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Originally a Drum & Bass producer from the UK, now residing in Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam. Skitty is a dynamic D&B producer with releases on Goldie, Kemistry and Storms Metalheadz label, Renegade Hardware, Bassbin, Subtitles, Osiris, Dutty Audio, Trendkill and Skittys very own Foundation X record label.

Founded in 2009 by Skitty, Foundation X is a D&B label delivering raw undiluted Ruffneck Junglism. Many artists have released material on Skittys label including Djinn, Threshold and others. He is also a versatile DJ who lays down a much deeper sound, getting the mood down to the Underground and ultimately setting the tone.

At his current location in Saigon Skitty co-hosts a Drum and Bass night called Rehab with Scientific Sound Saigon and continues to produce and release quality Drum and Bass Rhythms on his label. He also DJs regularly around the Asian Region and also in Vietnam at Venues such as Piu Piu, Arcan, Basement and at festivals such as Cargo Remote Festival, Vibe Nation Festival and others.

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