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Inve and Andrea Mirgone return with TENET episode 25.

Italian production duo Andrea Mirgone and Inve in headshots next to each other with their triangular logo in the middle, black and white image.

Inve and Andrea Mirgone, also known as TENET, have unveiled the tracklist for their upcoming show scheduled for this Sunday. Scientific Sound Radio, an esteemed Asian electronic music station and DJ agency, proudly serves the region attracting an international audience.

The DJ and production duo have joined forces in a fresh venture to share their collective creative vision, drawing upon their extensive experiences and professional skills amassed throughout their careers. Their productions are distinguished by a fusion of Melodic and Progressive House sounds intertwined with elements of Organic House infused with Techno influences.

Their concept revolves around crafting a musical and intellectual experience that encapsulates the finest elements of electronic music. They aspire to weave together the melodious and profound essence of Progressive, the atmospheric allure of Organic House, the entrancing hypnotism of Melodic House & Techno, and the pulsating rhythms of Tech-House.

By seamlessly blending these diverse genres, they aim to create an immersive experience that resonates deeply with listeners. The duo regularly feature on Progressive House and Techno radio stations worldwide, captivating audiences with their dynamic performances.

Furthermore, they host regular House Music and Techno events both in their home country and across international borders. Their presence in the electronic music scene extends beyond the airwaves, as they curate immersive experiences that resonate with fans, showcasing their passion and expertise in all genres.

Italian DJ and Producer Andrea Mirgone performing at La Kava in  Italy, colour image.

Andrea Mirgone.

Andrea Mirgone, an accomplished Italian DJ and producer, has been gracing the electronic music scene since 2006. Embarking on his production journey in 2015, Andrea quickly made waves in the industry.

In December 2020, his track "Space Groove" soared to the number 1 position on the Traxsource Techno Chart, showcasing his knack for crafting infectious beats and captivating melodies. Additionally, another release titled "Rave" climbed to the 70th spot on the Beatport Techno Chart, further solidifying Andrea's reputation as a formidable force in the techno realm.

Andrea Mirgone has established himself in the vibrant club scene of northern Italy, showcasing his talent in top-tier venues alongside renowned international DJs including Kenny Carpenter, The Cube Guys, Joe T Vannelli, Subsonica, Tommy Vee, Auralism, and many more illustrious names. With an impressive track record and a passion for electronic music, Andrea aspires to further his success in the house and clubbing scene, aiming to expand his influence beyond the borders of Italy and into new territories.

Italian DJ and producer INVE performing at an event, colour image.


Inve is an Italian DJ and producer originating from Valenza, Italy. His distinctive productions are imbued with a blend of Sonority House, Deep, Jackin, and Nu Disco elements, enriched by influences from Tech and Progressive House genres. This eclectic fusion creates a unique sonic palette that sets his music apart, captivating listeners with depth, groove, and innovative sounds.

Inve's DJ sets showcase a diverse range, spanning from refined Club House to more electronic and deep sounds. His latest collaboration with Andrea Mirgone has birthed an exciting Melodic and Progressive House project.

Featuring tracks like "Surface In The Air" (Rounded), "Beyond" (Surbeats), "Constellation" (Marktek), "Astral" (Monkey League), and the more recent "Es Vedrà" (Mumi), this new venture is named TENET. The project debuted with the release of the track "Antarctica" (Mumi) late last year, offering listeners an immersive journey through atmospheric melodies and captivating rhythms.

Inve and his duo consistently achieve excellent results on Traxsource, a highly esteemed portal among DJs worldwide. Their weekly show presents the finest selections of Progressive and Melodic House with Techno influences, captivating listeners with its dynamic blend of genres and cutting-edge sounds.

With a keen understanding of the evolving electronic music landscape, Inve and his partner curate an immersive experience that resonates with audiences globally, solidifying their reputation as pioneers in the industry. The show premiered on Sunday, July 9th, 2023. You can listen to the Mixcloud player provided below.

TENET episode 25 (first hour), 9th of July 2023.

Above & Beyond - Believer (Marsh's Guatape Remix)

Claude Le Blanc - Mother Nature

Frankey & Sandrino - Optical

Tinlicker - Just To Hear You Say

Gorge - Flames & Fire

Dimuth K, Berni Turletti - Sunburst

Erdi Irmak & Shane Blackshaw - Conjure (Vocal Edition)

Julian Wassermann, Artche - Night Rider

Ben Kim - Somebody To Love (Gorgon City Remix)

Stan Kolev - Outta Limits

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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