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Bicycle Corporation guest DJ Marcy for 'Electronic Roots' 101.

Japanese DJ Marcy performing at an event in Japan with swirling lights, colour image.

Bicycle Corporation has revealed that guest DJ Marcy (as detailed below) will feature in their 'Electronic Roots' episode 101. Scientific Sound Asia operates as an electronic music station and DJ agency in Asia, catering to both regional and international audiences.

Bicycle Corporation represents an Italian production collaboration between DJ and Producer Marco Mei and the talented Stefano Ugliano, also recognised as 6884. During the early nineties, Marco embarked on his journey as a disc jockey and producer.

Following his initial introduction, Marco delved into organising his own House music and Techno events under the banner 'Urban People' throughout Italy. His events garnered significant success, prompting Marco to relocate to Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, where he commenced a residency with the internationally acclaimed party brand, Pacha, after a decade in the Italian scene.

His captivating sets and productions garnered attention, leading to international bookings as a DJ. Marco has graced the decks alongside globally renowned artists such as David Morales, Justin Berkman, Roger Sanchez, Sander Kleinenberg, Harry Romero, and Ralph Falcon, among numerous others.

Stefano, hailing from Torino, Italy, exhibited promise as a budding musician from an early age. His deep-seated passion for musical arts consumed much of his spare time, manifesting as a keen interest in classical piano, percussion, and drums. Moreover, he greatly appreciated the works of 'Chopin' and the 'West African Djembe.'

Despite Stefano's dedication to various genres of music, there was one particular passion that stood out above all others: the allure of the DJ spinning the wheels of steel. For the teenage Stefano, those beats held a unique appeal, rarely heard on any Italian radio station during that era.

Crafting such sounds, let alone performing them in front of large audiences, might have appeared as an unattainable dream to many. However, Stefano remained undeterred.

Driven by his vision, he was determined to see it through to fruition. With hard work, dedication, and sheer tenacity, Stefano's introduction to Marco led to the establishment of Bicycle Corporation, marking the beginning of an extraordinary journey.

Despite their current success, Marco and Stefano have not lost sight of their humble beginnings. Recently, they have revisited some of their earlier tracks, demonstrating a commitment to their roots. They have even established a Bandcamp page to distribute these tracks, reflecting their appreciation for their journey and the music that shaped it.

Japanese DJ Marcy performing at a bar wearing sunglasses, colour image.

Guest DJ Marcy.

This week's guest DJ is Marcy, a highly esteemed DJ hailing from Okinawa, Japan, who is currently celebrating his 26th year in the music scene. Throughout most weekends, he passionately pursues his true love at local hotspots and venues, captivating audiences with his performances as a disc jockey.

Marcy's journey began in his teenage years when he acquired his first set of turntables, igniting his passion for music in the confines of his bedroom. Subsequently, he made the bold decision to relocate to New York, seeking to broaden his horizons, gain invaluable experience, and nurture his creative talents.

Upon his return from the United States, Marcy's career gained momentum in the bustling capital of Tokyo. This trajectory persisted as he embarked on travels across Asia, gracing the stages of top venues throughout the region, and sharing his artistry with diverse audiences.

As his journey unfolded, Marcy immersed himself in the vibrant lifestyle and hedonistic culture of Ibiza before eventually returning to his hometown of Okinawa. Along the way, he had the privilege of sharing the decks with esteemed artists including Gerald Mitchell, Frank Muller, Hiroshi Watanabe (a.k.a. Kaito), Paul Murphy, and Phil Mison, among others.

Marcy's DJ style is characterised by its diversity, seamlessly mixing and blending various genres ranging from House to Nu-Disco, Minimal to Techno, thereby captivating the dance floor with his unique vibe. Presently, he holds a residency at bar b.p.m. in Okinawa, Japan, where he continues to enthral audiences with his eclectic musical selections.

Recently, Marcy has expanded his horizons by venturing into other cities and venues, including those in Vietnam and Thailand. In his new guest show, he offers a delightful blend of Breaks, Electronic, Deep House, and Organic House, showcasing his versatility and musical depth to audiences across diverse locations.

This show was initially broadcast on Wednesday, 22nd November 2023. You can listen to it using the Mixcloud player provided below.

'Electronic Roots' episode 101 with DJ Marcy.

Curly - Call Me

The Kollective - Feel It (Jo Paciello Deep Feel Mix)

Tibi Dabo - Mothball

Saraga - Madame Paris

Sempra - Call Me

Groove Boys Project - Drop The Beat

Jakob Apelian - Sensible Chaos

Shade K - Keys

Ramu - Ready 2

Joku - Entropy

Sans Sucre - We Are The Invaders

Ravn Jonassen - The Fresh Prince of Edge-ier

Jimmy Edgar - Burn So Deep feat. Dawn Richard (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

DJ Hell - With U

Dixon & Henrik Schwarz - D.P.O.M.B. (Version 1)

Jasss - Luis

Jeremy Hyman - Madness

The Timewriter - My Heart Is Heavy (Daniel Sanchez "11 Minutes Of Love" Remix)

Cari Golden - Woman in the Wild

The Muhammads - Yamuna

B From E - Just At Night

Maceo Plex - Surgery

Iglesias - Doobee Dub

Latmun - Just Play

Alf Champion - The Devil's Lettuce

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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