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Bipolar Bear And Guest Nayla Publish Playlist For Badaboom 06.

Romanian DJ Biploar Bear performing  at an event with his hand on the mixer, blue purple lighting in a colour image.

Bipolar Bear has announced the playlist for 'BADABOOM' 06 radio show with Nayla this Monday the 18th of May 2020 8 to 10 PM Indochina Time (ICT), and repeating Friday 8 to 10 AM. Scientific Sound Asia radio is the premier underground electronic music station for the Asian region, with a diverse following over Asia including China, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka and Internationally.

This week features a back to back from BADABOOMs' Bipolar Bear and guest Nayla.

Bipolar Bear (first hour), real name Stefan Paunescu is a Romanian DJ hailing from the small provincial city of Craiova in the south of the country.

Growing up in such a small city had problems for the teenage Stefan and options for buying cutting edge music were scarce, especially being part of the former Eastern Bloc, which as with many former USSR countries drew its main musical influences from MTV. Luckily with the birth and subsequent development of the internet the teenage Bipolar Bear was able to quench his thirst for many different genres, and he watched as the digital revolution of music transpired.

With a genuine passion for producing and playing good quality music, Romanian DJ and producer Bipolar Bear loves building eclectic sets that aim to take audience on the musical journey he is conducting. His aim is to always spread positive energy and his enthusiasm is hard to match.

After leaving Romania on a furlough and carving his way in the rich Manchester music scene as a DJ and as a producer, his last project Odwana, a blend of electronic dance music infused with world sounds, African percussion and empowering vocals made waves on the UK festival scene, and his new journey materialised. At the beginning of 2019 he relocated to Da Nang in Vietnam and has set-up the party brand Badaboom together with fellow DJ G Nomad, aiming to ring the party scene in Central Vietnam to a new level.

The Badaboom Radio Show is designed in the same spirit as their events, with the desire to share the joys of music with a community of like-minded humans. Expect a wide variety of sonic delights from funk, soul and rare groove to the more experimental sides of electronic and dance music.

British DJ Nayla standing with hands in oriental jacket pockets looking down at the floor whilst wearing a hat, purple lighting in colour image.

Guest DJ (second hour) Nayla.

This weeks guest DJ is Nayla, Nayla is a producer and DJ born and raised in the UK, releasing a selection of Instrumental Hip Hop and Disco Edits. As a DJ, his track selection represents a spicy fusion of Garage, House, Disco, Hip-Hop, Jungle and Bass, with a healthy injection of Global Sounds.

Currently residing in South East Asia with a base in Hanoi he’s a regular face at clubs and events such as Kobala, Savage, Birdcage, and Studio Adventure as well as holding down a weekly residency at newly opened TeT Club. Indeed, his tracks are sure to satisfy an array of tastes and dispositions.

Over the last couple of years, Nayla has quickly built up an impressive portfolio. He has featured on the line-ups of some of Britain’s most popular music festivals: Secret Garden Party, Boomtown, and Shambala. He has begun to take his sounds across the seas, to countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bulgaria and Portugal.

This includes festivals such as Tao Festival, Quest Festival and Kolour (Bangkok). Nayla has also supported popular artists - such as Rag n Bone man - and is holding down multiple residencies across the UK and Asia. His adaptable, diverse style and genre bending sets make him an ideal addition to any party! Nayla’s cleverly assorted, inspiring track selection and extended DJ sets will keep you mesmerised in the dance - all day and night!

He is the co-founder and manager of the fresh Vietnam based record label On Point Worldwide who's first release came out last month, excellent EP from Romain FX, get a taste of one of the tracks included in this guest mix.

BADABOOM 06 18th of May 2020.

Bipolar Bear (first hour).

Voilaaa - Tenor Jam for Manu

Dawda Jobarteh - Sama Kebbalu (Ben Gomori's Lead by Example Edit)

Jonahlo - Ecstatic Trance

Amonita - Fairy (Original Mix)

Selvy - Bump Pump

Turntablerocker - Grow Up

AbysSoul - Words (Yoruba Soul Mix)

Piek - Louisiana feat. Oscar Sala (GarcyNoise Remix)

Dennis Ferrer - Dem People Go! (Wolf Story Remix)


Andrea Oliva - My Way (Original Mix)

DJ Pierre feat. Ann Nesby - Meet Hate With Love (Original Mix)

Nayla (second hour).

The Mauskovic Dance Band - Space Drum Machine (Detroit Swindle's Flute Mix)

Running Hot - Jai Maa Kali (Running Hot Bollywood Big Room Edit)

10LEC6 - Bedjem Mebok (Full Circle Remix)

Romain FX - Kimokeye

Sharif Laffrey - Key Jam (A.C.I.D.)

Radial Gaze - Orchid Flake (Iñigo Vontier Remix)

Hofstukken Acid Crew - Uncertain Correlations

Luca Lozano - Atmosphere

Empathy Slow - Acid Facial

Severed Heads - All Saints Day (All Saints Dub)

Christophe - Like That (Frank Butters Remix)

Donald Dust - Cut By A Razor

Listen On Mixcloud Here.

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