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Bicycle Corporation announce Terence C for 'Electronic Roots' 51.

Maylaysian DJ and Producer Terence C performing at Ohrwurm KL, Colour Image.

Bicycle Corporation guest DJ Terence C will be presenting his next 'Electronic Roots' show. Scientific Sound Asia is the Asian electronic music station for the region and internationally.

Bicycle Corporation is an Italian duo of the DJ and Producer Marco MEI plus the talented Stefano Ugliano with the moniker 6884. At present, the Italian pair has released over 50 tracks and remixes across many electronic music genres including Deep House, Tech House, French House, Melodic and Techno.

In the early nineties, Marco was starting on his musical journey as a DJ and producer at events at home. Then he began doing his own events as a crew known as 'Urban People' across the whole of Italy.

This earned him recognition and he earned a residency at the global club brand Pacha, in Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt. His residency and reputation as a crowd-pleaser at Pacha led to him getting DJ bookings internationally and launched him on a musical endeavour across the planet.

Born and brought up in Torino, Italy, Stefano in his childhood displayed a wealth of abilities with music. He studied with passion classical piano, percussion, and drums, he loved his Chopins and West African Djembe.

However, that figure of the disc jockey rearing the crowd proved more and more enchanting for the teenage Stefano. He wondered if those very electronic beats, so hard to find on ‘90s Italian radio stations, were going to open a completely new chapter in his life, and then Bicycle Corporation evolved.

Despite their global recognition, Marco and Stefan have not forgotten their roots as teenagers new to the electronic music world. Just recently they’ve been going back over some of their earlier tracks and even set up a Bandcamp page to distribute them. Their Electronic Roots show features popular DJs and producers from around Asia that are connected with the electronic music scene.

Malaysian DJ and producer Terence c performing at Pisco KL, colour image.

Guest DJ Terence C.

This week's guest DJ is Terence C, one of the steadiest hands in the business, Terence C is one of Malaysia’s mysterious jewels. He has performed as a resident DJ in Kuala Lumpur (KL) nightspots for over 23 years.

As a resident disc jockey, he has got the crowd going for some of the biggest names on the planet. These dance and electronic music artists are practically household names and include David Morales, Fatboy Slim, Pete Tong, Chicane, Sasha, John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Carl Cox, Nic Fanciulli, M.A.N.D.Y. and Paul van Dyk, consequently, many of the big hitters request that Terence open for them.

As a token of his abilities behind the decks and his knowledge of the local crowd, he is the go-to guy whenever Digweed plays KL, and over the years he has performed with him 9 times at his request. Over the last nine years, he has played a pivotal role in Malaysia's iconic club brand Zouk KL, which is internationally recognised as the go-to clubbing spot.

From leading some of the city’s leading regular nights to doubling up as a VJ, Terence C has been an important and integral part of defining the musical identity that Zouk enjoys today. Constantly called back to his true love, Techno, Terence is also helming another monthly night at Zouk called ‘We Love Techno’ in association with one of KL’s leading left-field players DJ XU, concentrating on the underground sounds coming out of labels like Drumcode, Cocoon Recordings, Bedrock Records, and many others.

Kicking off his career as a DJ in 1998 as a protégé of DJ Chris Doss, he grew in the industry with several residences in KL at Cubeat and Globar under his belt. An early and major break for this talented player came in the shape of warming up for New York legend David Morales at the peak of his powers for his first-ever Malaysian show.

At the forefront of one of the most exciting periods in Malaysia’s dance music history, Terence was a resident at the seminal Movement club at the turn of the millennium. Since then, he’s appeared wherever dance music has flourished in this city: Backroom, Nouvo and Atmosphere.

Reaching across South East Asia, Terence has also performed at Lush in Singapore and Liquid Club in Ho Chi Minh City. In 2005, Terence helped to spearhead a new audio-visual collective called Altered Image with fellow artists Callen Tham and Didjital.

At the cutting edge of a wave of international artists who were going far beyond the usual DJ-VJ format, Altered Image mixed cinematic visuals, turntable beats and live FX and samples in a mixture that never forgot that the dance floor was its true home. Winning the Malaysian heats of the internationally renowned Heineken Thirst competition that year, the trio went on to perform across South East Asia as Altered Image, picking up a new fan base as they toured.

Since then, Terence has always remained at the forefront of technical innovation and has invested considerable time and energy in mastering the Ableton Live production suite and now plays fully live sets using the software as well as traditional decks and CDJ set that frequently top 7 hours. With almost ten years at Zouk to his name, Terence C is now emerging from the shadows to concentrate on his production work.

Expect a raft of releases scheduled for later in the year, and increase his visibility across South East Asia. And with a reputation as Malaysia’s hardest-working DJ, he looks poised to achieve it.

Listen live on Wednesday 6th of July 2022 from 6 PM to 8 PM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeat Sunday from 6 AM to 8 AM (ICT).

'Electronic Roots' episode 51 with Terence C, 6th of July 2022.

Maxie Konig - Holding On To A Lovers Dream (Original) [Ohral]

Lauer - Dimmo (Original Mix) [Drumpoet Community]

Maxie Konig - Holding On To A Lovers Dream (Markus Homm Remix) [Ohral]

Mathew Jonson, Quenum - Cyclops (Volen Sentir & Izhevski Remix) [Shanti Radio]

JOPLYN - Fact & Fiction (JAMIIE Remix) [Watergate Records]

Sebastien Leger, Tim Green - Duel (Original Mix) [For A Memory]

Tim Engelhardt - Burning (Original Mix) [Poker Flat Recordings]

FAIDE, Kadosh (IL) - Matanot (Original Mix) [Frau Blau]

Johannes Brecht - Orca (Original Mix) [Siamese]

Agustin Giri - Provoke (Original Mix) [Multinotes]

Marco Bailey - Motion Room (Original Mix) [MB Elektronics]

Claudya AKA Masa - El Choquero (Original Mix) [Bedrock Records]

Boys Be KKO - Sheena (Original Mix) [Sum Over Histories]

Popof & Captain Mustache - La Nuit (Original Mix) [Mobilee Records]

Raxon - Conscious Technologies (Original Mix) [Truesoul]

Xander - SYSTM (Original Mix) [SCI+TEC]

Ruede Hagelstein, Justin Evans - Scirocco (Original Mix) [Do Not Sit On The Furniture]

Joseph Ashworth - Carlos (Original Mix) [Disco Halal]

Pig&Dan - Rock You All Night (Extended) [Crosstown Rebels]

Brynjolfur, Prom Night - BDYBSC (Kasper Bjørke Remix) [Prom Night Records]

Eagles & Butterflies - The Trip (Original Mix) [Art Imitating Life]

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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