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Bicycle Corporation announces track-list for 'Roots' 041.

Bicycle Corporation Logo in front of planet Earth, colour image.

Bicycle Corporation has released the playlist of music for their next 'Roots' show. Scientific Sound Asia radio is the English language electronic music station for Sri Lanka, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, India, South Korea and the rest of Asia.

The Italian production and DJ duo Bicycle Corporation consists of Marco MEI and the talented Stefano Ugliano a.k.a 6884. As a pair, they have released well over 50 original tracks and remixes across many genres including House, Techno, French House, Tech House and many more.

At the beginning of the '1990s, Marco set off on his musical endeavour as a deejay and producer by teaming up with fellow electronic music enthusiasts in a promoting company known as Urban People. They toured the whole of Italy and gained a good reputation and this, in turn, gained Marco a reputation on the wheels of steel.

Through his endeavours, Marco earned a residency at Pacha, Egypt. This led to him getting DJ bookings internationally and launched him on a musical furlough across the cosmos.

Stefano was born in Torino, Italy and before he reached the age of 10 had kudos for his abilities with classical and ethnic music. He loved his chopins and West African djembes and studied with a passion for classical piano, percussion, and drums.

As he grew older the portrayal of the lone DJ standing in the booth entertaining proved more and more alluring for Stefano. He never knew that those electronic rhythms that were almost completely elusive on 1990s Italian radio were going to launch a very new chapter in his existence, and then he met Marco.

The playlist for the next show is presented below and portrays the 'Roots' of their sound and the genres they have garnered ideas from in their electronic releases. These genres include Funk, Disco, Soul, Afrobeat, Electro, Rare Groove, Hip Hop, and Afrocentric.

Bicycle Corporation is available for international booking via our DJ agency for Asia. This show originally aired on Sunday 28th of June, listen on the Mixcloud player below.

Bicycle Corporation 'Roots' 041 show, 28th June 2020.

Loose Joints - Is It All Over My Face (Kons Duet Mix)

James Brown - It's Too Funky In Here

Fatback Band Feat. Sinner & James - We Had Disco

Hamilton Bohannon - Me And The Gang (KF Edit)

Hotmood - Sound Of Fela

Mike Simonetti - Bossa Nova (Civic Club Bootleg)

Yolo Feat. James Brown - Normal Thing

Bill Withers - You Got It (Lafleur Edit)

Gayle Adams - Love Fever (Kmell Edit)

James Brown - Get Up (Sex Machine (Robby Bergmann Remix)

Stargard - Which Way Is Up" (T.G.I.D. & Barry Harris Edit)

Irakere - Añung Añunga (Superprince Edit)

Chico Hamilton - Alekasam

Rose Royce - Do Your Dance

Vaughan Mason & Crew - Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll

Anne Clark - Our Darkness

Bombers - Everybody Get Dancin' (Chewy Rubs Edit)

Joe Tex - Just Begun (Lego Edit Dub)

Nazare Pereira - Flecha De Fogo

Giulio Camarca & Trinidad - Manha

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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