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Many Hands DJ Duo Release Tracklist For 'Basement Soul' 03.

Many Hands Logo in Purple and Blue with two hands pointing at the name.

Musical Duo Many Hands (Berlin) 'Basement Soul' 03 was first aired Friday 18th of October 8 to 10 PM Indochina Time (ICT), listen on the Mixcloud player below. Scientific Sound Asia is the Underground Radio station for Expatriates and locals in South East Asia and globally.

Many Hands is the brainchild of musically obsessed eclectic DJ's Jona J & Kava. Jona Jefferies was born in Barcelona and raised mutually in Spain and the UK, Jona started out as a DJ in the fertile DIY 90's Free Party/Rave scene in the Southwest of the UK.

Jona then relocated to Ibiza and was touched by it's Balearic sound and hedonistic attitude and has been a long term visitor since. After Ibiza Jona went to Bass city, Bristol, where he dwelled for many years, here he was moulded by it's Urban frame of mind and love of Sound System Culture.

Jona is currently based in Berlin's flourishing international music ensemble playing at a number of venues all over the urban sprawl. Jona's release ‘Nocturnal’, a collaboration with long time friend, Stardelta Mastering’s Lewis Hopkin as 'Sapience' for Tom Middleton's 'Sound Of The Cosmos' record label gained notoriety and radio plays by respected connoisseurs such as Gilles Peterson, Mala & Laurent Garnier. Jona has played primarily around Europe but in recent months performed at a plethora of venues across Asia.

Kava is a DJ hailing from New Zealand who has made Berlin his home for the last decade. Kava raised as a DJ on a journey through the fertile Wellington scene, repeatedly exposed to wholesome doses of Soul, Bashment, Hip Hop, Disco, House, Techno and Drum n Bass. Kava whilst in New Zealand distributed Vinyl throughout the country and had a number of radio shows on local stations.

His continued involvement in music would take him on a journey to perform all over the world as a DJ, from local raves and basement clubs, national music festivals to RBMA in Sao Paulo and around the Asia-Pacific region. A wealth of musical knowledge means his sideways selections and deft, original mixing style twitch hips and scratch heads warming up for big acts like Fat Freddys Drop, Dave Clark or Dj Marky.

After relocating to Berlin Kava held a monthly radio show with Rodi Kirk of Scratch 22 fame for a number of years called Float Some and Jet Some on the now sadly extinct Berlin Community Radio as well as performing at a number of venues across the city.

Having hooked up through a mutual friend in the vicinity of OYE Records in Berlin Jona & Kava soon came to realise they shared a common verbal angle musically and in a short space of time began performing together. This in due course led to Many Hands, an eclectic dance, defrag, and alleviating music session, in a basement (Hence Basement Soul), in the heart of Berlin.

Jona J & Kava play across the rhythmic and harmonic cultural spectrum. Disco, Soul, Latin and Afrobeat shares hips with MPCs and Drum Machines, Jamaicans in New York, West Africans with Synthesizers and funky Euro-freaks. Sometimes quirky, sometimes bashy, but always for the dancers.

Many Hands Basement Soul Show 03 18th of October 2019.

Sadevillian - Air

Idjut Boys - Dub Shine

Kaytranada ft. Phonte - One Too Many

Beringei - The People The Place

Dego - We've been here Before

Dom Bird - Invisible Man

Fred Fisher Atolobhor And His Ogiza Dance Band - Asa-Sa

The Mauskovic Dance Band - Down In The Basement

Clement Djimogne - Money Make Man Sad (Sofrito Disco Dub)

Pellegrino - Genti Del Mediterraneo

Needs - Walkin' Thru Circles (Full Expansion)

Soul Parlor - One For You

12 Senses - Touch

Revanche - You Get High In NY (Bryce Hackford Edit)

Pharoah Sanders - Got To Give It Up

Psychic Mirrors - Charlene

Little Dragon - Ritual Union

Nu-Era ft. Senay - Starlight

Madteo - V.C.Disco Mix (12" version DJ Sotofett Edit )

Lord Julien - Shades

Montezumas Rache - Wu Du Wu

Nick Ingman - Throng (Kenny Dixon Jr. Edit)

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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