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DJ Murphy Kin to perform for Bicycle Corporation's Roots 187.

Taiwanese DJ and producer Murphy Kin staning in front of a piece of art on a wall, colour image.

Bicycle Corporation has introduced guest DJ Murphy Kin, also known as DJ Lucy, for his latest show titled 'Roots'. Scientific Sound Asia serves as the premier electronic music station and DJ agency in Asia and worldwide.

Bicycle Corporation represents the Italian collaboration between DJ and producer Marco Mei and Stefano Ugliano, recognized as 6884. Together, they have produced an extensive catalogue of music, with over 50 tracks spanning various subgenres of House and Techno, including Melodic, Deep, Tech, and French styles.

Marco embarked on his journey in the early nineties, initially contributing to House Music and Techno events such as Urban People. Over time, his prominence in the music scene grew, establishing him as a sought-after figure throughout Italy. However, his success transcended borders, as Marco began receiving international bookings across the globe, further solidifying his position in the global music community.

Hailing from Torino, Italy, Stefano exhibited musical talent from a young age, demonstrating a deep passion for the arts. His fascination with music gradually consumed much of his free time, leading him to study classical piano, percussion, and drums. Stefano's musical influences ranged from the works of Chopin to the rhythms of West African Djembe, reflecting his diverse appreciation for different genres and cultures.

Despite Stefano's multifaceted devotion to various music genres, one particular passion stood out above all: the art of DJing. The allure of the DJ spinning tracks held a special fascination for the teenage Stefano, whose ears craved the beats rarely heard on Italian radio stations at that time.

Turning dreams into reality seems an improbable feat for many, especially the prospect of creating and performing music before large audiences. Yet, Stefano remained undeterred by the challenges. With a clear vision in mind, he resolved to pursue his passion wholeheartedly. Through unwavering determination, relentless dedication, and an indomitable spirit, Stefano brought his vision to fruition, giving rise to Bicycle Corporation.

Despite their success, Marco and Stefano remain grounded in their humble origins. Recently, they have revisited some of their earlier tracks, showcasing a commitment to their musical roots. Additionally, they established a Bandcamp page to distribute these tracks, ensuring that their early work remains accessible to fans. Furthermore, their House Music and Disco radio shows spotlight a blend of renowned and emerging DJs from Asia and beyond, underscoring their dedication to promoting diverse talent within the industry.

Taiwanese DJ and producer Murphy Kin standing in front of a hotel looking over his right shoulder wearing shades and a denim jacket, colour image.

Guest DJ Murphy Kin.

This week's featured guest DJ is Murphy Kin, also known as DJ Lucy. With a background in the movie industry, DJ Lucy's exploration of new sounds and experiences knows no bounds. His relentless curiosity drives him to constantly unearth fresh musical discoveries. Transitioning from the world of film to the realm of DJing and music production has opened up limitless possibilities for DJ Lucy, fueling his boundless creativity.

Listening to Lucy's music is akin to embarking on a cinematic journey. His compositions ebb and flow, offering a dynamic range of emotions and rhythms. Unlike adhering strictly to the comfortable 4/4 beats at a consistent 125~128 BPM, Lucy's approach is more nuanced.

He skillfully crafts his sets, eschewing immediate highs to instead guide listeners through a gradual buildup of energy. With meticulous attention to detail, Lucy leads his audience on a mesmerizing exploration of his beats, starting from a gentle ascent and gradually building momentum.

Lucy's musical journey takes listeners through a diverse landscape of genres, seamlessly transitioning from romantic rock and classic old-school tunes to flirtatious R&B melodies. As the rhythm evolves, he effortlessly guides the audience into the realms of Disco, Indie, Rock, and Dance, creating a captivating fusion of sounds and styles.

With each progression, Lucy's music conjures cinematic imagery, immersing listeners in scenes filled with emotion and anticipation. Ultimately, his compositions culminate in exhilarating climaxes, where the beats reach a crescendo, leaving audiences spellbound by the electrifying energy of his music.

Innately positive and brimming with energy, DJ Lucy's eclectic musical palette reflects his diverse tastes and extensive knowledge across various genres. With a keen understanding of rhythm and emotion, he masterfully orchestrates transitions between a myriad of musical styles.

From the infectious beats of Hip-Hop to the raw energy of Rock and Punk, and the introspective melodies of Indie Rock and Jazz. Lucy effortlessly captivates listeners' emotions, taking them on a rhythmic journey through a rich tapestry of musical expressions.

Under the guidance of DJ Lucy, Ting Ting Disco has established a reputation for hosting sensational parties across a diverse array of bars, pubs, clubs, and venues in Taipei and Shanghai since its inception in 2015. Expanding its reach beyond these cities, Ting Ting Disco began enchanting audiences in other urban centres across China starting in 2017, subsequently embarking on a continuous tour across Asia.

In 2024, Ting Ting Disco is poised to expand its offerings beyond live events by launching an online music platform. By curating and integrating music productions from artists worldwide, Ting Ting Disco aims to provide music enthusiasts with a diverse array of multi-genre choices. This initiative reflects the brand's commitment to fostering global musical connections and enhancing the musical experience for its audience.

During his live performances, you'll discover that DJ Lucy is a musician unfettered by rules or scripts. His approach is fluid, often guided by the ever-shifting moments, vibes, and atmosphere of the venue.

At times, his improvisations are influenced by external factors, while other times, he takes control, manipulating the audience's state of mind much like a skilled movie director orchestrating a scene. This dynamic interaction between Lucy and his audience creates an electrifying atmosphere where every moment is alive with possibility.

Catch DJ Lucy's eclectic show this month, featuring a vibrant mix of House, Disco, Dance Music, and Chillout tunes. Tune in live on Sunday, January 28th, 2024, from 6 PM to 8 PM Indochina Time (ICT), and if you miss it, don't worry! You can catch the repeat broadcast on Thursday from 6 AM to 8 AM.

'Roots' 187 with Murphy Kin.

Chez De Milo - Bushwa

Clean Is Good - In Love

Cody Currie - Money

Coeo - Voyager (Apollo Mix)

Coeo - Japanese Woman

Coeo - Voyager (Piano Mix)

Cor.Ece, Dave Giles Ii - Possibly Impossible

Cosmique - Cosmo

Cosmosolar - Estrellas Y Fantasía

Crazy P - We Will F**k You Up (Gerd Janson Remix)

Cyence - Drone Wars

Dale Howard - Undercover

Daniel Savio - Street Poisoning

Dawn Again - Equatorial Humidity

Detroit Swindle - Ketama Gold (Matt Karmil Remix)

Din Jay - Dancing Heart (Original Mix)

Disco Morato - Cavaliere (Man2.0 Remix)

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