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Rising Soul guest DJ's 'Bluedom' part one from DJ Land, Japan.

Rising Soul Project Logo

Scientific Sound Asia proudly presents Rising Soul Project co-founders Mica and Matt Ferenzi, who will be performing a back-to-back show on our radio station. Scientific Sound Asia stands as the premier underground radio station, DJ agency, and promoter for Vietnam, China, Thailand, the Philippines, and the rest of South East Asia.

This show marks the beginning of the Rising Soul DJs event 'BluedoM' at DJ Land in Fukuoka, Japan. Rising Soul, originally from Japan and currently based in Melbourne, Australia, and Manila, Philippines, presents part one of this exciting event.

Rising Soul Guest DJs is a podcast and online radio show on Scientific Sound Asia, based in Vietnam. Featuring resident DJs Mica and Matt Firenzi, the show actively supports local talent and artists while also championing the global underground house music scene through various events held throughout the year.

Mica's musical style is rooted in house music with elements of disco and techno, captivating dance floors across Asia. Hailing from the North of England, Mica is currently based in Manila, Philippines. With a Steinberg Diploma and a BA Hons in her arsenal, her passion for electronic music blossomed through extracurricular activities outside her studies.

Matt Firenzi, originally from London, UK, embarked on his musical journey playing house and garage in the late 1990s. He has been a fixture in the underground house and techno scene, performing at bars and clubs worldwide, from London to Sydney and Ho Chi Minh to Tokyo.

In 2015, Matt founded Rising Soul alongside Mica (UK). Their weekly radio broadcasts span various online networks, predominantly featuring on Scientific Sound Asia Radio.

Listen On Mixcloud Here.


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