DJ Psycho-UK

DJ Psycho-UK performing at ex Prodigy band members event in Ho Chi Minh City on Pioneer CDJs.

East London rude boy, hip hop turntablist, and original mad nutter, DJ Psycho got his first pair of decks at the tender age of 14 and has been dropping dope beats ever since. Growing up during the Golden Age of Hip Hop, his creative sets draw influence from artists such as Public Enemy, KRS1, Run DMC and the Beastie Boys, which he blends seamlessly with Jungle, DnB, reggae and other dance music genres.

Cutting his Djing teeth in the underground squat parties of 1990s London during the age of Acid House and Hard-Core, he hooked up with the Production House Records Crew with the likes of DMS, The House Crew and X-Static. Ever tenacious, DJ Psycho drew on London’s raw and gritty musical sub-cultures of the 90s and early 2000s to develop his own dark and dirty sound, bass-heavy, with up-tempo beats and funky grooves. 

His distinct style soon saw him playing regular slots on some of London’s leading pirate radio stations such as AXE FM and Fantasy FM and spinning tunes at the city’s top venues including Scala, Bagley’s Film Studios, 491 Gallery, 291 Gallery and 333. He has  DJed at many venues in Vietnam including Piu Piu, Basement, Indika, Cargo Remote, Pogo Beach Club, Dragon Beach, The Lab, Dragon Beach and others. 

Epitomising ‘music is my sanctuary music is my life’ DJ Psycho has toured the world with his eclectic collection of grooves, loops, riffs and beats to play countries as diverse as the UK, West Indies, Australia and Vietnam. Bringing unique, raw energy to the dancefloor for those who prefer a more mature approach to their music, DJ Psycho gets the party started right every time.

Currently lying low in dynamic Saigon, DJ Psycho founded DJ agency, promotions and event management company Scientific Sound Asia in 2013, bringing international DJs and acts to the South East Asian region. The agency also runs an English language underground radio station (this station) playing up-funked dance music and hosting slots for international groove maestros.  When not on the decks, DJ Psycho goes by the moniker of Tariq Azam.

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