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Coh-hul returns with 'Play It Loud' 33.

Irish DJ and Producer Coh-hul Play It Loud 33 Logo featuring ours his and Moon Harbour Recordings logos on blue grey background with a cartoon moon character standing on a harbour bridge, colour image.

Coh-hul has published his playlist for 'Play it Load' episode 33. Scientific Sound Asia is the Asian electronic music station for the Asian region and has an international following.

Coh-hul is a Tech Funk and Tech House DJ & Producer based in Saigon, Vietnam. His signature sound involves heavy basslines, and tribal drum patterns layered with groovy sci-fi melodies.

The Dirtybird and Relief record labels heavily influence his sound. He is an established act in Vietnam, having residencies at the major clubs in Saigon. His biggest show was in Marseille at Le Chapiteau a sold-out venue laying down the best set of his career.

Coh-hul hosts his own radio show 'Play It Loud' on our station monthly. The monthly broadcast focuses on the hottest new Tech House and Tech Funk tracks before dedicating the last hour to a record label that gives him inspiration.

He has just started a new YouTube show called 'Seshnikov'. The show offers music production tips and showcases some of his new track ideas.

Coh-hul is now on Beatport, Spotify, and Bandcamp. Currently, all of his focus is spent on production, and he is looking to get some of his content on dance floors. An exciting and driven future is what we have in store for this artist.

’Play it Loud' is a showcase of the best in Tech-house & Tech-funk. His last show focused on Maya Recordings and delivered a heavy mix of those hard-hitting tracks that the label boasts.

After a short break, we are back, I’ve had people message, where’s the show, what’s happening? Relax, It's back and this one is going to be a banger.

This month we will be dedicating the show to Moon Harbour Recordings. This label is run by Matthias Tanzmann.

Since its foundation in 2000, this Leipzig German-based label has come a long way. In the label mix, you will hear the diversity over the years from Afro/Latin grooves to glitchy funk to straight-up disco.

The label has had many great acts such as Claude VonStroke, Ninetoes, Mat.Joe, Ekoboy, Mihalis Safras, Detlef, and many more. The show will start with some of his current favourites then on to the label mix, enjoy the show.

This show originally aired on Saturday the 14th of January 2023 listen on the Mixcloud player below. Enjoy the show.

Coh-hul 'Play It Loud' episode 33, 14th of January 2023.

Hotmood - That’s What You Had [Blur Records]

Igor Gonya - Just Love Feat. Castle Queenside [Gonya Entertainment]

Majuscule - Track A [Thebasement Discos]

Phonique & Bakka (Br) - Breathe [Do Not Sit]

Enrique Iturralde - Drunk House [Mole Music]

Ben Gomori - Funkle [True Romance Records]

Michael Beggs - Pleasantly Confused [Red Paradise]

Linkage - Bigger That Choi [Introart]

Tamar Sabadini - Run [Birdfeed]

Guzbass - Brain Confusion [Dirtybird]

Don Rimini, Jackin Trax - Stanley [Edge Society]

Mochakk - Campainhas (Dub Mix) [Dogghauz Records]

Don Rimini, Jackin Trax - Groupies [Edge Society]

Dem2 & 96 Vibe - Pegale (Instrumental Mix) [Way Way Records]

Geto Mark - Pop That (Risc Southside Mix) [Bunkaball]

Alex Preston - Djembe [Basement Sound]

Coh-hul - Papi [Promo]

Saliva Cammandos - Para Panama [In:command Records]

Moon Harbour Recordings Label Mix:

Ninetoes - Bonita

Daniel Stefanik - Deviant Behaviour

Emanuel Satie - One Love

Francisco Allendes & Aldo Cadiz - 4 Emergency

Re.You - Stare

Huxley - Careo

Samim - Radiative

Marco Faraone & Arado - Strange Neighbors

Sable Sheep - Butterflies Drowning

Mat.Joe & Ninetoes - Clove

Vangelis Kostoxenakis - Leprechaun

Matthias Tanzmann & Francisco Allendes - Disco Mike

Marlow & Delhia - Movin (Marlow’s Movin Bassline Mix)

Mihalis Safras & Yvan Genkins - Soda

Martinez - Solaris (Christian Burkhardt Directors’s Cut)

Martinez - Le Cirkus

Luna City Express - White Russian

Adam Port - Tell You

Luna City Express & Aaron Palmer - Mr. Jack

Leif Tom Ellis - To The Microphone

Matthias Tanzmann - Keep On

Re.You - Nian

Blind Minded - No Drums At All

Dennis Cruz - El Sueno Feat. Martina Camargo

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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