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DJ Joshua posts his playlists for his next shows on March 4th.

Portuguese DJ Joshua standing in a subway tunnel covered in graffiti, colour image.

DJ Joshua has recently announced the playlist for his two radio shows. Both Floating Beats and Velvety Elements are aired on Scientific Sound Asia, an electronic music station and DJ agency based in Asia. The station has a wide-ranging global audience and is highly respected in the industry.

DJ Joshua is a passionate lover of electronic music from Evora, Portugal. He showcases his devotion to this genre across various platforms such as digital formats, vinyl records, CDs, and tapes. During his formative years, he invested significant time and effort in refining his DJing skills and carefully curating his collection of Techno, House, Drum and Bass, and Chillout tracks.

During the 1990s, there was significant opposition to rave music in Portugal, which resulted in its absence from the airwaves. However, DJ Joshua persevered in his passion for electronic music.

DJ Joshua finally achieved a breakthrough by securing regular slots on local radio stations, which provided him with a platform to share his passion for rave music with a wider audience. Through his unwavering determination and persistence, he gradually overcame obstacles and effectively expanded the influence of electronic music genres in Portugal.

DJ Joshua took on the responsibility of coordinating House Music and Techno events at different clubs and bars. He collaborated closely with his friends to bring his vision to life, and his influence extended beyond the local scene, making waves in other regions as well. However, when he welcomed his first child into the world, he made the heartfelt decision to temporarily step away from event organizing and radio performances.

As his daughter grew older, DJ Joshua began to feel a renewed desire to reignite his passion for music. This inner calling inspired him to create the Floating Beats podcast and radio series. Since its inception, the show has gained a dedicated following, with listeners eagerly tuning in to experience Joshua's hand-picked selection of tracks through various well-known online platforms.

DJ Joshua's deep passion for House music, which developed during his formative years, drove him to create a new show called "Velvety Elements" to pay homage to its intricate soulfulness. His podcasts have gained recognition and are now aired on various international House Music and Techno radio stations, including ours.

DJ Joshua passionately expresses his belief that music goes beyond being just a sound. He sees it as a profound art form that seamlessly blends diverse elements to evoke emotions and ignite movement. For him, music is a sanctuary that envelops the senses with its graceful melodies. His ultimate goal is to immerse listeners completely in the mood of the music.

Joshua is known for hosting weekly radio shows that feature a blend of House Music and Techno sub-genres. His programs showcase a diverse selection of music genres, including Deep House, Tech House, Melodic House, Detroit Techno, Soulful House, Progressive House, Techno, Vocal House, and Melodic Techno.

Don't miss DJ Joshua's live shows on Monday, March 4th, 2024, from 6 PM to 8 PM Indochina Time (ICT). In case you miss the first broadcast, the shows will be re-aired on Friday from 6 AM to 8 AM (ICT).

Floating Beats 629 (first hour) by DJ Joshua.

Subversive Attraction - Where Did It Go (Original Mix)

Andy Kneale - Motor City (Original Mix)

Greg Gow - The Cockroach (Original Mix)

Apprentis - Concern (Original Mix)

Danny Tenaglia & Sasha Carassi - Automatik (Original Mix)

Deas - Ultraviolet (Original Mix)

OFF/GRID - Down by Law (Original Mix)

Jancen - Dub Tool 1 (Black Mirror Park Remix)

Southsoniks - Per Aspera (Original Mix)

Vince Watson - Flashback (Original Mix)

Ivano Tetelepta - 20+20 (Original Mix)

Ian O'Donovan - Noughties By Nature (Original Mix)

Gunjack - Gatekeeper's Ball (Original Mix)

Velvety Elements 201 (second hour).

Tony Lionni - Native Soul (Original Mix)

Boris Dlugosch - Keep Pushin' (Oliver Dollar Dub Mix)

Boo Williams - Chicago The Place To Be (Original Mix)

Franck Roger - The Same Way (Vocal Version)

Death On The Balcony - Many Different Ways (Original Mix)

Eddie Richards - Aaaiii (Original Mix)

Henrik Schwarz, Âme, Dixon - D.P.O.M.B. (Version 2)

Lee Pennington - People From The Underground (Missing Beats Remix)

Jovonn - Drop That Traxx (Original Mix)

Joey Daniel - The Upside Down (Original Mix)

Radio Slave - Strobe Queen (Eric Kupper Remix)

DJ Sneak - Can You Dance (Club Dub)

Listen on Mixcloud here.

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