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Marco Mei releases tracklist for '25 Years In Da House' 3

Marco Mei DJing with big picture of his face in background. black and white image with a blue tinge.

Marco Mei has revealed the playlist for the third part of '25 Years In Da House.' Scientific Sound Asia, a DJ agency and radio station located in Vietnam, is the show's host. The station caters to the local region while also enjoying global popularity.

The show takes listeners on a retrospective journey through Marco Mei's 25-year career as a DJ and producer. Each song on the playlist has been carefully chosen for its significant influence on Marco Mei as a producer and DJ.

This week's selection will delve into the trance and techno tracks that have played a pivotal role in Marco Mei's illustrious career as a DJ. Marco Mei began his journey as a DJ in the Italian house music scene in 1991.

He was a significant member of a house music and techno collective called 'Urban People,' which spearheaded the renowned event Kiss the Future for six years, hosting events throughout the country. In 2004, Marco's career took a significant leap when he was selected as a resident DJ for Pacha in Egypt, marking the beginning of his journey as an international DJ.

His role at Pacha granted him regular sets across the globe, eventually leading to his relocation to Southeast Asia. Marco moved to Taipei, Taiwan, in 2010, where he has since been a resident DJ. Below is the playlist for his latest show!

Marco Mei, '25 years in Da House' Part 3.

Abyss - Mind Games

Roman Flugel - Geht's Noch

Celeda - The Underground

Emmanuel Top - Acid Phase

Jack Master - Bang The Box

Plastikman - Plastik

DJ Rolando - Jaguar

Paperclip People - Throw

BBE - Revision

Cherry Moon Trax - The House of House

Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar

Lock N Load - Blow Ya Mind

Scot Project - U (I Got A Feeling)

Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth

Harry Levy - Love Parade

Emmanuel Top - Tone

Der Dritte Raum - Hale Bopp

B.B.E. - Seven Days And One Week

Three Drivers - Greece 2000

Nalin & Kane - Beachball

Mystic Force - Mystic Rhythm

Worakls - Adagio For Square

Listen on Mixcloud Here.


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