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DJ Marco Mei publishes the playlist for 2024 episode 14.

Italian DJ and producer Marco Mei performing at Surf in Thailand, colour image.

Marco Mei, the Italian DJ and producer famed for being part of the dynamic duo Bicycle Corporation, has unveiled his playlist for his upcoming radio show. Scientific Sound Asia, a leading DJ agency and electronic music station, serves a wide audience across Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Sri Lanka, and beyond.

Marco Mei, an Italian disc jockey boasting over thirty years of experience, hails from the vibrant city of Turin. Renowned for being one of the most diligent DJs in the industry, his enduring passion for music has been influenced by a rich tapestry of Afrocentric beats and the rapidly advancing electronic music scene.

Marco Mei has demonstrated relentless dedication, consistently enhancing his skills and expanding the limits of his artistry. Over time, his enthusiasm for skillfully blending various genres and creating innovative turntable experiences has grown even stronger.

Marco Mei's success is owed to his unwavering commitment to frequenting record stores and engaging in the vibrant Afrocentric, House, and Techno music scenes of his city. He fueled the enthusiasm of fellow music aficionados by organizing remarkable House and Techno events under the Urban People brand.

Marco Mei has carved out a notable presence in the electronic music scene, leaving a profound impact on dance floors across the globe. His unwavering optimism and recognized expertise have positioned him as a significant role model, captivating audiences at premier venues worldwide.

Marco Mei has captivated audiences with his exceptional talent at renowned venues such as G-Star in Thailand and Fuse in Belgium, showcasing his versatility and skill across diverse settings. Collaborating at events with famous artists like David Morales has enhanced Marco Mei's profile and solidified his status as a significant figure in the electronic music industry.

Marco Mei and Stefano Ugliano, known collectively as 6884, have established a formidable presence in the electronic music scene. They have become a benchmark for creativity in music production, having produced more than 50 original tracks and remixes, showcasing their talent to the masses.

Their impressive journey began with their debut on the renowned 17:44 Records label. This pivotal moment led to successful collaborations with other prominent labels such as Suka, Alchemy, WL77 Groove Traxx, among others. They have the versatility to navigate through diverse musical genres, including Techno, French House, Deep, and Tech-House.

Since his move to Taipei, Taiwan, in 2010, Marco has become a key figure in the city's vibrant scene. His enthralling House and Techno sets at numerous events in the capital have earned him significant acclaim. Marco's status as an outstanding and in-demand DJ has grown both within the local scene and on the international stage, a testament to his experiences in the culturally diverse environments of Asia and Eastern Europe.

Before the global lockdown, Marco seized the opportunity to delve into the vibrant nightlife of various cities. With his remarkable talents, Marco left an indelible mark by performing at esteemed locations like Roots Taipei and the famed Electronic Roots, captivating audiences and creating unforgettable experiences.

Marco Mei's radio show, dedicated to house music and techno, promises to captivate a broad audience of electronic music enthusiasts. The event's playlist is carefully crafted, featuring a variety of sounds that span the hypnotic tunes of House and Deep House to the exciting beats of Tech House, Afro House, and Melodic Techno. Moreover, listeners will have the opportunity to experience Marco's foray into genres such as Techno, Electronica, Indie Dance, and Nu-Disco.

Marco Mei, a distinguished member of our esteemed DJ agency, consistently captivates global audiences with his exceptional talent. He is, therefore, the perfect selection for any event. Experience the thrill of his dynamic live performance on Saturday, May 4th, 2024, from 6 to 8 PM Indochina Time (ICT). Should you miss the live show, a rebroadcast will be available on Wednesday from 6 to 8 AM (ICT).

Marco Mei tracklist for 2024, episode 14.

Anotr & Erik Bandt Feat. Leven Kali - How You Feel

DJ On - Good Vibration

Tim Deluxe - We All Love Sax [Underwater Records]

Jackmaster - Don't You Want My Lovin' (Dunn Blackball 303 Remix) [Crosstown Rebels]

Charles Pierre - Moonlight to Sunrise (Original Mix) [Under No Illusion]

Frank Storm - Let Me Doin' No Stop (Jansons Remix)

Nick Curly - Come Right Back [Cecille Records]

Nasser Baker - Notification

San Pacho - No Guest List [Terminal Underground]

Rn Ismo - Stuck in My Mind [Dumb Safari]

Selena Faider - Under My Feet [Another Rhythm]

Noizu Feat. Madge - Acid Rain

Peredel - Moon Light

Bleu Clair & Polovich Hilit Kolet - Everything Is Amazing [In the Music]

Floorplan - What a Friend [Classic Music Company]

Hilit Kolet - Everything Is Amazing

Jack Walker - Dub Control

James Poole - Love to Hate

Luke Alessi - Bay Beh

Marlin (Be), Agent Greg, Mr. V - Bimbo

Pleasurekraft - Tarantula (Max Styler Remix)

Riordan - While the Record Spins

Sharam - Patt (Party All the Time) (Adam Beyer, Layton Giordani & Green Velvet Remix)

Unknown Artist - It Started in Chicago [Shdw01]

Unknown Artist - The Messiah [Shadow Pressings]

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