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Bicycle Corporation guest DJ Jasmine Li for 'Electronic Roots' 111.

Chinese DJ and producer Jasmine Li performing at Elrow with her arms raised, colour image.

Bicycle Corporation has unveiled DJ Jasmine Li as the guest for their 'Electronic Roots' episode 111. Scientific Sound Asia stands as an Asian electronic music station, broadcasting both regionally and internationally.

Bicycle Corporation comprises the Italian duo of DJ and producer, Marco Mei and Stefano Ugliano, better known as 6884. Over the years, the duo has amassed a substantial discography, with well over 50 tracks spanning genres such as French House, Deep House, Tech House, and Techno.

Marco commenced his career in the early nineties, initially working as a crew for House Music and Techno events such as ‘Urban People.’ Over time, his talent garnered recognition within the music scene, propelling him to become a sought-after figure throughout Italy. However, his success didn't plateau there; with his growing acclaim in his native land, Marco soon began receiving international bookings across the globe.

Stefano, hailing from Torino, Italy, displayed early promise as a budding musician, with a passion for the musical arts evident from his childhood. His spare time became consumed by his deep interest in music, as he delved into classical piano, percussion, and drums. Additionally, he developed a profound appreciation for composers like Chopin and instruments such as the West African Djembe.

Despite Stefano's devotion to various genres of music, there was one passion that stood out above the rest: the sight of the DJ behind the decks. As a teenager, Stefano found himself captivated by the art of DJing, with its beats and rhythms unlike anything heard on Italian radio stations at that time.

For many, the idea of creating and performing such music before large audiences might seem like a distant dream. Yet, Stefano remained undeterred. Driven by a vision he was determined to see through, he embarked on a journey with Marco marked by hard work, dedication, and unwavering tenacity. This relentless pursuit culminated in the establishment of Bicycle Corporation, a testament to their perseverance and passion for music.

Despite their current success, Marco and Stefan remain grounded in their humble beginnings. Recently, they have revisited some of their earlier tracks, reflecting on their musical journey. In a nostalgic move, they have even set up a Bandcamp page to distribute these tracks, embracing their roots and acknowledging the path that has led them to where they are today.

Chinese DJ and producer Jasmine Li in Cartoon image of herself in Tron scifi theme, colour image.

Guest DJ Jasmine Li.

This week's guest DJ is J Jasmine Li, a Guangzhou-born, Shanghai-based DJ, producer, and acoustic musician, currently residing in Valencia, Spain. With over 20 years at the forefront of the electronic music scene in China, Jasmine Li brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her craft.

Having begun her career as a professional Chinese classical and operatic musician, Jasmine Li's roots in the performing arts are deeply ingrained. Her national status in this realm provided her with a significant head start in her transition into electronic music.

Jasmine pursued her newfound passion by becoming the co-founder and charismatic proprietress of Shanghai's infamous after-hours underground club, Celia. Known for its pulsating atmosphere of deep house and dark techno, Celia quickly became a cornerstone of the city's electronic music scene under Jasmine's stewardship.

Combining her success with her two earlier club ventures, Shiva Lounge and Downtown, Jasmine Li has undeniably made an indelible mark on Shanghai's music landscape. Her influence resonates throughout the city, shaping its electronic music scene for years to come.

Jasmine's impact extends beyond Shanghai, as she routinely tours across Asia and Europe. She has graced iconic events such as Elrow, Amsterdam Dance Event, A Summer Story, Great Wall Festival, and many others, solidifying her reputation as a powerhouse in the global electronic music scene.

When she's not behind the decks or captivating audiences with her live performances, Jasmine can be found in her subterranean Shanghai studio, immersed in music production under her Silverlining project. Here, she seamlessly blends traditional Chinese sounds from instruments like the Pipa and Guzhen with electronic music, showcasing her innovative approach to music composition.

Jasmine Li has shared the stage with numerous international DJs, boasting nearly 20 years of experience in international performances. Her impressive roster includes collaborations with renowned artists such as Sasha, Darren Emerson, Deadmau5, Mark Knight, Armin Van Buuren, Adana Twins, and many others.

Tune in to Scientific Sound radio at the scheduled times below and immerse yourself in her captivating show. This show originally aired on Wednesday, 20th March 2024, listen to her show on the Mixcloud player below.

'Electronic Roots' episode 111 with DJ Jasmine Li.

Orkidz - In Tune With Nature (Original Mix) [Kośa Records]

Max TenRoM, Ramazan Kahraman - Kağıt Kesiği (Original Mix) [Tibetania]

Shan Nash - Balochi Wave (Original Mix) [Kośa Records]

The Mystic - Amarain (Jack Essek Remix) [CamelVIP]

The Mystic - Sorcerer (Salvatore Evola Remix) [CamelVIP]

Mist - Mist (Original Mix)

Tibetania, Koceila Chougar - Yakouren (Original Mix) [Kośa Records]

Michael Simon - Umami (AVM Remix) [Tibetania]

Michael Simon - Tjimba (Original Mix)

Michael Simon - Mukasa [Tibetania]

Mariano Montori & Lupe Republic - Jungle (Original Mix)

Audiense, Mukk - Feel That Bounce

Kerosino - Kukui (Original Mix)

JC Delacruz - Mahina

JC Delacruz, Cafe De Anatolia - Bedouins of Jordan (Original Mix) [Cafe De Anatolia]

Atman (US) - Muezzin (THE ODDNESS Remix) [Kośa Records]

Artem Belida - Ellora (Artvone Remix) [Kośa Records]

Musical Religion - Eve of the Monsoon [Tibetania]

Krama - Konya (Original Mix) [Kośa Records]

Tamer ElDerini - Fagr [Tibetania]

Voytech, Cafe De Anatolia - Yantra [Cafe De Anatolia]

Bakean & Adassiya - Sa Ansa (Alex Twin Remix)

Bakean & Adassiya - Rebirth (Tony P Remix)

Cafe De Anatolia, Rameff - Ragana (Original Mix) [Cafe De Anatolia]

Kreisler - Revelation (Original Mix)

Alex Twin - Don't Think Twice

Bawab - Round the Clock (Thea Remix)

Zaratustra - Ammon - Râ, God of the Sun (Tolga Maktay Remix) [Kósa Records]

MD Pallavi, Andi Otto - Clockshop (Kaleema Remix)

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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