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Hersiaz Hazi starts new show Spectacular episode 2.

Sri Lankan DJ Hersiaz Hazi standing with arms crossed looking right, colour image.

Hersiaz Hazi has published the playlist for his next Spectacular show. Scientific Sound Asia radio is the underground radio station for Asia and internationally.

Spectacular is a new solo project by Hersiaz Hazi, Hersiaz Hazi real name Hasi Shamalka Silva is a Sri Lankan-born artist who originates from the capital city, Colombo. As a teenager, his interest in electronic music was born and he started to delve into the different genres.

His career started experimenting with Virtual DJ and Fl Studio and as with most disc jockeys, his career started in his bedroom. As his interest in electronic music was blossoming he started to lean towards Progressive House, which has a significant following in Sri Lanka.

He has been slowly making a name for himself in the underground community of Colombo performing at events across the island. This talented young artist also plays a monthly podcast on Progressive Heaven in the United Kingdom.

Listen live on Sunday the 8th of August 2021 8 PM to 10 PM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating Thursday 8 AM to 10 AM (ICT).

Spectacular episode 02, 8th August 2021.

Christian Monak - Tonalli (Original Mix)

Storgards & Laurence Lane - Ejen Feat. Daniel Gidlund (Extended Mix)

Storgards & Laurence Lane - Ending (Original Mix)

Balad And Jelly For The Babies - Love Song (Original Mix)

Beije - Exquiro (Original Mix)

Ben Tucker - Morning Stars (Original Mix)

Chiari - Midnight Express (Original Mix)

Ben Tucker - Solicitude (Original Mix)

Erdi Irmak - The World Is Your (Original Mix)

Beije - Stray (Original Mix)

Waxman Feat. Will RP Melville - Clouds (Original Mix)

Uri Allgood - Satellite (Orignial Mix)

Namatira - Samaria (Original Mix)

Navar - Drop The Facade [Edge]

East Cafe - Without Legacy (Original Mix)

JFR - Kakashi (Arbey Gonzalez)

Lads - Vorfreude (Alex O'rion Remix)

Claudio Coranejo (AR) - Tuareg (Andrea Cassino Remix)[Clubsonica Records]

Rikken & Max Hendricks - Labyrinth (Mzx Remix)

Soulmade (ARG) - Serpate Ways (Droid

Paul Hamilton, Anarist - Dialo (Julian Nates Remix) [Movement Recordings]

Listen Here.

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