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Hersiaz Hazi publishes tracklist for Spectacular episode 4.

Sri lankan DJ and Producer Hersiaz Hazi standing wearing sunglasses looking right, colour image.

Hersiaz Hazi has published the playlist for his next Spectacular show. Scientific Sound Asia radio is the underground radio station for Asia and internationally.

Hersiaz Hazi whose real name is Hasi Shamalka Silva is a Sri Lankan-born artist who originates from the capital city, Colombo. His show Spectacular is a bi-monthly show which will feature the best Sri Lanka has to offer from its House Music scene.

When he was a teenager, his interest in electronic music was born and he started to delve into the different genres. His career started experimenting with Virtual DJ and Fl Studio and as with most disc jockeys, his career started in his bedroom.

As his interest in electronic music was blossoming he started to lean towards Progressive House, which has a significant following in Sri Lanka. He has been slowly making a name for himself in the underground community of Colombo and performing at events across the island.

Listen live on Sunday the 11th of September 2022 from 8 PM to 10 PM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating Thursday from 8 AM to 10 AM (ICT).

Spectacular episode 04, 11th September 2022.

Gilz Zambrano - Circles Feat. Gambit (Original Mix)

Aquriox - Sangha (Original Mix)

Ben Tucker - Morning Stars (Original Mix)

Erdi Irmak - Deneb (Rework)

Ben Tucker - Solicitude (Original Mix)

Erid Irmak - Felt (Original Mix)

Aquriox - Pura (Original Mix)

Leon Lobato - Glory (Original Mix)

Erdi Irmak - Hannaya (Rework)

Aquriox - Lumina (Original Mix)

Felipe Michan - Seashell (Original Mix)

Jaanh - Secrets Of The Heart (Original Mix)

Jochem Hammerling - Essence Of Time (Bejib Remix)

Krasa Rosa - Solnce (Original Mix ) [Melodies Of The Soul]

Leon Lobato - Hold Me (Original Mix)

Sebastian Selleres - Afterglow (Original Mix)

Vierly - Firely (Original Mix)

Simon Tagias - Mattel (Original Mix)

Santiago Forteza - Moon Light (Original Mix)

Andre Moret - You Voice (Original Mix)

Vegaz SL - Lothlorien (Original Mix)

Waxman - A Distant Light (Original Mix)

Sebastian Busto - The Persistence Of Memory (Berni Turletti Remix)

Listen Here.

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