Breed Intelligence to start new weekly show featuring guest DirtyTrax.

15 Oct

Breed Intelligence featuring guest Dirty Trax Records was broadcast on Friday 16th October 2020 listen on Mixcloud by clicking the GIF below the tracklist. Scientific Sound is the underground Radio Station for China, Vietnam, Malaysia and the rest of the Asian Region and Internationally with a global following.  

Breed Intel (second hour) real name Alexander McCann is a DJ and Producer hailing from London in the U.K and currently residing in Spain. His passion for electronic music is undeniable and he has firm groundings in the underground scene in London.

He optimises the bassy, intelligent, dark and deep production styles in his releases and is venturing into the scene after a furlough. His motivation is purely  out of love for music and in his show he will be highlighting a variety of tracks he has been working on in the studio and which will be released in the coming months.

Breed Intelligence (Breed Intel) is in essence a Record Label which is going through lots of changes in terms of branding as we speak. Alex is the DJ and Producer behind the label along with other DJs' and producers that work behind the scenes to build a new brand. 

Alex has been producing different genres spanning over 15 years, playing on the Underground Party Scene but still yet to make his mark on the Global scene as a recognized producer. Boundless passion for all music he cannot be defined by just on type of electronica.

Breed Intel aims to build and collaborate with new and exciting producers from around the Globe, and hopefully see 2021 bring life back to the music scene and give the opportunity for all Djs/Producers to get something in the way of festivals and parties back into their lives!!! Stay united!!!

Dirty Trax - DJ Marcmite

Guest DJ from Dirty Trax - DJ Marcmite (first hour).

Dirty Trax Records (first hour) are a London based electronic sound production made up of 3 Brothers, DJ Marcmite being one of them. Marc is not only a close personal friend of Breed Intelligence but shows a real passion for his music.

Between 2005 to 2010 his passion started to grow working at some of the most well known clubs in London, such as Ministry of Sound, Fabric & Egg Club.  Dj Marcmite's style has become more defined as a Deep/Tech House enthusiast, influenced by 'CircoLoco' and Fuse London. 

So now we see the birth of Dirty Tracks as a Record Label becoming a turning point for the Brothers, learning more about the genre and producing their own tracks, and we welcome them on-board with their guest mix.

Breed Intelligence 01 16th of October 2020.   

Dirty Trax: (First Hour).

Kerouac & Smile - Meld

Hernan Bass - La Presencia

Arkady Antsyrev - Little Helper 348-2

Markus Homm - Hidden Race

Brother In Progress - Gamblee

Fur Coat - Surrender

Amstram - Please Roll Again

Marc Faenger - Little Helper 61-4

Egal3 - Petruce

Javier Carballo - Yosoy Esa

Loco Dice - Detox

Jamarh - Sometimes

Dan Noel - Purple Morning

Naturaw - Rewind

Pig & Dan - Sand Of Goa

Doubtinthomas - Little Helper 56-4

Breed Intelligence: (Second Hour).

Lane 8 - March Of The Forest Cat

Pill Pusher - Breed Intelligence

Dan Howard - Extra Trippy

Daniel Stefanik - Deep Inside

Jaydee - Detlef 

Camel Phat - Hangin Out With Charlie

Breed Intelligence - Retro

Dennis Cruz - Mad

Patrick Topping - Dr Vibes

Leftwing & Kody - Sound Boy (Original Mix)

Riva Starr, Dennis Cruz & Gene Farris - Play (Original Mix)

Josh Taylor & Justin Jay - Pussy Pop (Jamie Jones Rmx)

Cera Alba Feat. Zahra - Taking Over Me - Tiger Strtipes Remix

Pawsa - Hot  (Original Mix)

Oxia - Domino

Listen on Mixcloud here.