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Bicycle Corporation announce Terence C for fourth 'Roots' show.

Malaysian DJ and producer Terence C logo with white TC in the middle with his name in white on a square black background.

The esteemed DJ Terence C, presented by Bicycle Corporation, is set to return to the airwaves to debut his eagerly awaited fourth Roots show. A prominent figure in the Asian electronic music scene, Terence C will showcase his talents on Scientific Sound Asia, the premier electronic music station and DJ agency serving Asia and beyond.

Bicycle Corporation consists of the dynamic Italian duo: DJ and producer Marco Mei, alongside the skilled Stefano Ugliano, also known as 6884. Together, they boast an impressive repertoire of over 50 original tracks and remixes within the House and Techno genres.

In the early 1990s, Marco embarked on his musical journey as a DJ, captivated by the emergence of Electronic music and Afrocentric rhythms. Inspired by this burgeoning scene, he ventured into hosting his own House Music and Techno events under the banner of Urban People, a collective that earned acclaim across Italy.

Marco's extraordinary skills on the turntables garnered considerable attention, leading to his appointment as a resident DJ at Pacha, Egypt. This key position not only earned him broad recognition but also opened doors for international DJ performances, propelling him onto a global musical voyage.

Stefano, hailing from Torino, Italy, exhibited remarkable musical talent from a young age. He delved deeply into the world of music, developing a profound passion for classical piano, percussion, and drums. Driven by his dedication, Stefano undertook intensive studies in these disciplines, inspired by diverse influences such as Chopin's compositions and the pulsating rhythms of West African Djembe drums.

As Stefano aged, his passion for music flourished, and he found himself mesmerized by the image of an electronic DJ enthralling a crowd. Little did he know that the electronic rhythms, scarcely broadcasted on Italian radio in the 1990s, would profoundly alter the course of his life.

Despite their current success, Marco and Stefano remain grounded in their humble origins. Recently, they have dedicated time to reflect on some of their initial songs, contemplating their musical journey and evolution. To honor their roots, they have established a Bandcamp page to share these early tracks.

On their weekly radio show, Marco and Stefano spotlight Asian musicians who draw significant inspiration from Afrocentric sounds in their electronic music explorations. This month, they're mixing it up with Terence C stepping in to host both a House Music and a Techno radio show. This shift from their regular programming promises a fresh perspective on the diverse spectrum of electronic music, all while honouring their Afrocentric influences.

Malaysian DJ and producer Terence C performing at Bam Bam, colour  image.

Guest DJ Terence C.

This week, the spotlight is on Terence C, a renowned Malaysian DJ and producer based in Shanghai, China. Boasting a career that stretches over two decades, Terence has emerged as a pivotal force in Kuala Lumpur's nightlife, enthralling crowds with his mastery of House Music and Techno. His impact on the Malaysian music community is immeasurable.

Throughout his distinguished career, Terence has had the honour of igniting the stage for some of the most celebrated music legends. Acclaimed artists such as David Morales, Fatboy Slim, and Pete Tong, among others, have graced the stage to find that Terence's masterfully crafted sets had already enlivened the crowd. Such is Terence's esteemed reputation that numerous famed headliners have sought him out to be their opening act.

Terence's prowess on the turntables has made him the DJ of choice for Digweed during his performances in Kuala Lumpur. Their collaborative sets have become a staple in the local music scene, significantly contributing to the esteemed reputation of Malaysia's iconic Zouk club, which has achieved international acclaim.

Terence leads the organization of monthly Techno events at Zouk, aptly named 'We Love Techno', in partnership with DJ XU, a prominent figure in Kuala Lumpur. The events are designed to showcase underground music, drawing inspiration from esteemed labels such as Drumcode and Cocoon Recordings. Focusing on the raw and cutting-edge elements of Techno, 'We Love Techno' promises a thrilling atmosphere for all who attend.

In 1998, Terence began his musical journey under the guidance of DJ Chris Doss. He swiftly made a name for himself, securing residencies at renowned venues such as Cubeat and Globar. Terence's remarkable talent and steadfast dedication were evident early on, suggesting a promising future ahead. A defining moment came when he had the opportunity to open for the celebrated David Morales at his debut show in Malaysia, a significant achievement that greatly advanced Terence's career.

