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'Francesco Conti and Friends' episode 5 featuring Roberto Albini.

Italian DJ and Producer Francesco Conti performing on Technics SL 1210s at an event in Italy.

'Francesco Conti and Friends' episode 5 features guest DJ Roberto Albini. Scientific Sound Asia is the Asian electronic music station for the region and globally.

Francesco Conti is a DJ and producer of electronic music who was born in Rome in the late seventies, he grew up amongst the radio station and rave scene in the Italian capital. He was moulded with the music that marked the end of the 80s and the early 90s, such as Acid House and Techno that over the years has reinterpreted these sounds and injected his own personal and original style.

It all started in 1992 whilst collaborating with some radio stations in the capital, Rome; where he played in major nightclubs. In the summer of 2003, he relocated to the Adriatic coast, where he continued on his DJ Adventure. In 2006 he gained some notoriety by winning the "Equinox DJ competition" against 16 Italian DJs in Riccione along the Adriatic coast in Northern Italy.

This award opened the doors to Ibiza, where he took part in the island's important events every year. Then about ten years ago he started several record collaborations, including 2017 to present with Jambalay Records.

He currently collaborates with many online radio stations including United Techno Familia, and YouMixRadio. In these almost thirty years of activity, he has played with world-famous DJs, experiences that have enriched him, given new stimuli and made him love music increasingly, which he considers a universal language without borders or barriers.

Guest DJ Roberto Albini.

This episode's guest DJ is Roberto Albini, Roberto Albini is a DJ and producer based in Rome, Italy and has been performing as a DJ since his teens. At the age of 15, he began collaborating with radio stations and several nightclubs in Rome’s Castelli area.

He was the resident DJ at the disco "Le Griffe" with his colleague Daniele Piredda until 1989. It was during this period that the musical phenomenon called "House" reached Italy. Roberto immediately fell in love with the genre and started playing it in his sets.

The scene in Italy was starting to grow with the introduction of Techno as well, and therefore, rave parties started in the early ’90s across the Italian capital. In Rome, the main genres were Techno and underground House, and at the raves, there were duels (in a friendly fashion) between the DJs playing Techno (thunders) against those playing House (clouds) Roberto joined the "Nuvolari", in what would be one of the best periods in his career.

He has played at iconic nightclubs and events across the Italian capital including Le Griffe, Penny Club, Deliria, Palasport Genzano, Titanic Disco Club, Disco Slow, La Movida Club, Club 2000, Sea Garden, Teatro Vittoria, 747 Disco, Bloom Disco, Alien Disco, Disco Blu S.P.Q.R. and many more. Nowadays he plays and produces a combination of House, Garage, Deep, Soulful and Electro House.

In February 2008, he started his recording journey with Doctor Music Records with the launching of the singles, Free Spirit and Northern Wind, founded with Daniele Piredda. In September 2008 (again with Daniele Piredda), he began collaborating with artists for the creation and production of remixes.

In 2013 he started collaborations with artists from all over the world such as Meisha Moore, Chris Winter, Meechie, Amanya Amariel (Chicago - USA), Anthony Poteat, David Vernon, Marsha Bond, Keith Pole (New York - USA), Charles Cooper (Baltimore - USA), Tisetso Ntsheno, Botshelo Moate (Durban - South Africa), Paolo Del Prete, Miss Ade C, Piergiorgio Marini, Pierdavide Laganà, Lorenzo Perrotta, Francesca Romana Martini, Gianni Piras, Daniele Piredda (Italy) and many more. He has performed on many of the top radio stations in Italy and collaborated in a rave TV series in the early nineties to critical acclaim.

Listen live on Thursday the 27th of January 2022 from 10 PM to 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeat on Monday from 10 AM to 12 PM (ICT).

'Francesco Conti and Friends' episode 5, 27th January 2022.

Francesco Conti: (first hour).

Cassio Ware - Bernadette Foxy starring Jacque Dorsey (Pier Giorgio Marini Sax ON Remix)

Falso Simulacro - Lie Machine (Original Mix) [NDI]

Falso Simulacro - Dancefloor (Original Mix) [NDI]

Jack Delhi, Reinoud van Toledo - Say Something (Original Mix) [NDI]

Emison - You Are My Silence feat LadyAfroHouse (Pier Giorgio Marini Remix) [NDI]

Cassio Ware - Whatever It Takes Feat. Vanessa Smith (Pinball Magnetic Remix) [NDI]

Vanessa L. Smith, Judge Jay - Move Sumpthin (Original Mix) [NDI]

Paolo Del Prete - I Believe (Reinoud van Toledo Remix) [NDI]

DJ Youngy - Unity (Original Mix) [NDI]

Falso Simulacro - You Can Do It (El Brujo Acid ReTouch) [NDI]

Freqmind - Cold Mass (Original Mix) [NDI]

Reinoud van Toledo - El Baile (Original Mix) [NDI]

Freqmind - Teleportal (Original Mix) [NDI]

Roberto Albini: (second hour).

Roberto Albini Feat. Miss Ade C - You Colour Me (Club Remix)

Roberto Albini - True (Deep Mix)

Pier Giorgio Marini - Come 4 Me (Roberto Albini Luxury Mix)

Roberto Albini - Question D'istinct (Luxury Mix)

David Vernon - Heart On My Sleeve (Roberto Albini Classic Piano Mix)

Paolo Del Prete - Game Beat (Roberto Albini Luxury Mix)

Roberto Albini - Magic (Pierdavide Laganà Edit Remix)

Pier Giorgio Marini - Mistery (Roberto Albini Delirious Mix)

Marsha Bond - Meet Me On The Moon (Big Moses Vocal)

Roberto Albini Feat. Brandon - This Time (Original Mix)

Meisha Moore, Roberto Albini - The Boss (Roberto Albini Disco Rework)

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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