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'After Hours' Announces Play List And Guest DJ For New Show.

AH Digital After Hours Logo in Green.

"After Hours" hosted by Hypnotised this week has announced its guest DJ Roberto Traista and play lists (see Below) for their show on Monday the 16th of September 2019 10 PM to 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating in the same time slot on Wednesday. The show will be broadcast on Scientific Sound Asia Radio, the upcoming underground radio station for Japan, Thailand, China, Malaysia and South East Asia.

Playing sounds from Progressive House to techno and anything in between. Every week 'After Hours' serves you the hottest tunes from some of the biggest DJ/producers and upcoming talents on this planet. It's all about the music. It's all about the sound. It's underground!

This weeks host is Hyponotised (first hour), Hypnotised, originally from Ghent (Belgium), the city where he experienced the exciting start of legendary parties like "I love techno" and "10 days of techno". Back then he was playing a mixture of styles in the biggest party area in Ghent. These days he will “hypnotise” you with deep prog and tech sounds. Together with his partner in crime PatriZe he is hosting his popular radio show "After Hours" on three radio stations worldwide: TM Radio (USA), Cosmos Radio (Germany) and Scientific Sound Asia (Vietnam).

Next to this weekly show they also host a monthly show "AH Digital Essentials" on Proton Radio (USA). Hypnotised also hosts his monthly show “Energetic” on Progressive.Beats Radio (Germany). Being well appreciated for his intriguing sets he's also been invited as a guest on several other radio stations all over the world such as Ibiza Global Radio, Frisky Radio, DI FM, Golden Wings Music Radio, Insomnia Fm, Groove City Radio, Fnoob Techno Radio, Piko Music, JustMusic FM, Urgent FM, Ibiza Soul-Radio and may more.

His work pops up in the "Beatport top 100 releases” regularly and is getting support by lots of great artists in the scene. His first EP “People from the Otherworld” immediately topped the charts at no. 4 and the title track was later remixed by nr. 1 selling artist Rui Da Silva.

More recently Hypnotised's EP "Infinity" smashed the Beatport releases charts being on no. 2 in both the progressive house and trance charts and on no. 3 in the techno charts. In 2016 he also started producing under his alter ego “Man on the Moon” where he launched himself off to a fantastic start with his debut "Sense" being signed on the renowned Bonzai label, winning one of Metapop’s remix contests and getting support and airplay on Belgium's best radio station "Studio Brussel".

Next to his own label AH Digital he worked for labels like Bonzai Progressive, Green Martian, SLC-6 Music, Pro-B-Tech Music, Stellar Fountain, Insomniafm, Abstract Space Records, Eternal Beats, Beat Block Records, Absurd State, Aeriform Records, Morninglory Music, Mystic Carousel Records, Crop Circle, Disposition Recordings, Hot Cue Music, Estribo Records, IN2U Records, Tech Deluxe and new work can be expected soon on Vesta Records, Elastic Dimension Records, Mallam and Run Records.

Guest DJ Roberto Traista.

This weeks guest mix (second hour) is Romanian born Roberto Traista. He has built up quite a diverse discography over the course of his production career with appearances on Agara Music, Sixtysevensuns, System Records, BC2, ADRO Records, Clinique Recordings and Opendecks Records all standing out.

Roberto’s productions have always been quite intriguing. From his unique design which conjures up images of futuristic wastelands to strong groove components that always keep things focused on the dance floor.

He’s definitely got an unique thing going on his works, year by year.As with most Roberto Traista productions the framework is tough and filled with punch. Where his productions tend to vary is the melodic content which at times can be quite stark and others more prevalent.

There is always a definite sense of hope coming from his works within the melody and it drives his productions to a classy conclusion. Keep always dropping an ear on artist Roberto Traista since his work becomes more interesting as he moves on.

After Hours Tracklist 16th September 2019.

Hypnotised (First Hour)

Matan Caspi & E'sh - Yemoja

Facundo Caldiero - Happiness

Haievyk - Intellidance

Jiminy Hop - In the Right Place at the Right Time (Julian Nates Remix)

Steve Sai - Orbit (Wellenrausch Pres. Kymatik 'Deep Matter' Remix)

Nick Warren & Tripswitch - Voight Kampff (Cid Inc Remix)

Lago Caetano - Atelophobia (Carl OS Remix)

Sanchez & Pietkun - No Control (Juan Ibanez remix)

Bruno Andrada - Natural Logarithm (Ge Bruny Remix)

Robert Traista (Second Hour)

The Wash - Inside Man (Original Mix)

Jos & Eli - Hustlers (Extended Mix)

Roberto Traista - You Little Beauty (Original Mix)

Fernando Olaya - Animal (Simos Tagias Remix)

Black 8 - Voyage (Original Mix)

D.Jameson - Obsydian (Praveen Achary Remix)

Roberto Traista - Avalon Light (Original Mix)

Alex OʼRion - Blaze (Original Mix)

Sebastian Sellares - Jormungander (Original Mix)

Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan - Debris (Original Mix)

Listen On Mixcloud Here.


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