Terence's influence on Malaysia's electronic music scene was further amplified during his tenure as the resident DJ at the esteemed Movement Club in the early 2000s. His role at this pivotal venue cemented his status as a central figure in the evolution of the country's electronic music landscape. Ever since, Terence has maintained a steady presence across the city, gracing stages at diverse venues such as Backroom, Nouvo, and Atmosphere.

Terence's influence extends well beyond Malaysia, permeating throughout Southeast Asia. His performances at renowned venues such as Lush in Singapore and Liquid in Ho Chi Minh City have solidified his standing throughout the region. In 2005, Terence notably joined forces with artists Callen Tham and Digital to form Altered Image, a pioneering collective that challenged conventional artistic boundaries by fusing audio and visual elements in unprecedented ways.

Altered Image revolutionized the art scene by merging breathtaking cinematic visuals with turntable beats and live effects, creating mixes that were both innovative and faithful to their dance floor roots. Their creative approach transcended traditional boundaries, offering audiences an extraordinary and enthralling auditory experience.

Following their triumph in the Malaysian leg of the Heineken Thirst contest, the trio embarked on a Southeast Asia tour under the name Altered Image. Their performances garnered widespread acclaim, attracting a new and eager fanbase throughout the region.

Terence has consistently proven himself to be a pioneer in the field of technological innovation. Recently, he has focused on honing his skills with the Ableton Live production suite, mastering its features to enhance his performances. Now, Terence effortlessly integrates Ableton Live into his sets, merging traditional decks and CDJs with cutting-edge technology, presenting an enthralling fusion of time-honoured methods and modern instruments.

Terence C's venture into production heralds a series of new releases in the upcoming year, signalling an exciting chapter in his musical journey. His increasing influence in Southeast Asia underscores his growing significance in the region's electronic music landscape.

Terence C celebrated as a top DJ in Malaysia, is rapidly gaining recognition in Asia's electronic music scene. His radio show on our station, which showcases House Music and Techno, exemplifies his steadfast dedication.

This month's radio broadcast features Terence C showcasing a varied mix of music genres, from Deep House and Techno to Electronica and Tech House. Originally aired on Sunday, June 16th, the show is now available for listeners to enjoy via the Mixcloud player below.

Bicycle Corporation 'Roots' episode 087.

Audiojack - Psychoactive Pt. 1 (Original Mix) [Crosstown Rebels]

Hannes Bieger - Santorin (Original Mix) [Poker Flat Recordings]

John Tejada - Asanebo (Original Mix) [Poker Flat Recordings]

Julian Wassermann, Fur Coat - A Trail to the Unknown (Original Mix) [Systematic Recordings]

Made By Pete - Harar (Original Mix) [Crosstown Rebels]

Anthony Middleton - What Could Have Been (Ode to BM2020) [Get Physical Music]

Oliver Koletzki, Walter Scalzone - Cryptozoology (Original Mix) [Still Vor Talent]

Joseph Capriati Feat. James Senese - New Horizons (Francois K Electronic Dub) [REDIMENSION]

Mehari - Fame (Luciano Vocal Remix) [Cadenza]

Silky Sunday, Snoux - Whole World (Frankey & Sandrino Remix) [Rebirth]

Junior Sanchez, Todd Terry - Live Forever (Original Mix) [Crosstown Rebels] - Won't Give Up (Original Mix) [Frau Blau]

Gorge, Marc Lenz - Yuna (Original Mix) [8Bit]

Osunlade, Carlos Mena - Los Tambores Te Llaman (The Heavy Quarterz 3am Dose) [Ocha Mzansi]

Malone & The Kimonos - Bana (BLONDISH Touch Edit) [Abracadabra Music]

Outcome & Philipp Straub - Modular (Kadosh Remix) [Bedrock Records]

Lopezhouse - Vostok (Original Mix) [Bedrock Records]

&lez - Zara (Original Mix) [Selador]

Joseph Ashworth - Eavesdrop (Original Mix) [Cocoon Recordings] 

dubspeeka - Geb (Spencer Brown Rework) [Last Night On Earth]

Cinthie - City Lights (Original Mix) [Aus Music]

Jody Wisternoff, James Grant, Boxer - Sun Kissed (Extended Mix) [Anjunadeep]

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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