative tools.

Terence C's foray into the world of production promises a wave of fresh releases in the coming year, marking an exhilarating phase in his musical odyssey. The growth of his presence in Southeast Asia highlights his ever-expanding impact on the electronic music scene in the region.

Renowned as a leading DJ in Malaysia, Terence C is on the verge of becoming a notable figure in the electronic music scene in Asia. His radio show on our station, featuring House Music and Techno, is a clear demonstration of his unwavering commitment.

In this month's radio broadcast, Terence C presents a diverse selection of music styles, ranging from Deep House and Techno to Electronica and Tech House. The show was initially aired on Sunday, May 2nd, and listeners can now enjoy it by tuning in to the Mixcloud player provided below.

Roots' episode 81 with Terence C.

Ccismo - Octubre (Aera Remix) [Sol Eterno]

Chaos In The CBD, Jon Sable - Te Puke Thunder (Original Mix) [In Dust We Trust]

Kris Davis - Andorite (Original Mix) [Sum Over Histories]

Tim Engelhardt Feat. Hannah Noelle - Ionized (Original Mix) [Rebelllion]

Impérieux - Cadenza (Original Mix) [Sum Over Histories]

Jimpster, Rich Medina - This Thing (Vocal Mix) [Foliage Records]

Matthias Tanzmann - Coffee Clouds (Andhim Remix) [Moon Harbour Recordings]

Senzala - Slow Burn (Original Mix) [Rebelllion]

SOAME - Child (Gorge Remix) [Hive Audio]

&ME, Rampa, Adam Port, Keinemusik, Sofie - Discoteca (Original Mix) [Keinemusik]

M.O.S. - Paeonia (Extended Mix) [Anjunadeep]

Nōpi - Aqiral (Extended Mix) [Anjunadeep]

Satoshi Fumi - Lotus (Original Mix) [Sudbeat Music]

Reboot - Tijuana (Original Mix) [Cecille]

Scoom Legacy - Flow (Original Mix) [Knee Deep In Sound]

Bushwacka! - Healer (M.A.N.D.Y. Remix) [Ultra Music]

Audiojack, Jem Cooke - Feels Good (Patrice Baumel Remix) [Crosstown Rebels]

Super Flu - Pancham (Original Mix) [Thick As Thieves]

Joseph Capriati - Beautiful Morning (Oxia Remix) [Redimension]

Alex Kennon - Blinding Lights (Joris Voorn Remix) [Spectrum NL]

Just Her - All We Have Is Now (Extended Mix) [Colorize Enhanced]

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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