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Many Hands DJ duo release track list for 'Basement Soul' 31.

Berlin DJ Duo Many Hands Logo in Black and Grey with lots of Cartoon hands on a yellow background.

Disc jockey duo Many Hands (Berlin/UK) have made public their playlist for 'Basement Soul' show 31. Scientific Sound Asia is an English-language electronic music station for expatriates and locals in Asia.

Many Hands is the intellectual property of musically absorbed wide-ranging DJs Jona J & Kava. Jona's real name is Jona Jefferies and he was born in Barcelona and raised in both Spain and the UK.

He started out as a disc jockey in the flourishing free party and rave scene in the southwest of England in the early nineties. After relocating to Ibiza he was enchanted by its Balearic sound and hedonistic style and Jona has frequented the island since then, both as a raver and disc jockey.

After his stint in Ibiza Jona headed over to Bass City, Bristol, being framed by its inner-city frame of mind and sound system culture and spent a number of years there honing his art. Jona is a free soul and after being well-received in Berlin's growing international musical ensemble and performing at a good spread of venues over the urban sprawl of Berlin he headed back to the United Kingdom, earlier in 2020.

Jona's release ‘Nocturnal’, a collective effort with an old buddy, namely, Stardelta Mastering’s Lewis Hopkin as 'Sapience' for Tom Middleton's 'Sound Of The Cosmos' record label. This gained notoriety and radio plays by renowned DJs such as Gilles Peterson, Mala & Laurent Garnier.

Originally raised as a Kiwi, Kava has resided in his new home Berlin for over 10 years. Kavas' musical introduction started on a journey through the melodious Wellington music scene repeatedly doused with frequent injections of Soul, Bashment, Hip Hop, Disco, House, Techno and Drum n Bass.

Kava evolved in New Zealand selling vinyl records to the masses of New Zealand and had a good share of radio shows on many radio stations. After migrating to Berlin, Kava, from the beginning was a resident for a now-defunct monthly radio show with Rodi Kirk of Scratch 22 fame.

This went on for a considerable amount of time and was called Float Some and Jet Some on the now-extinct Berlin Community Radio. He gained notoriety doing this as well as performing his art at a good number of venues across the German capital.

Jona and Kava through a close ally met up close by OYE Records in Berlin and the pair immediately knew they possessed a musical pairing and that they had a fusion. This led to Many Hands, an eclectic dance, defrag, alleviating music session, in a basement (Hence Basement Soul), in the heart of Berlin.

Jona J & Kava perform across the rhythmic and harmonic cultural spectrum. Disco, Soul, Latin and Afrobeat share hips with MPCs and Drum Machines, Jamaicans in New York, and West Africans with Synthesizers and funky Euro-freaks. Sometimes quirky, sometimes bashy, but always for the dancers.

This show originally aired on Friday 11th of December listen to the Mixcloud player below, Enjoy the show.

Many Hands 'Basement Soul' Episode 31 11th of December 2020.

Ruru.432 - Coffee

Collie Buddz & Jonny Cosmic - Cali Roots Riddim 2020 (Inst.)

Sascha Funke & Niklas Wandt - Kreidekreis (Alexander Arpeggio Remix)

Joint Force - Burntime (Iraias Ignition Mix Inst.)

Bongani Fassie - Groove is On (Nomads Tape Edit)

Loose Ends - Hangin By A String

Pellegrino & Zodyaco - Intrasatta

Loud E - Holdin On

Cornelius Doctor & Tushen Raï - Fekete

Rock Master Scott And The Dynamic Three - Request Line (Dub)

Lady Blackbird - Collage (Bruise Remix)

Jona J - Always For The Dancers

Andy Mac - Everytime

Blaze Feat. Palmer Brown - My Beat (David Harness Extended Space Beat Remix)

Bakongo - 3 x 2

Mokutron - 835 Bass Militia

Krust - Antigravity Love (Masters At Work Instrumental Dub)

Aroha - L2K

Hashim - Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)

The Stoner Prince - U.V.Dub

Dj Nature - This Side of Heaven

Samii - Here To Luv Myself

Earth People - Dance

Andrew Ashong & Kaidi Tatham - Sankofa Song

Ahu - I & I

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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