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DJ Marco Mei publishes his playlist for 2024 episode 10.

Italian DJ and producer Marco Mei performing at Ciao in Taipei, Taiwan, colour image.

Italian DJ and producer Marco Mei, renowned as one half of the dynamic duo Bicycle Corporation, has disclosed the lineup for his upcoming performance. Scientific Sound Asia serves as a premier DJ agency and electronic music station, catering to diverse audiences across Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Sri Lanka, and beyond.

Emerging from the vibrant city of Turin, Italy, Marco Mei has established himself as a respected figure in the art of disc jockeying, with a career spanning over three decades. His enduring love for music has been deeply influenced by the rich variety of Afrocentric sounds and the ever-evolving landscape of electronic genres.

With unwavering dedication, Marco Mei has continuously refined his skills, pushing the boundaries of his craft. Over the years, his passion for seamlessly blending diverse musical styles and creating unforgettable experiences on the decks has only intensified.

Marco Mei's path to success was driven by his fervent dedication to exploring record stores in Turin and immersing himself in the vibrant Afrocentric, House music, and Techno events of his hometown. Collaborating with like-minded music enthusiasts who shared his vision, he embarked on a mission to cultivate their collective passion by organizing unforgettable House Music and Techno events under the Urban People brand.

Across his illustrious career, Marco Mei has solidified his standing as a prominent figure in the electronic music realm, imprinting dance floors worldwide with his distinct mark. Fueled by an infectious passion and undeniable talent, he has ascended to become a highly influential presence, enchanting audiences at esteemed venues across the globe.

Marco Mei's exceptional talents have left audiences spellbound at renowned venues such as G-Star in Thailand and Fuse in Belgium, showcasing his versatility and prowess across diverse settings. Collaborating with esteemed artists like David Morales has not only raised Marco Mei's profile but has also affirmed his stature as a frontrunner in the electronic music industry.

In a noteworthy collaboration with Stefano Ugliano, also known as 6884, Marco Mei has forged a distinctive and memorable alliance within the electronic music sphere. Departing from his residency, Marco Mei joined forces with his trusted colleague to establish Bicycle Corporation. Together, they've harnessed their exceptional music production abilities, spearheading a wave of innovation that has yielded over 50 original tracks and remixes to date.

Their illustrious journey began with their debut release under the esteemed 17:44 Records label, marking a significant milestone that opened doors to numerous fruitful collaborations with respected record labels such as Suka, Alchemy, WL77 Groove Traxx, among others. Demonstrating remarkable versatility, they effortlessly navigate across a spectrum of genres including Deep and Tech-House, French House, and Techno.

Marco Mei's Old School Variety E.P. cover, colour image.

Marco Mei's Old School Variety E.P. cover.

Marco Mei is on the brink of a remarkable comeback with the launch of his latest EP titled "Old School Variety." This eagerly awaited solo project is set to make waves, released under Scientific Sound Records, highlighting Marco's exceptional talent and steadfast commitment to music. With this release, he is ready to leave a lasting imprint on the music industry, further solidifying his place among its most influential figures.

Amidst much anticipation, Marco Mei joyously announces his latest solo venture following a 14-year hiatus from the music scene. This eagerly awaited release puts Marco's distinctive sound and style at the forefront, highlighting his artistry and reaffirming his influence on Asia's dynamic electronic music landscape. The launch event, held at The Villa Project in Ho Chi Minh City, was a memorable evening for all attendees, marking a triumphant return for Marco Mei and setting the stage for his continued impact in the industry.

Since settling in Taipei, Taiwan as his home base in 2010, Marco has become integral in the city's thriving scene. Over the years, he has earned widespread praise for his mesmerizing House Music and Techno performances at various events throughout the capital. His exploration of the dynamic and culturally rich landscapes of Asia and Eastern Europe has further solidified his standing as a skilled and in-demand DJ, enhancing his reputation on both regional and international stages.

Before the global lockdown, Marco seized the opportunity to immerse himself in the vibrant nightlife scenes of different regions. From performances at esteemed venues like Roots Taipei to the renowned Electronic Roots, Marco left an indelible mark with his exceptional talent, captivating audiences and leaving unforgettable impressions.

Marco Mei hosts a dynamic House Music and Techno radio show that caters to the eclectic tastes of electronic music enthusiasts. With a carefully curated playlist, the show offers a diverse selection of sounds, ranging from the enchanting rhythms of House and Deep House to the pulsating beats of Tech House, Afro House, and Melodic Techno. Additionally, listeners can delve into Nu-Disco, Indie Dance, Electronica, and Techno.

As a valued member of our esteemed DJ agency, Marco Mei consistently showcases his expertise in captivating audiences at events internationally, making him the perfect choice for any occasion. You can listen to his exhilarating show live on Saturday, March 30th, 2024, from 6 PM to 8 PM Indochina Time (ICT). Fear not, If you miss the live stream you can catch the re-airing on Wednesday from 6 AM to 8 AM (ICT).

Marco Mei tracklist for 2024, episode 10.

Kelly G & Candi Staton - 'Power Of One'

Makèz - Gratitude

Max Lessig - Thinkin' [Mlthinkin]

Sem Jacobs, Tagmann - Dc Ten Thousand Dreams [Funkiman006]

Akeem Raphael - Shout

Call Edan - Frome [Soubet 001]

Delistic - Watje

Youandme - Ppppp (Head High Remix) [RCM020]

Floorplan - Like Dat [Classic Music Company]

Mark Broom - Klashjamz [Rekids]

Matheo Velez - Dance With You (Too Many Rules)

Max Dean - In You [Earwaxx]

Moby & Anfisa Letyago - You & Me (Deetron Extended Remix)

Moat + Scuba - Cee Parkin [Aus Music]

Pinto (NYC) - Warehouse Symphony [Pets]

O'Flynn - Swiss Sensation

Disfreq - Lights

Peredel - Turbo [Dynamic]

Luke Alessi - Bay Beh

Ayybo - All We Need (Deep Inside) [Funkshway]

Kaz James - Footprints

Pleasurekraft - Tarantula (Max Styler Remix)

Rello - Mmd

Jhojho - Busted [Issues]

Local Singles - Come Rewind

St. David - Essence Of House [Snatch! Records]

Youandme - Ppppp (Ian Pooley’s Deep Dub) [RCM020]

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