circle. publish track list and announce guest mix for first show on Scientfic Sound Asia.

04 Aug

Scientific Sound Asia is proud to announce that circle. will be performing their first resident show on our Radio station this Monday 5th of August 8 to 10 PM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating on Wednesday 8 to 10 PM (ICT),  and have provided us with the tracklist for the first hour of the show (See Below). Scientific Sound Asia Radio is the premier Underground Radio station for Ex Pats and locals in the Philippines, Vietnam, China, Thailand and the rest of South East Asia.  

circle.,  was founded by a well repected International DJ Pete Bidwell,  who for many years has had residencies at various spots in Ibiza, he currently presents a weekly radio show published globally that has been on air for just over 4  and a half years. Having a massive repetoire of artists and dedicated guest mixes featured on the show, circle. has now reached it’s 240th episode, meaning circle. has access to and relationships with an exhilerating spectrum of globally recognised Artists. This weeks episode has highlights coming from O.R.B. [After Dark], Paul Jove [Holy Grail Music] and Jay Shepheard [Gruuv], kicking off with something from Justrice [Infinite Depth].

Guest Mix from Do Not

This weeks exclusive guest mix, in the second hour  (no track list) on circle. is  Do Not, real name Ernesto Bolaños  an Artist from San Jose, Costa Rica. Label Owner of the brand new imprint 'Arbol', of which they released their first EP alongside his production partner 'Marcelo Berges', Do Not is a act which started in 2014 and have been at the forefront of promoting underground parties in the hub of their city San Jose, they perform Internationally at many festivals around the globe as well as releasing cutting edge sounds. This is an Exclusive circle. Guest Mix from Do Not. Enjoy!

circle. 240 track-list (first hour) 5th August 2019.

01. Relic - Justrice [Infinite Depth]

02. Tetuan (Original Mix) - Michael Ritter [Dynamica]

03. Water Lily (Original Mix)  - Eric Lune [Strange Town Recordings]

04. It's Just Music (Original Mix)  - O.R.B. [After Dark]

05. Warehouse Feeling (Original Mix) - Kiz Pattison [Dear Deer Dubs]

06. In My Spine  - Decode Blue, Taktixx [ODN Records]

07. Holy Illusion  - Paul Jove [Holy Grail Music]

08. Hypnagogia (Original Mix) - Gabriel Nery [ICONYC Noir]

09. Assemble  - Zagitar [Truesounds Music]

10. Diode  - Jay Shepheard [Gruuv]

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