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Bicycle Corporations' Foundations 96 features DJ Jasmine Li.

Chinese DJ and producer Jasmine Li playing at art werk, colour image.

Bicycle Corporation has announced that DJ Jasmine Li will be the guest on their 'Foundations' episode 96. Scientific Sound Asia is known as a leading electronic music station and DJ agency in Asia, with an international audience.

Bicycle Corporation is made up of the Italian duo consisting of DJ and producer Marco Mei and the skilled Stefano Ugliano, also known as 6884. They have collectively built a diverse catalog of more than 50 tracks and remixes across genres such as Deep House, Tech House, French House, Melodic, and Techno.

In the early 1990s, Marco began his musical career as a DJ and producer, performing at local events. Gradually, he shifted to organizing his own House and Techno music events with his group, 'Urban People,' which became well-known throughout Italy.

Marco's stature as a disc jockey soared, earning him a prestigious residency at the globally recognized club brand Pacha, located in Daar es Salaam, Egypt. His vibrant performances and knack for energizing the dance floor catapulted him into global fame, resulting in DJ engagements across the world and signifying the beginning of his international musical odyssey.

Originating from Turin, Italy, Stefano showed an innate talent for music early on. Surrounded by a vibrant musical culture, he devotedly studied classical piano, percussion, and drums throughout his youth, cultivating his admiration for composers such as Chopin and instruments like the West African Djembe.

The allure of the disc jockey, who held sway over the crowd, increasingly fascinated the young Stefano. He contemplated if the electronic beats rarely played on Italian radio stations in the '90s, might herald a new chapter in his life. It was then that Stefano and Marco's paths intertwined, leading to the birth of Bicycle Corporation from their collaboration.

Even with their global fame, Marco and Stefano stay true to their origins as teenagers who were exploring electronic music. They have recently revisited their earlier works, contemplating their musical progression. They also created a Bandcamp page to share these tracks, offering fans a glimpse into their evolution as artists.

The Foundations House Music and Techno radio show acts as a stage for highlighting renowned DJs and producers throughout Asia, who are integral to the electronic music scene. Marco and Stefano, through their program, spotlight the eclectic skills and dynamic spirit that radiate from the Asian electronic music community.

Chinese DJ and producer Jasmine Li in cartooned headshot, colour image.

Guest DJ Jasmine Li.

This week, the guest DJ on our show is Jasmine Li. Hailing from Guangzhou and now residing in Valencia, Spain, Jasmine is a multifaceted talent who is not just a DJ but also a producer and acoustic musician. Boasting over two decades of experience, she has made her mark as a significant presence in China's House Music scene, with a 15-year stint in Shanghai.

Jasmine Li's career started in the sphere of professional Chinese classical and operatic music, where she established a solid foundation in the performing arts. Her prominence in this field gave her a considerable edge as she ventured into electronic music, where her varied musical heritage and proficiency informed her distinctive style within the genre.

Fueled by her newfound passion, Jasmine stepped into the role of co-founder and dynamic hostess of Shanghai's celebrated nocturnal underground club, Celia. Known for its throbbing rhythms of deep house and dark techno, Celia rose to prominence as a pillar of China's electronic music scene, steered by Jasmine's leadership and artistic direction.

Merging her ventures with the earlier establishments Shiva Lounge and Downtown, Jasmine Li has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on Shanghai's music scene. Regularly touring throughout Asia and Europe, Jasmine has performed at renowned events like Elrow, Amsterdam Dance Event, A Summer Story, and the Great Wall Festival, among others, creating a memorable legacy in the worldwide electronic music community.

When Jasmine is not spinning records as a DJ or enchanting audiences with her live shows, she's usually deep in her underground Shanghai studio, working on her music production for the Silverlining project. Her creative process involves a harmonious fusion of traditional Chinese instruments such as the Pipa and Guzheng with electronic music, reflecting her pioneering spirit and rich musical ancestry.

Jasmine Li's distinguished career encompasses almost two decades of worldwide performances with celebrated international DJs such as Sasha, Darren Emerson, Deadmau5, Mark Knight, Armin Van Buuren, Adana Twins, among others. This month, her performance presents an enthralling mix of Organic House, Arabic, Afro House, and Melodic House, highlighting her varied musical inspirations and her pioneering spirit in electronic music.

Tune in for Jasmine Li's live performance on Friday, May 17th, 2024, from 10 PM to 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT), with an encore presentation the following Tuesday from 10 AM to 12 PM (ICT).

'Foundations' episode 96 with DJ Jasmine Li.

Clive Vaz, Cafe De Anatolia Lounge, Anastasia Malliaras - Clouds (Original Mix)

Ben & Vincent - Inanna (Original Mix)

Billy Esteban, Gabriela Novevska, Bad-Ri - Bay Nikola (Ephlum & Bad-Ri Remix)

Cafe De Anatolia, Ghenwa Nemnom, Mohab Sammy - Omniya (Original Mix)

Darno, Gata Band - Soul Breath

Cafe De Anatolia & B.o.T - Reality Check

Atlantis, Anza, Litchi - Di Bunja (Original Mix)

Cafe De Anatolia & Fadum - Cicek (Ozkan Ugur) (Original Mix)

Cafe De Anatolia, Nicolas Nohra - Zulu Spirit Feat Lizwi (Original Mix)

Dan Tanev - Ashk (Original Mix)

DJ Sk (Ma) & Lilyass - The Kasbah (Original Mix)

Cafe De Anatolia, Rbør - Tanë (Original Mix)

Samson, Cafe De Anatolia, Sauaro - Afkari (Original Mix)

Cafe De Anatolia, Pyramido - Zumara (Original Mix)

DJ Phellix, Of Rezz, Sheenubb, Lut Project - Mey (Original Mix)

Fabian Krooss - Your Soul (Original Mix)

Juliano Gomez & Kosa Records - Revelations (Original Mix)

Kususa, Joezi - Duda Feat Maline Aura (Original Mix)

Null (Berlin) - Caterpillar (Original Mix)

Phosphoros - Taking Over (Original Mix)

Solidmind, Zenma - Road To Kasaan (Arrab Remix)

Tim Hanmann - Shamanism

To Ricciardi - Azzazou (Original)

Tomy Wahl, Los Cabra - Roboticsoul (Original Mix)

84 Avenue - Bazarduzu (Original Mix)

84 Avenue - Cactus (Original Mix)

A X L, Shah (Eg) - Yaman Hawah Feat M-Farag (Original Mix)

Cafe De Anatolia & DJ Avi Revach - After The Flood (Original Mix)

Cafe De Anatolia & Tamer Elderini - Gamalak (Bebo Eg Remix)

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