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DJ Marco Mei publishes his playlist for 2024 episode 11.

Italian DJ and producer Marco Mei standing on a rock nexrt to the sea in Taiwan, colour image.

Italian DJ and producer Marco Mei, well-known as one of the two members of the dynamic pair Bicycle Corporation, has revealed the roster for his upcoming show. Scientific Sound Asia functions as a top-tier DJ agency and electronic music station, serving a wide range of listeners in Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Sri Lanka, and other locations.

Born and raised in the lively city of Turin, Italy, Marco Mei has carved out a formidable reputation as a highly regarded disc jockey, boasting an impressive career that spans over thirty years. His unwavering passion for music has been profoundly shaped by the diverse array of Afrocentric rhythms and the constantly evolving world of electronic genres.

Through unwavering commitment, Marco Mei has consistently honed his abilities, pushing the limits of his artistry. Throughout time, his enthusiasm for effortlessly fusing various musical genres and crafting unforgettable moments on the turntables has only grown stronger.

Marco Mei achieved success through his unwavering commitment to frequenting record stores in Turin and fully immersing himself in the dynamic Afrocentric, House music, and Techno events of his hometown. By collaborating with fellow music enthusiasts who shared his vision, he embarked on a mission to foster their shared passion by organizing memorable House Music and Techno events under the Urban People brand.

Throughout his successful career, Marco Mei has established himself as a well-known figure in the world of electronic music, leaving a lasting impact on dance floors around the world. With an unwavering passion and undeniable skill, he has risen to become a highly influential force, captivating audiences at prestigious venues worldwide.

Marco Mei has mesmerised audiences with his extraordinary skills at prestigious venues like G-Star in Thailand and Fuse in Belgium, demonstrating his versatility and expertise in various settings. Working alongside esteemed artists such as David Morales has not only elevated Marco Mei's reputation but also established him as a leading figure in the electronic music industry.

Marco Mei has formed a remarkable partnership in the electronic music industry with Stefano Ugliano, also known as 6884. Instead of continuing his residency, Marco Mei collaborated with his trusted colleague to create Bicycle Corporation. Through their exceptional music production skills, they have led the way in innovation, resulting in over 50 original tracks and remixes to date.

Their remarkable journey commenced with their first-ever release on the prestigious 17:44 Records label, signifying a noteworthy achievement that paved the way for fruitful partnerships with esteemed record labels like Suka, Alchemy, WL77 Groove Traxx, and more. Displaying exceptional adaptability, they effortlessly traverse a wide range of musical genres, including Deep and Tech-House, French House, and Techno.

Marco Mei's Old School Variety E.P. cover, colour image.

Marco Mei's Old School Variety E.P. cover.

Marco Mei is on the verge of an impressive resurgence with the debut of his newest EP titled "Old School Variety." This highly anticipated solo endeavor, released through Scientific Sound Records, showcases Marco's extraordinary skill and unwavering dedication to music. Through this release, he is poised to make a profound impact on the music industry, solidifying his position as one of its most influential personalities.

After a long-awaited period, Marco Mei is thrilled to reveal his newest solo project after being absent from the music scene for 14 years. This highly anticipated release showcases Marco's unique sound and style, emphasizing his artistic talent and reaffirming his significant influence on the ever-evolving electronic music scene in Asia. The launch event, which took place at The Villa Project in Ho Chi Minh City, was an unforgettable night for everyone present, signifying Marco Mei's triumphant comeback and paving the way for his ongoing contributions to the industry.

From the time Marco made Taipei, Taiwan his home in 2010, he has played a vital role in the city's vibrant scene. Throughout the years, his captivating House Music and Techno sets at numerous events in the capital have garnered widespread acclaim. By immersing himself in the diverse and culturally rich environments of Asia and Eastern Europe, Marco has solidified his position as a talented and sought-after DJ, elevating his reputation on both local and global platforms.

Prior to the worldwide lockdown, Marco took advantage of the chance to fully engage in the lively nocturnal atmospheres of various areas. By participating in shows at prestigious establishments such as Roots Taipei and the well-known Electronic Roots, Marco made a lasting impact with his extraordinary skills, mesmerizing crowds and creating unforgettable memories.

Marco Mei presents an engaging radio program dedicated to House Music and Techno, designed to appeal to a wide range of electronic music lovers. The show features a thoughtfully curated playlist that offers a diverse array of sounds, spanning from the captivating melodies of House and Deep House to the energizing rhythms of Tech House, Afro House, and Melodic Techno. Furthermore, listeners have the opportunity to explore genres such as Nu-Disco, Indie Dance, Electronica, and Techno.

Marco Mei, a highly regarded member of our prestigious DJ agency, consistently demonstrates his exceptional skills in captivating audiences at events around the world. This makes him an ideal choice for any occasion. Experience the thrill of his electrifying live show on Saturday, April 6th, 2024, between 6 PM and 8 PM Indochina Time (ICT). Don't worry if you miss the live stream - you can catch the replay on Wednesday from 6 AM to 8 AM (ICT).

Marco Mei tracklist for 2024, episode 11.

Boy Short's - On The Highline (Feat. DJ City) [Playrjc]

Chelonis R. Jones - Deer In The Headlights (DJ Hell Remix Remaster) [Get Physical]

Boy Short's - Dark Room Rendez-Vous [Playrjc]

Disfreq - Q (Dynamic)

Carl Taylor - Debbie's Groove (Robert Hood Remix)

Error 401 - Voices Of The Synthverse

Fred P - The Sound Exchange [Syncro]

Frits Wentink - Spiritual Basslines (Club Mix) [Royal]

Dirty Channels & Eternal Love - Take Me Up Feat. Mariseya

DJ Steaw Feat. Mr V - Take It There [Nu Groove]

Dylan C. Greene - Fool Me

Jacques Renault - Such A Tease [Fjmedits]

New Order - The Beach

Nick Holder - Make U Mine (Lefleche Da Punk Mix)

Nick Curly - Come Right Back [Cecille Records]

Parris - Slipping, Falling, Crawling [Feelyrlegs]

Joshua James - Body

Joyce Muniz & Renato Cohen - No Haters (Dub) [Permvac]

Kool & The Gang Feat. Jamiroquai - Hollywood Swingin (Jamiroquai Disco Dust Remix)

Roy Ayers, Merry Clayton - What's The T? (Delfonic Edit)

The Trammps - I've Gotta Stand Up (Brand New Man) [Dave Lee Garage City Mix]

Trumpet & Badman - Love Keeps Changing

Maslow Unknown - Thank U & Deeper Luv [Maslow's Bootleg Mix]

The Sound Vandals - Tonight's The Night (Nice7 Edit) [Nu Groove]

St. David - Essence Of House [Snatch! Records]

Unknown Artist - Macarena

Unknown Artist - The Messiah [Shadow Pressings]

Sascha Funke - Reality

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