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The Lab Sessions announce guest DJ and playlist for 'Assemble' 02.

Colombian DJ collective The Lab Sessions logo in black and white.

The Lab Sessions have announced the guest DJ and playlists for 'Assemble' 2 airing this Friday 31st of July from 6 PM to 8 PM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating Tuesday from 6 AM to 8 AM (ICT). Scientific Sound Asia is the Asian electronic music station for India, China, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, the Phillippines and the rest of Asia.

The Lab Sessions (TLS) are an artistic electronic music collective from Bogotá, Colombia that is step by step forging an alliance through their showcases and big events. They aim to bring a representative image portraying the Colombian underground electronic music scene.

At the same time, TLS offers to its following conformed of locals and foreigners of several nationalities an artistic product of quality. This aims to demonstrate that good music not only comes from the hands of artists from abroad but also is played and produced by Colombian artists with great potential.

TLS has been doing events across South America since 2016, performing its shows in the most amazing venues and clubs. These include Octava, Klan 31, Teatron, KAPUTT, Vagabond, Bud-X Colombia, Top Secret Medellín, Armando Records, Céntrico, Mambo Alive, Sutton, Montibus Fest, Bassline events, TLS Parties, Eurotechno, Madame Garden (Cali), La Fabryka (Cali), Victoria, Masha, Vlak, Lede Club and more recently at Groove and Dirty Sanchez in Quito (Ecuador).

Colombian DJ Andres Fierro looking right in upper body shot, black and white image.

Guest DJ (first hour) Andres Fierro.

This week's first guest DJ is Andres Fierro from Colombia, Andres started his career in 1997 and his career quickly took off into becoming one of the leading Colombian DJs whose sounds are undefinable. Very few DJs can transition from one genre to another with a fluid sense of what the dancefloor wants, yet, effortlessly fuses genres such as House, Progressive, and Tech House to create a brilliant night for the revellers.

His trademark pumping, energetic basslines and tough, yet uplifting melodies lead the dance floor into a special vibe in a way that very few can outdo. His sets demonstrate mixing skills and eclecticism and as a result, in Bogota, he has become one of the official residents of one of the best clubs in the capital city Club Cinema.

In 2002 he was voted best DJ, and selected winner in the DMC contest, since then he has been spreading his sound around Colombia in places such as Medellin, Manizales, Cucuta, Santa Marta, Barranquilla, Cali and Bucaramanga. He has also performed around the world in some of the best clubs of Ecuador, Guayaquil and Quito, Buenos Aires in Argentina, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Montreal in Canada and in New York in the U.S.A.

He has also had the opportunity to share the decks with DJs such as Cesar del Rio, José De Divina, Sebastian Gamboa, José de Melero in Coccon, El Pasha, El Divino, Jhon Acquaviva, Carl Cox, Felipe Volumen, Nick Warren, Xl Garcia, Santos and Darren Emerson. He hopes to continue his journey and spread his love of music.

South African DJ ASH sitting beside a Marshall Guitar amplifier looking at camera, colour image.

Guest DJ (second hour) Ash.

This week's second guest is Ash, Ash has been in the electronic music scene in South Africa almost since its inception and keeps her finger on the pulse of the constantly evolving industry. Her music taste is both refined and eclectic and her sounds are accessible and adaptable to a vast range of musical tastes.

She plays a mixture of old and new school beats from jazzy, funky, lyrical, uplifting and melodic baselines spanning across the genres of Disco, Deep House, Afro House, Funky House, Indie, Tech House, Melodic House and Techno. In her show, she will be playing a multi-genre selection of dreamy and lyrical beats.

'Assemble' by The Lab Sessions Crew 02, 31st of July 2020.

Andres Fierrro: (first hour).

Ren Phillips - Ying Yang

Camao Beats - The Paradise

Match Point - Positivity

Pedro Pires - Change

Felipe Michellin - Stone Jungle

Sllash Doppe - Aquella

Ride - Spiritchaser

Tavo Under - Raw

Daniel Travali - Spanish Power

Kline - Inside

Sascha Dive - String Theory

Rico Martinez - Memby

Sebastian Ledher - El Habito

Sizeup - Perplexer

ASH (second hour).

Ryan Murgatroyd Feat. Sobantwana - Wooma

Rene Amesz & The Deeshakerz - Tribal Mantra (Tribe Mix)

Gimbrere - Makosa (Feat. Sabastien Robert)

Deer Jade - Elevation

Oliver Koletzki - Fire In The Jungle

Miyagi - Pink Moon (Kotelett & Zadak Remix)

Doctro Dru - Kloeppel

Ost & Kjex - Kaputt (Karmon Remix)

Phonique & Fairplay - Alua

Mr Doxx - Tango Bar (Alvaro Suarez Remix)

Kino Todo - Jasmin

Peace & Brett Rubin - Like Being Stoned (Travis Emmons Vocal Remix)

John Summit - Deep End

Junior Akwety & Lost Desert - Rattlesnake Charme

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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