'After Hours' 407 host PatriZe, announces track lists and guest DJ.

22 Mar

"After Hours" hosted by PatriZe has announced its guest DJ and play lists (see Below) for their show on Monday the 23rd of March 2020 10 PM to 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and re-airing on Friday 10 AM to 12 PM (ICT). The show will be on Scientific Sound Asia Radio, the English language radio station for Japan, India, Thailand, China, Malaysia and the rest of Asia.

Playing genres from Progressive House to Techno and other house music sub-genres, 'After Hours' every week presents the best upcoming Djs and producers on the planet. The focus of 'After Hours' is the underground sounds that are headlining in the respective scenes at present.

PatriZe (first hour) is a producer who was born and raised in Belgium, in his early teens he bought his first turntables and and over a short space of time transgressed into Trance and Techno. After a significant period of time he evolved into the more melodic and intellectual styles of Progressive House. After a prolonged period of spinning in the Belgian scene, his breakthrough came in 2010 with Pole Folder of Bedrock Records/Reworck.

At present PatriZe inhabits Thailand where he performs often and consistently produces tracks, alond with his regular show on our station he performs radio shows on other stations and publishes tracks on some good labels which often trend well in Beatport charts.

Guest DJ Brian Muszkat

Guest DJ (second hour)Brian Muszkat.

This weeks guest DJ (second hour) is Brian Muszkat, Brian Muszkat hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina is a disc jockey and producer. He began his production studies with Mario Puccio and then continued more intensively with Emiliano Folgar (Interaxxis).

His most recent release 'Forgotten' was released in January on Massive Harmony Records and features Dr. B, Oliver and Tom and Alfonso Muchachothe E.P is a combination of Progressive, Techno and melodic House and has been well received in the community, his E.P is featured in his guest mix today and we hope you enjoy the show!

After Hours 407 Tracklist 23rd of March 2020.

PatriZe: (first hour).

Slow Hearts - Above the Fields (Original Mix) [White]

amháin - Antecedent (Original Mix) [Sound Avenue]

Amir Telem - Hrishkesh (Daniel Van der Zwaag Remix) [Stellar Fountain]

Subandrio - Lost Soul (Dharmalogy Remix) [Juicebox Music]

Lucas Degiorgi - When U Stop My Time (Andre Moret Remix) [Balkan Connection]

Adelphos - Multifoil (Original Mix) [Massive Harmony Records]

Dany Dz - Ivory (Original Mix) [Strangers Beats]

NOIYSE PROJECT & Dylan Deck - Kamaksha (Oliver & Tom Remix) [Balkan Connection]

Andre Moret - Space Solution (Original Mix) [Soundteller Records]

Gaston Ponte - Circle of Life (Original Mix) [Soundteller Records]

Brian Muszkat: (second hour).

Sumo - La Gota En El Ojo (Nicolas Baschiera Reinterpretation)[Nube Music Records]

D-GOTA - Calma (Katzen Remix) [Nube Music Records]

Brian Muszkat - Forgotten (Oliver & Tom Remix) [Massive Harmony Records]

Dark Architect - Dirty Stop Out (Audioglider Remix) [Astrowave]

Around us - Lassard (Brian Muszkat Remix) [Kitchen Recordings]

Supacooks - Unicorn (Wally Lopez Remix)[Kitchen Recordings]

Pedro Capelossi & NOIYSE PROJECT - Whales in Marrisa (Luciano Scheffer Remix) [Droid9]

Modeplex - Jaded (Supacooks Remix) [Kitchen Recordings]

Eric Lune & Juan Sapia - Big Bang (Original Mix) [Plattenbank Records]

Science & Reason - Icarus (Original Mix) [Massive Harmony Records]

Sumo - Estallando desde el Oceano (Q.A.T Unofficial Remix) [Nube Music Records]

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