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Tam Yeung Has Published The Playlist For His 7th Show.

British DJ Tam Yeung in a portrait image wearing glasses, colour image.

Tam Yeung has published the track-list for his weekly show this Tuesday the 16th of June 2020 6 to 8 PM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating Saturday 6 to 8 AM (ICT). Scientific sound Asia is the underground radio station for the Asian region and internationally with listeners in India, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and the United States.

Tam Yeung real name Tim Young is a DJ who hails from Essex in the United Kingdom who now lives in Da Nang, Vietnam. His main musical influences are Techno, experimental and electronic sounds, metal, jazz, folk, disco, funk and a host of other genres.

Tam started DJing in 2004 at the semi-legendary and moderately infamous monthly CLUB CLOR events at the Brixton Windmill. These parties featured bands DJs and a fearsome reputation for people letting their hair down. Tam was renowned for throwing down tracks that broke the norm.

Since then, he’s managed to play in several countries around the world, through a mixture of talent and fortitude including squat parties in Berlin, beach bars in Malaysia, Thailand and Malta, underground venues in Poland, techno clubs in Moscow and breweries in London.

He has been part of DJ crews and residencies in Aberdeen and London, playing anything from hard disco to soft industrial. Now in Da Nang, Vietnam Tam’s dreams of playing psychedelic sounds to open-minded ravers have been uprooted by the current pandemic. But his loss is your gain, as he will now transfer his considerable crate-digging efforts to the airwaves and play you some sounds of science here in Asia on Scientific Sound Asia Radio, enjoy the show!

Tam Yeung Show 07 16th of June 2020.

Nine Inch Nails - Run Like Hell

Andrea Parker - Ballbreaker

Theon Cross - Activate

Nihiloxica - Tewali Sukali

23 Skidoo - F.U.G.I.

Mantronix - Bassline

Jamal Moss - Gherkin U - 1

Africans With Mainframes - Vibrations from the Serengeti II

Ekoplekz - Detroit

Sensate Focus - Y

Karenn - On Request

Nahash - The Horns

Pinch - Croydon House

Universal Indicator - (Untitled)

Underground Resistance - Nannytown

Hashim - Al Naafiysh (The Soul)

Abyss - Don't Be Afraid

Tengger - Flow

Listen Here.

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