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Dutch DJ and producer RK9 standing looking at camera.

RK9 is an alias of multidisciplinary artist Joeri Jungschlager. Under this name he writes, records composes & DJ’s heavy Drum ‘n Bass & breakcore with DIY hardcore ethics.


This brought him to line-ups of events like PRSPCT, Parabellum, CCC and headlining international shows. With releases on various labels such as Moveton, NBE Records & being on compilations such as Nothing But Drum & Bass weapons. His productions use various methods from recording real guitar to audio tricks out of post-audio production for film.


His tracks, DJ & live sets are made as something to experience. Where he performs with musicians during live sets, he also works with other DJ’s and producers to have exclusive tracks in DJ sets.  In late 2019 he founded NBE Records/Not Broken Enough together with another breakcore producer and has been releasing not just breakcore on that label but also hardcore punk & rap-metal.

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