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Many Hands DJ Duo Release Tracklist For 'Basement Soul' 14.

Many Hands Profile picture featuring black background with multicolour swirls and circles.

Disc jockey duo Many Hands (Berlin/UK) have made public their playlist for 'Basement Soul' show 14 on Scientific Sound Asia radio this Friday 20th of March 8 to 10 PM Indochina Time (ICT) and re-airing Sunday 2 to 4 AM (ICT). Scientific Sound Asia is the English language electronic music station for expatriates and locals in Asia.

Many Hands is the intellectual property of musically absorbed wide-ranging DJ's Jona J & Kava. Jona Jefferies was born in Barcelona and raised in both Spain and the UK, Jona began his disc jockey career in the mushrooming free party, rave scene in the southwest of England in the early nineties. After relocating to Ibiza he was mesmerised by it's Balearic sound and hedonistic style and Jona has been a regular partygoer and performer on the island since then. After his stint in Ibiza Jona headed to bass city, Bristol, where he spent many years being shaped by it's inner city frame of mind and sound system culture.

Jona is a free soul and after being well received in Berlin's growing international musical elite and carrying out his trade at a good share of venues over the spread of Berlin he has returned to the United Kingdom. Jona's release ‘Nocturnal’, a collective effort with an old buddy, namely, Stardelta Mastering’s Lewis Hopkin as 'Sapience' for Tom Middleton's 'Sound Of The Cosmos' record label gained notoriety and radio plays by renowned DJ' such as Gilles Peterson, Mala & Laurent Garnier.

Originally raised as a Kiwi, Kava has resided in his new home Berlin for a decade. Kavas' musical endeavors started on a journey through the melodious Wellington music scene subjected to frequent injections of Soul, Bashment, Hip Hop, Disco, House, Techno and Drum n Bass. Kava evolved in New Zealand selling vinyl records to the masses of New Zealand and had a good share of radio shows on many radio stations.

After migrating to Berlin, Kava, from the beginning was resident for a now defunct monthly radio show with Rodi Kirk of Scratch 22 fame for a considerable time called Float Some and Jet Some on the now extinct Berlin Community Radio as well as performing his art at a good number of venues across the German capital.

Jona and Kava through a close ally met up close by OYE Records in Berlin and the pair immediately knew they possessed a musical pairing and that they had a fusion. This led to Many Hands, an eclectic dance, defrag, alleviating music session, in a basement (hence Basement Soul), in the heart of Berlin.

Jona J & Kava perform across the rhythmic and harmonic cultural spectrum. Disco, Soul, Latin and Afrobeat shares hips with MPCs and Drum Machines, Jamaicans in New York, West Africans with Synthesizers and funky Euro-freaks. Sometimes quirky, sometimes bashy, but always for the dancers.

Many Hands 'Basement Soul' Show 14 20th of March 2020.

Pharaoh Monch - Eht Dnarg Noisulli Feat. The Stepkids

Dillinger - No Chuck It

Abbey Spells - Those Shoes

Liquid Mask - Just A Moment

PIL - Careering

Andrew Weatherall - Unknown Plunderer

Letta Mbulu - Down By The River

Tony Verde - Calypso

Solat - Change The World

Pellegrino Pres Zodyaco - Caucciù (Damecuta Version)

Max Essa - The Great Adventure

Jex Opolis - Listen to the Band

Nana Love - Hang On Baby

Peter Britto - I Want Your Love

Henry Wu - Substance (IG Culture And Alex Phonzi Remix)

K15 & SMBD - Oceans

Teengirl Fantasy - Cheaters (John Talabot Classic Vocal Refix)

Tom Demac - Serenade

Calibre - Horange

Swing Ting - Contagious Feat Fox & Tyler Daley

Harmonic 313 - Lion

AMJ - Sign Of The Times Feat. Joe Peng

Listen On Mixcloud Here.


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