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Anonymous Z Announces Playlist For 7th Show With Guest Anomaly.

Lebanese DJ Anomaly on a road wearing headphones, image show side of his face, colour image.

Anonymous Z has announced the playlist for his show this Sunday the 7th of June 4 to 6 PM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeats Thursday 4 to 6 AM (ICT). Scientific Sound Asia radio is the local and expatriate online electronic music station for India, Vietnam, The Philippines, South Korea and the rest of the Asian region.

An edition of Not So Anonymous dedicated to middle eastern sounds as Anonymous Z welcomes Anomaly (first hour). What started as a passion for music at a very early age took Anomaly on a diverse musical journey across genres and scenes.

Back in his school and university days in his home country Lebanon, Roger – the man behind Anomaly was a band drummer playing various genres from Rock to 90’s Alternative to Jazz. His discovery of Electronic music however took him in a new direction where he started DJing in various venues and clubs in Bahrain, Dubai & Lebanon.

His love for organic sounds, instrumental music & vocals acquired from his days in bands has touched his DJing sound which blends these elements with electronic genres such as Deep House, House & Tech House. As part of his musical Journey in electronica, Anomaly previously started Jazz HouZe, a DJ and Live act that features other artists on instruments like Saxophone, South Indian Tabla & Piano.

Anomaly likes to describe his sets as journeys and soundscapes that trespass genres and cross boundaries, ones that he hopes touches people’s lives and emotions beyond just dancing.

Anonymous Z (second hour) is mostly famous in Saigon, Vietnam for being the founder of Mad Circus Epic parties. The organiser of mayhem to the core, he founded the 1st underground DJ community of Bahrain, Glassroom. Leading this group of misfits from various origins, he organised parties and after-parties legal or not which are remembered as legendary by the local nightlife.

His motto then was "They tried to bury us, but they forgot we were seeds". Joining the Banana Hustle crew in their punchy tropical frenzy, he participated to develop their unique vibe. Originally a Techno head, he receives a taste for digging unique tracks may it be Afro, House, Disco or Funk.

He complements the whole with his special selection of hand-picked Techno or most recent Indie Dance. His strong abilities as a selecta opened him the doors of top underground venues: Arcan, The Lighthouse, Broma & Vitamin D after parties. His non-linear sets are most often improvised, driven by the dance floor and over a variety of music styles with tense and groovy basslines and epic storytelling melodies always playful with the emotions.

Not So Anonymous episode 07.

Anomaly (first hour).

Matanza - Existencia (Acid Pauli Remix)

Yokoo - Sacred Tears

Sonophone - Planet Caravan

El Mundo & Zazou - Can You See What I See (Elfenberg Remix)

Heartbeast - Killer (El Mundo Remix)

Modd, Amega, Hojj - Telefade Feat. Amega (Original Mix)

Elfenberg - Jafar

Sidartha Siliceo , Simon Vuarambob - Liberation (Original Mix)

Darkside (Nicolas Jaar & Dave Harrington) - The Only Shrine I've Seen

Anonymous Z (second hour).

Sander (Fr), Jugurtha - Le Regard Du Loup (Original Mix)

Cannibal Ink & Freudenthal - Road To Annapurna

Wolfstream - No Future (Original Mix)

Ali Farahani & Marco Bonuso - Persian Dream (Ali Farahani 2017 Reinterpretation)

Mehmet Aslan - Denizalti Ruzgarlari (Original Mix)

Ko Shin Moon, Simple Symmetry - Halay (Cornelius Doctor Lonley Mix)

Zombies In Miami - The Legends Of The Hidden Temple (Original Mix)

Jugurtha - Atbara (Keybe Remix)

Elfenberg - Jafar (Original Mix)

Acid Arab - Stil (Feat Cem Yildiz)

Listen On Mixcloud Here.

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