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Bicycle Corporation announce guest Brendon P for his 12th show.

Singaporean DJ and producer Brendon P performing at an event looking out intop the crowd with his right hand raised, colour image.

Bicycle Corporation has revealed that guest DJ Brendon P will be featured on their 'Roots' 76 show. Scientific Sound Asia Radio serves as an underground radio station and DJ agency catering to the Asian Region and beyond, reaching international audiences.

Bicycle Corporation comprises an Italian duo of DJ and producer, Marco Mei and Stefano Ugliano, widely recognised as 6884. Together, they have curated a catalogue of more than 50 releases spanning diverse genres including Techno, Deep House, House, Melodic, and French House.

Marco initiated his career in the early nineties by contributing as a crew member for House Music and Techno events such as ‘Urban People.’ Over time, his prominence within the music scene escalated, establishing him as a sought-after figure throughout Italy. Yet, his journey didn't halt there; following considerable success in his homeland, Marco swiftly garnered international bookings across the globe.

Stefano, hailing from Torino, Italy, displayed early promise as a budding musician from his childhood years. He exhibited a keen interest in the musical arts, dedicating much of his spare time to its pursuit. Stefano's musical journey encompassed the study of classical piano, percussion, and drums, with a profound appreciation for the works of Chopin and West African Djembe rhythms.

However, amidst Stefano's dedication to various music genres, one passion stood out above all others: the allure of the DJ spinning the wheels. As a teenager, Stefano found himself captivated by the art of DJing. The beats and rhythms emanating from the turntables were a rarity on Italian radio stations during that era, igniting Stefano's fascination even further.

For many, the notion of creating and performing such sounds, let alone presenting them to crowds, might have seemed like an unattainable dream. However, Stefano remained undeterred, driven by a vision he was determined to see through to fruition. With unwavering commitment, dedication, and sheer tenacity, Bicycle Corporation emerged as a reality, showcasing the duo's relentless pursuit of their musical aspirations.

Despite their current success, Marco and Stefan remain grounded in their humble origins. Recently, they have taken the time to revisit some of their earlier tracks, demonstrating their appreciation for their musical journey. In addition, they have established a Bandcamp page to distribute these tracks, allowing fans to reconnect with their roots.

For those interested in booking Bicycle Corporation, they are accessible through our DJ agency catering to the Asia region. Their Roots radio show highlights key figures from across the electronic music scene in Asia with a penchant for Afrocentric music like Funk, Disco, Afrobeat, Jazz, Soul, and many others.

Singaporean DJ and producer Brendon P performing at an event,  black and white image.

Guest DJ Brendon P.

DJ Brendon P, known by his real name Brendon Perera, hails from Singapore and favours a low-profile, lo-fi approach to his craft. With a career spanning nearly four decades and continuing to evolve, Brendon P boasts a rich history within the realm of clubs and music.

Brendon P's journey began in 1980 within the local mobile circuit, progressing to clubs merely a year later. His pivotal visit to New York in 1984 exposed him to renowned clubs such as the Funhouse, the Paradise Garage, Dancetaria, and the Area, immersing him in the vibrant New York club culture and the evolving house music scene that resonates today.

Throughout his DJ career spanning various musical genres including House, Techno, Disco, Nu Disco, Funk, Soul, Lounge, and Electronica, Brendon P has traversed both local and international landscapes. With roots deeply embedded in the club scene since the 1980s, he has honed his craft, acquiring a discerning ear and unwavering passion for dance music.

Brendon P's illustrious career includes residencies with esteemed groups such as Juliana’s and Bacchus in the '90s, as well as stints with Neo Pharaohs, Venom, and NOX during the same period. Notably, he held a prominent 9-year residency at the globally renowned Zouk Club in Singapore. Additionally, between July 2001 and May 2009, Brendon P secured a 2-year residency at Kyo and contributed as a valued member of the Residents team at the prestigious CE LA VI Rooftop Club & Skybar at Marina Bay Sands for 4 and a half years.

Brendon remains a prominent figure in both the local and international club circuit to this day. His DJ sets have graced cities across the globe, spanning from Geneva and Gothenburg to Melbourne, London, New York, Miami, Taiwan, Hanoi, and Hong Kong, among many others.

Brendon also had the honour of performing at the prestigious (and now defunct) Cielo Club in New York in June 2010. Moreover, as a producer in his own right, Brendon has released original tracks and remixes on esteemed labels such as In The Woods (USA), Los Grandes (Spain), Reversoulmusic (USA), Audio Parallax (UK), and various others.

Brendon's unwavering commitment to musical style, sophistication, and meticulous attention to detail have earned him high praise. Nicolas Mattar, owner of New York's renowned venues 'Cielo' and 'Output', lauds him as a 'taste master' and one of the top DJs in the region. With such acclaim, one can anticipate nothing short of a transcendent experience from his sets, which effortlessly traverse vast musical boundaries, encompassing the past, present, and future.

This month's show offers an impressive array of Funk, Disco, House, Nu-Disco, Deep House, and Balearic music. Originally broadcast on Sunday, the 28th of March, you can listen to the Mixcloud player below for an immersive experience.

DJ Brendon P 'Roots' 76.

Llorca - No Chains On Me [Live Ones Recordings]

Octo Champ - Lacuna [Shapes of Rhythm]

Chaz Jankel - Glad To Know You (Pete LeFreq Re-work)

Camille - Gator Bait (Nico Lahs Edit) [Adeen Records]

Change - A Lovers Holiday (N-You-Up Re-Edit)

Gaz - Sing Sing (Butch Le Butch Re-Edit)

Stephen Richards - Left Hand Drive [Tropical Disco Records]

Cevin Fisher - Lost In Music (Accapella) [Stereo Productions]

Daft Punk - Musique (Original Mix) [Soma]

Roberto Rodriguez - I’ll Be There [Poetry in Motion Records]

Snacks - Deep Fry (Fouk Remix) [House Of Disco]

DJ Ciderman - Get Loose [This Is Our Time Records TIOT-DISCO3]

Fred Everything - Here (Now) (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) [Lazy Days Recordings]

Earth, Wind & Fire - Africano (Delfonic Edit)

Atomga - Zenpocalypse (Bosq’s Super Disco Mix) [Color Red Recordings]

Ben E. King - Supernatural Thing (Angelo Ferreri Edit)

Simbad Feat. Lwandile & Zito Mowa - Peaceful Revolution [Freerange]

Mike City Feat. Carl Thomas - 100 Miles (Sumsuch Remix) [BBE]

Offshore and Coen - Yearning (Fred Everything Remix) [Lazy Days Recordings]

Isaac Birituro & The Rail Abandon - Nye Fo Chen (Kaye Remix) [Wah Wah 45’s]

Igor Gonya - Kitchen Ninja [Bandcamp]

Ache Baez - Funk The World [Super Spicy Records]

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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