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ILA Community Network announces charity event.

Teacher Teacher Charity Event Poster

On Sunday, the 16th, Ho Chi Minh City will host a groundbreaking charity event organized by the promoter Dead Folks in collaboration with the ILA community network for The Little Rose Shelter. The Little Rose Shelter is a charity dedicated to supporting disadvantaged children, and this event aims to raise funds and awareness for their cause. It promises to be a unique and impactful initiative, bringing together the community for a meaningful cause.

Ross Thomas from ILA Community Network expressed, "This club night will not only raise money for the shelter but provide teachers with an all-inclusive party." Describing the event as "a show of strength of the local underground scene and benevolence of the teaching professionals here in Vietnam," Thomas highlights the dual purpose of the event: to support a worthy cause while fostering a sense of community and celebration among teachers and attendees alike.

The event will take place at Arcan, featuring a pool party, BBQ, and fundraising raffle. Numerous local businesses have eagerly shown their support and participation. Au Lac Do Brazil will host a cookout, Union Jack's will serve their award-winning fish & chips, and Te Te craft beer has generously agreed to donate drink sales to the charity. This collective effort underscores the community's solidarity and commitment to making a positive impact on The Little Rose Shelter.

The club will open its doors at 7:00 PM, kicking off the evening with Dub tunes by DJ Krysalize. The music will then transition to disco and house vibes courtesy of the acclaimed DJ group Abstraack. Ibiza radio resident Talal will take the prime slot, followed by a DJ set by Goosebumps from 1-3 AM. The night will conclude with a back-to-back DJ routine featuring Arcan residents Valy Mo and Yariuss. With a diverse lineup spanning various genres, attendees can expect an electrifying experience from start to finish.

With a lineup featuring top artists, delectable catering from some of the best local eateries, and set at one of the city's premier venues, the evening promises to be a phenomenal event filled with food, fun, and entertainment. On September 16th, attendees can expect a memorable experience that not only raises funds for The Little Rose Shelter but also brings the local community together in a Charity, House Music, and Disco event that is not to be missed.


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