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Bicycle Corporations' Foundations 91 features DJ Jasmine Li.

Chinese DJ and producer Jasmine Li playing a pipa at an event, colour image.

Bicycle Corporation has revealed that guest DJ Jasmine Li will be featured on their 'Foundations' episode 91. Scientific Sound Asia is recognised as a prominent Asian electronic music station and DJ agency, reaching audiences in Asia and internationally.

Bicycle Corporation comprises the Italian duo of DJ and producer Marco Mei alongside the talented Stefano Ugliano, known by the moniker 6884. Together, they have amassed a repertoire of over 50 tracks and remixes spanning various genres, including Deep House, Tech House, French House, Melodic, and Techno.

In the early nineties, Marco embarked on his musical journey as a DJ and producer, initially performing at events in his hometown. Over time, he transitioned to organizing his own House Music and Techno events alongside his cohorts, collectively known as 'Urban People,' which gained popularity across Italy.

Marco's reputation as a disc jockey flourished, leading to a coveted residency at the renowned global club brand, Pacha, situated in Daar es Salaam, Egypt. His dynamic performances and ability to ignite the dance floor propelled him into the international spotlight, securing DJ bookings worldwide and marking the onset of his musical journey on a global scale.

Hailing from Torino, Italy, Stefano exhibited a natural affinity for music from a young age. Immersed in a rich musical environment, he passionately pursued classical piano, percussion, and drums during his formative years, nurturing his love for composers like Chopin and instruments such as the West African Djembe.

Yet, the attraction of the disc jockey commanding the crowd captivated the teenage Stefano more and more. He pondered whether the electronic beats, scarcely heard on '90s Italian radio stations, could pave the way for an entirely new chapter in his life. Then he and Marco's wires crossed and Bicycle Corporation emerged from their interaction.

Despite achieving global recognition, Marco and Stefano remain connected to their roots as teenagers discovering electronic music. Recently, they have revisited some of their earlier tracks, reflecting on their musical journey. Additionally, they established a Bandcamp page to distribute these tracks, allowing fans to delve into their musical evolution.

Their Foundations House Music radio and Techno radio show serves as a platform for featuring popular DJs and producers from across Asia who are deeply entrenched in the electronic music scene. Through their show, Marco and Stefano showcase the diverse talent and vibrant energy emanating from the Asian electronic music community.

Chinese dJ and producer Jasmine Li in cartooned headshot, colour image.

Guest DJ Jasmine Li.

This week's guest DJ on the show is Jasmine Li. Jasmine Li, a native of Guangzhou and currently based in Valencia, Spain, is not only a DJ but also a producer and acoustic musician. With over 20 years of experience, she has been a prominent figure in the House Music scene in China, spending 15 years of her career in Shanghai.

Jasmine Li's journey began in the realm of professional Chinese classical and operatic music, establishing strong roots in the performing arts. Her national status in this domain provided her with a significant advantage as she transitioned into the realm of electronic music, where her diverse musical background and expertise shaped her unique approach to the genre.

Building upon her newfound passion, Jasmine assumed the role of co-founder and charismatic proprietress of Shanghai's renowned after-hours underground club, Celia. Infamous for its pulsating beats of deep house and dark techno, Celia became a cornerstone of China's electronic music scene under Jasmine's guidance and curation.

Combining her ventures with two earlier club businesses, Shiva Lounge and Downtown, Jasmine Li has undeniably made an indelible mark on Shanghai's music landscape. Routinely touring across Asia and Europe, Jasmine has graced iconic events such as Elrow, Amsterdam Dance Event, A Summer Story, and Great Wall Festival, among many others, leaving an unforgettable imprint on the global electronic music scene.

When Jasmine isn't behind the decks DJ'ing or captivating audiences with her live performances, she can often be found in her subterranean Shanghai studio, immersed in music production under her Silverlining project. Her creative process seamlessly blends traditional Chinese sounds from instruments like the Pipa and Guzhen into the realm of electronic music, showcasing her innovative approach and deep-rooted musical heritage.

Jasmine Li's illustrious career spans nearly 20 years of global performances alongside renowned international DJs, including Sasha, Darren Emerson, Deadmau5, Mark Knight, Armin Van Buuren, Adana Twins, and many others. This month, her show features a captivating blend of Afro House, Melodic House, and Organic House, showcasing her diverse musical influences and innovative approach to electronic music.

This show originally aired on Friday, 9th of February 2024, you can listen to the upload using the Mixcloud player below.

'Foundations' episode 91 with DJ Jasmine Li.

Anthropos - Adoiporia (Original Mix)

Vale, K-os Theory, SIAAH - Del Nava (Original Mix)

CamelVIP, Rameff - Bahram (Mikhail Catan Remix)

Dest Beatz, White Flamingo - Camino (Original Mix)

Kerosino - Batiri (Original Mix)

Jack Essek, CamelVIP - La Rosa Enflorece (Original Mix)

Michael Simon, CamelVIP - Sisli (Original Mix)

Pandhora - Choices (Iorie Extended Remix)

Max TenRoM - Moon Doors (Original Mix)

Juantxo Munoz, Robric, Tibetania - El Libanes (Original Mix)

JC Delacruz - Cantos De Medicina (Original Mix)

Arthaum - Walking Pangea Until Rift (Original Mix)

Alex Twin - La Hunta (Original Mix)

Audiense, Mukk, S.Birin - South Atrium (Original Mix)

Ivan(IT), CamelVIP - The Way (Original Mix)

HARMAK - Sigh Of A Crying Duduk (Original Mix)

HARMAK, Tibetania - Ya Layli feat. Omor Ramzi

Kerosino - Kalevala (Original Mix)

Rameff - Yennenga (Original Mix)

Michael Simon - Day Dreamer (Original Mix)

Orkidz - Lyra (Original Mix)

Anton Ishutin - Urartu (Extended Mix)

Bakean - Devoiko feat Elitsa Arsova (Alex Twin Remix)

Cafe De Anatolia, Rameff - Mithra (Original Mix)

Cafe De Anatolia, Rameff - Tengri (Original Mix)

ISMAIL.M, Cafe De Anatolia & Redspace - Kundalini (Original Mix)

Cafe De Anatolia, Rameff - Salto Cuántico (Original Mix)

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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