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DJ Marco Mei publishes his playlist for 2024 episode 3.

Italian DJ and producer Marco Mei jumping arms outstretched at Mui Ne Sand Dunes, Phan Thiet, Vietnam, colour image.

Marco Mei, the Italian DJ and producer of the duo Bicycle Corporation, has released the track list for his upcoming show. Scientific Sound Asia is a renowned electronic music station and DJ agency catering to Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Sri Lanka, and the world.

Italian-born Marco Mei has established himself as a prominent name in disc jockeying for more than 30 years. Originally from the dynamic city of Turin, Marco's musical path has been greatly shaped by the diverse range of Afrocentric sounds and the constantly evolving world of electronic music. As he perfected his skills, Marco Mei's enthusiasm for fusing various musical genres and crafting unforgettable moments behind the turntables intensified.

Marco Mei's path towards success was predetermined, as he dedicated endless hours to scouring record shops in Turin and immersing himself in the vibrant Afrocentric, House music, and Techno scene of his hometown. Alongside his fellow music enthusiasts, he embarked on a mission to showcase their collective passion by organizing unforgettable events under the Urban People brand.

After spending ten years perfecting his skills and captivating crowds with his distinctive mix of music, Marco Mei achieved a highly sought-after position as a resident DJ at the prestigious Pacha in Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt. It was at this renowned venue that he truly blossomed as an artist, showcasing his incredible talent and gaining recognition within the music industry. This achievement catapulted him to new levels of success, as he embarked on a worldwide tour, enchanting audiences across the globe with his extraordinary abilities and undeniable creativity.

Throughout his extensive career, Marco Mei has established himself as a formidable presence in the music industry, leaving an indelible impression on dancefloors worldwide. From captivating audiences at G-Star in Thailand to setting the stage alight at Fuse in Belgium, Marco Mei's contagious enthusiasm and undeniable skill have made him a force to be reckoned with. His collaborations with esteemed artists such as David Morales have further solidified his reputation, leaving an unforgettable impact on prestigious events and venues on a global scale.

In the world of electronic music, Marco Mei and Stefano Ugliano, who are also known as 6884, have formed a unique and standout partnership. After finishing his residency, Marco Mei teamed up with his close friend Stefano Ugliano to establish Bicycle Corporation. By combining their exceptional talents in music production, the duo has unleashed a surge of creativity, resulting in more than 50 original tracks and remixes up until now.

Their initial release under the 17:44 Records label marked the start of a promising adventure, which eventually led them to join forces with esteemed record labels such as Suka, Alchemy, WL77 Groove Traxx, and numerous others. Their ability to effortlessly explore different genres, including Deep and Tech-House, French House, and Techno, showcases their incredible versatility. Their extensive discography is a testament to their mastery of these diverse musical styles.

Marco Mei's Old School Variety E.P. cover, colour image.

Marco Mei's Old School Variety E.P. cover.

Marco Mei is returning and prepared to leave a lasting impression in the music world once more with his newest release, the Old School Variety E.P. This eagerly awaited solo endeavour is set to launch on Scientific Sound Records, highlighting Marco's remarkable skill and unwavering love for music.

Marco Mei is thrilled to announce the release of his debut solo project, marking his return after a 14-year break from his duo. With his distinctive sound and style taking centre stage, this highly anticipated release showcases the label's presence in the vibrant local music scene of Vietnam. The Villa Project in Ho Chi Minh City served as the perfect backdrop for the launch event, making it a truly unforgettable night.

Marco currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan, a city he moved to in 2010. He is known for his performances of House Music and Techno at various events in the capital of Taiwan. Marco Mei has built a reputation as a skilled and highly sought-after DJ through his explorations of the vibrant and diverse regions of Asia and Eastern Europe.

Before the global lockdown, Marco had the opportunity to experience the lively nightlife scenes in these areas, leaving a lasting impact. He has played at well-known venues like Roots Taipei and the unforgettable Electronic Roots.

Marco Mei's show offers a wide array of music genres to cater to the diverse tastes of electronic music enthusiasts. With genres like House, Deep House, Tech House, Afro House, Melodic Techno, Nu-Disco, Indie Dance, Electronica, and Techno, listeners are taken on an enthralling musical voyage. Whether you prefer groovy beats, soulful melodies, or pulsating rhythms, Marco Mei's show guarantees a captivating experience for all.

As a prominent member of our DJ agency representing talented artists from Asia, Marco Mei offers his services for bookings worldwide, making him the perfect selection for any occasion. Don't miss the live broadcast on Saturday, January 27th, 2024, from 6 PM to 8 PM Indochina Time (ICT), with a repeat airing on Wednesday from 6 AM to 8 AM (ICT).

Marco Mei tracklist for 2024, episode 3.

Danny Serrano - Looking Good [Stereo Productions]

Dyon - Tribal Power

Gary Beck - Take You Back (Paco Osuna & Fer Br Remix)

Marco Mei - Buonasera [Scientific Sound Records]

Loofy - Last Night

Ninetoes & Alvin Kyer - Heartbeat On Time

Iglesias - High Hats, Bass & Tweeters

Iglesias & Gianluca Cennamo - Funk in C Minor

Alev Tav - I Got [VIVa LIMITED]

Austin Ato - Love Explosion

Nausica - Stupid Disco

Mark Knight, Green Velvet, James Hurr - The Greatest Thing Alive

Mirko Di Florio - Long Time

D Stone - Something Is Coming [Cécille Records]

Damiano von Erckert - Let's Hide Away [PLAYRJC064]

Datsko - Lime Scooterz [HZR039]

GIGSTA- Don't Play

Elisa Elisa - Rave Call

Go Freek & Dope Earth Alien - Turning It Up (Ben Miller Remix)

Bruno Furlan - La Fiesta

Francisco Allendes, Aqua VS, Pablito Pesadilla - Queestamina

Manu Chao festa Kofla - Bongo Bong (Edit)

Nina Simone - Be My Husband (Maurice Joshua Unreleased Mix)

Jamek Ortega, Maxi Meraki, Samm (BE) - Don't Care Anymore

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